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Generali Thailand 'reveals' Mortgage Protection Insurance (MRTA) in the first half of the year to grow against the trend. Sweeping total income of more than 2,330 million baht.
Mr. Marco Ennilo, Acting Chief Executive Officer Generali Thailand Group revealed that, The results of the first half of 2022 Generali Thailand have a growth rate as planned. especially in the part of Loan Protection Insurance (MRTA) with high growth in line with the demand of the growing car market After the covid-19 problem That lasted more than 2 years,

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EXIM Support 220 m.
Srithai Superware
EXIM Support 220 m.Srithai Superwares Machinery and Factory Improvement Worth 220 Million Baht in Response to Competition in the Next Normal Global Trade.

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new destinations
Emirates-United Airlines Expanded to new destinations in the United States and around the world. United Airlines flights Travel to a network of over 200 destinations.

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Modern Farm House
Homey Cottage
Modern Farm House
Gable Roof add light channel
warm home natural style

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Electrics Auto, NETA V

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