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Hot News: The OIC invades the Gen Z group in the university fence.
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The OIC invades the Gen Z group in the university fence.

Dr. Suthiphlon Thaveechaiyakarn, Secretary-General of the Insurance Commission (OIC), revealed that the OIC has organized an activity for the OIC Be Smart First Jobber preparation project. This year, the pilot started this year for the first time at four educational institutions in Bangkok and its vicinity, both public and private universities, namely King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi on September 30, 2022, Thammasat University on October 4, 2022, Bangkok University on the date. October 25, 2022 and this year's project will end at Chulalongkorn University on October 26, 2022. Designing activities for students is the most challenging problem of the Office of the Insurance Commission as it requires a variety of formats to attract attention. of students belonging to the Gen Z group who grew up in an era where social media and the Internet are widely accessible Therefore, each activity must choose an action strategy that is consistent and meets the needs of the target group in 4 issues: Be Direct and Keep it H.O.T , Be Brave, Be Inclusive and Co Create as follows:

First, an insurance education event to highlight the importance of insurance in 24/7 or 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. related to the lives of students both life insurance car insurance home insurance travel insurance health insurance Insurance linked to investment and tax planning Through the direct experience of Mr. Jitnaray Boonsangwat or Chef Tanwa Competitors from MasterChef Thailand Season 4 and Assistant Professor Dr. Ek Phatorthanakul, Head of Marketing Department Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy Chulalongkorn University By emphasizing the presentation style known as Be Direct and Keep it H.O.T or providing knowledge that is sincere, easy to understand, open and transparent, straightforward. Activities to educate about the insurance career path Which most students may remember the image of a career in insurance business is limited to selling insurance. or insurance agents and brokers, which the OIC wants to create an understanding of new aspects, namely communication to see that Insurance business is another business that is an opportunity for students. both directly related fields such as actuarial science and statistics to other fields in which the insurance industry is in demand, such as information engineering, law, finance, communication arts and public relations, or medicine (for policy design), among others. Including being attractive and attractive, not different from the financial sector electronic commerce (e-commerce) and other startups because insurance is a business that has adapted and applied technology to its operations. Both in artificial intelligence or AI and Internet of Things or IoT, and if the financial sector has FinTech, in the insurance sector there is also InsurTech and there is no difference between the experimental field or sandbox.

Third point Learning activities or workshops, which are honored by the management team of the lower northern science park. by Assistant Professor Dr. Asadang Ponnok in designing virtual learning activities. By using a simulation game in which the insurance system plays a role in risk management. both at the individual level and at the level of the business unit including removing lessons from behavior and decision making In which both university participants and online event participants can participate in the activities simultaneously, which is in line with the Be Inclusive principle that focuses on allowing all participants, all channels, to be able to try out and practice. participate in learning activities thoroughly Fourth point As an additional extension from the activities in the four educational institutes, the Office of Insurance Commission has organized an innovation contest to promote access to the insurance system. It is open to students from all institutions to be able to Submit the work to enter the contest in the form of innovative ideas or conceptual ideas by submitting a clip of the work not more than 2 minutes in length, and the OIC, together with the qualified judges, will select 10 best works. Jobs to present details in the final or final pitching in November. with the prize money for the runner-up award and consolation prizes, totaling 70,000 baht, with award plaques For the winning team, in addition to receiving the prize money and award plaques, they will also receive a privilege to visit the office of the Secretary-General of the OIC, where the Secretary-General of the OIC will take a tour of both the office and the office. The OIC is ready to eat exclusive dishes from Chef Tanwa who will create a menu especially for this special meal.

The implementation of the OIC Be Smart First Jobber project this time, the OIC believes that it will help reach 1.4 million Gen Z students. new designed especially for the modern consumer group To help build knowledge, understanding and awareness of the importance of insurance as a tool for risk management at every stage of life. as well as understand the roles and missions of the OIC as an agency that oversees the insurance system and protects the benefits of the insured," said the OIC Secretary General.

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