Hot News: "Amarin Group" holds the marketing strategy of Omni Media - Omni Chanel.
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"Amarin Group" holds the marketing strategy
of Omni Media - Omni Chanel.

Mrs. Rarin Uthaphanphanpanjaroj President Amarin Company Corporation Public Company Limited revealed that Amarin Group Is the number 1 organization in complete communication Cut the business model that is the main strategy. OMNI Media - Omni Channel covers the most media in the country. Join all sectors in the network, including On Print, Online, On Ground, On Air and on Shop. We combine to provide the most effective service to customers. With this coverage, it is a strength and important strategies in the business of Amarin Group. Which is divided into 5 main business groups and 2 joint venture businesses consisting of media and events Businesses that are coordinated with online media media to the fair and events. That will help Amarin's customers Able to reach the target group effectively Business Publisher The goal increases the number of book production, about 500 cover, and about 770 digital books per year, facilitating customers, which can choose to read many reading styles, including reading. Digital reading or audio Multi-Platform in a form that provides the best experience. And aiming to expand the diversity of content to reach people of all ages Create a society of reading for Thailand.

Printing and packaging business The printing business that provides services from a single book to millions to millions. It also aims to develop into a comprehensive packaging business. And environmentally friendly under the AM GREEN symbol. Business distribution business and Digital Content by Amarin Book Center Company Limited with more than 700 partner networks nationwide. And retail businesses like Nai In shop And digital platforms Currently, there are more than 26 million customers per year and there are new platforms like Mareads that can read novels in episodes, which are a business that helps to expand the reading base and support customers both in Thailand and abroad efficiently.

Digital TV business Amarin TV 34HD is a digital TV media that still maintains the popularity of viewers nationwide in the Top 7 that has all the platforms. There are quality items covering the target group and reaching viewers nationwide. By connecting a variety of experiences through both On Air and Online channels in every platform, including 34HD apps that can watch the programs via devices or devices more easily accessible. Currently, Amarin TV 34HD is able to reach an average of 10 million across the country per day and more than 42 million online followers in the online platform. In the 2 companies that Amarin holds shares, Kadokawa Amarin Company Limited is the leader. In the matter of Light Novel and Manga and the Disc Acid Company Limited, the leader of the novel market and Education Platform in 2022 of Amarin Printing and Publishing Public Company Limited and the subsidiary of 4,274.45 total revenue. Million baht grew up from the previous year in the amount of 1,313.84 million baht or growing up to 44.4 %, which has the main reason from 1. Revenue from the printing and distribution business of books, growing up to 91.5 percent compared to the year 2021. Comes from the expansion of the packaging business And the growth of the book distribution of books through various bookstores and especially online Which has a growth rate of 83.4 percent. 2. Income from media and events Including advertising services through publications and online media And exhibitions and events, which in 2022 have a rate of up to 72.9 percent compared to the year 2021, especially the revenue of exhibitions that grow up to 147.6 percent. The company can proceed. The exhibition is similar to the plan that is placed in both the house and garden fair that has 3 events. 3. Revenue from digital TV media business That still maintains revenue levels Although the amount of digital TV media in the industry has a decrease in total. But the company still has an income of 1,287.33 million baht, similar to the income in 2021, with an income of 1,282.36 million baht, year 2023-2015, set a budget of over 2,100 million baht, divided into 800 million baht. And from cooperation with 600 million baht, book content, digital, television, both foreign copyright purchases and Local Content to develop Soft Power for Thailand 250 million baht, Infrastructure, such as creating a new studio, The development of existing areas for M250 million baht Technology, such as AI, ML, to extend the business to be effective 250 million baht. Packaging machinery and printing technology to support the packaging business.

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