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CRC-TCEB 'Support'

CRC joins hands with TCEB 'Ching' to host Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand, join forces to accelerate support from the Thai private sector Raise the trend to support Thailand as the host of Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand.

Mr. Sanan Angubolkul, chairman of the joint committee of 3 private sector institutions and chairman of the board of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Trade of Thailand, revealed that The joint committee of 3 private sectors consists of the Board of Trade of Thailand. The Federation of Thai Industries and the Thai Bankers Association It is a great pleasure to be a part of supporting Thailand and Phuket in hosting the Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand through raising awareness and asking for cooperation from both domestic and international networks under The Connect the Dots concept combines the power of connection to create awareness that can be achieved effectively and tangibly. which will coordinate the work closely with Phuket Provincial Registrars and Andaman Registrars in the southern region, namely Phuket, Ranong, Phang Nga, Krabi, Trang and Satun.

in preparing to create participation and awareness in joint activities To create an opportunity for Thailand to be selected as the host of the Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand and will also ask for cooperation from CRC in all provinces of Thailand and the New Generation Entrepreneurs Group (YEC) of the Thai Chamber of Commerce To provide full support in every dimension, which I believe is the cooperation of the Thai private sector. will be an important force in supporting Thailand in hosting the Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand in Phuket under the concept of Future of Life: Living in Harmony, Sharing Prosperity.

Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayudhya, Director of Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB said, TCEB encourages all sectors to support Thailand by offering to host the Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand, which in cooperation with the ACT. This is an important cooperation from the private sector. will jointly discuss privately and communicate public relations about the bid to host the Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand to all target groups, such as jointly organizing a forum to discuss cooperation Developing supporting media such as developing a Supporting Feature on the website as a channel for Thai people to show their strength to support the project. dissemination of logos, banners, videos to create awareness and promote the bidding to host this event which is regarded as another important agenda for the country.

Thailand has offered to host a special expo (Specialized Expo) under the name of Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand or Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand between 20 March - 17 June 2028 on an area of 141 rai in Mai Khao Subdistrict, Thalang District, Phuket Province. under the concept of Future of Life: Living in Harmony, Sharing Prosperity or future life share the glory live together as one which if Thailand is granted the right to host the event will benefit both directly and indirectly, such as building international cooperation (International Collaboration) in the exchange of knowledge. Innovations in areas related to human well-being Maintaining and using resources responsibly and the sharing of common wealth cause expansion of related economic activities, income distribution, increase employment rate Tourism and MICE As well as increasing the potential and elevating the level of medical tourism. On the social side, there is the development of infrastructure. Utilities improving the quality of life and sustainable personnel development of local people

The Prime Minister assigned Deputy Prime Minister And the Minister of Public Health, Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, is the chairman of the committee to drive the bid to host the Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand or the Thailand Candidature Committee, which has an agency that must work together, namely the Ministry of Public Health as the host agency. arrange an event Phuket as the host city The Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the main agency in campaigning with foreign countries, the Ministry of Commerce as an official member of BIE and the Tourism Authority of Thailand as the main agency promoting the readiness of the country. TCEB is the main agency in proposing to host activities according to BIE's requirements. The activities that will continue during the final round are the organizing of the Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand Symposia in Paris, France. during this February By inviting the permanent delegation of the BIE member countries in Paris to attend. and inviting experts from Thailand in fields related to the concept of organizing the event to express their viewpoints and standpoints of Thailand (Vision Statement), as well as organizing small seminars in each group of countries.

Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand is expected to attract 4.92 million attendees, with a turnover of approximately 7 million visitors from 106 countries, generating 49,231 million baht in cash flow during the event. Total domestic or GDP of more than 39,357 million baht, income from tax collection of more than 9,512 million baht and more than 113,439 jobs were created if Thailand hosted this event. This is the first global expo in Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Currently, Thailand has qualified for the finals along with 4 other countries, namely the United States, Serbia, Spain and Argentina. Representatives from 171 BIE member countries will select the host countries and the winners will be announced in June this year. Support Thailand by bidding to host Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand via the link https://support.expo2028tha

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