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"Generally Thailand" invaded the second half year insurance business in collaboration with "Kiatnakin Phatra Bank" fighting the digital market. Increase online distribution channels. KKP Mobile application. Highlight, convenient, easy to buy. With 24-hour online policy service. Pilot opens for 3 health products and accidents. KKPGEN Preferred Health, Simply E-Cancer and KKPGEN PA One to meet all the needs of customers.
Mr Archkilm, Chief Executive Officer of General Li Thailand, revealed that the overall consumer behavior around the world has changed quite a lot. After the situation of the epidemic of the cow-19 Including fully entering the digital age Many brands continue to adjust the service model that is in line with the modern world, as well as the Generaly Group that is committed to developing technology. Create convenience for consumers under the concept of "Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth". The latest Generally Thailand prepares to go ahead with the insurance market in the second half of the year. By collaborating with Kiatnakin Phatra Bank Developing health insurance products and accidents in the form of online By selling via the "KKP Mobile" application for customers to easily access the products of Generali. Customers have time to study the details of the product correctly and completely. Also able to buy insurance according to their own needs immediately

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TTB Analytics 'points'
India exported No. 5
TTB Analytics' India is the country with the highest economic growth rate in the top 10 large economy, with an average growth rate of 6.1% per year in the year 2023.

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AirAsia Superapp
Aim Travel Expert
AirAsia Superapp adjusts the strategy to become a Travel Expert and launch the latest service. Queuing Service "Queue queue" and Dine-in Service "Reserve a famous online shop".

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 e book

Smart Home
Smart Home Project
Supalai Ville Lamphun
Smart Home
Extensive living space

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