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Hot News: Muang Thai Insurance 'progress', health insurance, health in the pocket
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Muang Thai Insurance 'progress', health insurance, health in the pocket

Mrs. Nualphan Lamsam Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Muang Thai Insurance Public Company Limited or MTI revealed that the current economic situation make a group of people who step up to be the main force of the family Having to bear the burden of increasing expenses, therefore, it is necessary to organize and plan the financial well. by one of the most important helpers which can lighten our expenses when sick is health insurance Muang Thai Insurance We offer health insurance, Health, in your pocket, to protect against health risks. with a cost-effective insurance plan that meets your needs Don't worry about medical expenses. Don't leave a burden on your loved ones. Reinforcing care and reaching out to all groups of consumers comprehensively. For health insurance products, Health in the bag (PACKED IN PACKAGE, KHAO KHAO plan) is designed to cover health risks. In case of sickness, general disease, severe disease, covering Providing coverage for both in-patient treatment expenses and outpatient Provides cancer coverage in case of cancer detection at any stage receives a lump sum of 100,000 baht, lump sum health insurance premiums Affordable price plus installment payment. Suitable for working age with limited medical welfare benefits or those looking for the first health insurance that the premium price is not high. Have it in your pocket if you get sick suddenly. do not refuse renewal Long protection until the age of 70

Terms and conditions are as specified by the company. Customers should understand the details of coverage and conditions before making a decision to buy insurance every time. Interested in the plan, click Health insurance "Health in the pocket" plan in the pocket, worth the money

Health Insurance Health in the pocket (pocket-pocket plan, worthwhile) have it in the pocket, take care of you if you get sick with a package of medical expenses, both OPD and IPD. Conditions for tax deductions are in accordance with the rules set by the Revenue Department. and the customer must report their wish to the company For more information, please contact Call Center 1484 or dealers nationwide Website : Line :@mtifriend Application : Muang Thai Friends

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