Hot News: Thai PR Association opens Up-skill & Re-skill training
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Thai PR Association opens Up-skill & Re-skill training

Dr. Pote Chaichansukkit, President of the Thai Public Relations Association, revealed that if you count the time from the COVID-19 situation, it's been quite a long time. in the marketing circles of each business Facing volatility from changing economic and social conditions Consumers have adapted quickly. living in a new way People have stepped into the Digital Lifestyle world, while New Technology has played a role in making the traditional way of living. What was subsequently changed was The demands in the market have also changed, so the existing skills are no longer able to meet the market demands adequately. It makes the whole business, brand or organization, executives, marketers, communicators who have to adapt to keep up with new challenges by increasing their potential. To transform businesses to be able to face the new normal in a timely and efficient manner. For this reason, the Thai Public Relations Association therefore opened a special training course "2023, PR and Marketing Communications Up-skill & Re-skill: develop existing skills Add a new paradigm of communication. To cope with the changing situation "in the communication management course [Executive Communications Program: EXCOMM - PR Thailand 10] every Saturday between 22, 29 April and 13, 20 May 2023 at the Arnoma Grand Hotel, Bangkok (Rajdamri).

By focusing on 4 important contents, consisting of 4Cs, such as (1) Content: Soft Power ' Thailand & Your Brand Communications': Creating power from cost and value with communication to strengthen the brand / Creativity Interesting Content Issues in Social Media: Creation Interesting content through mass media and social media / How to Create Your Content and Campaign on Digital: creating outstanding issues and campaigns that meet the needs / CSR - CSV Direction for Successful Change Management in Business: Direction and Operations for Social Success (2) ) Consumer Change & MARCOM: Re-skilling and Up-skilling for Marketing Communications after the Era of COVID: Adjusting the Paradigm in Marketing Communications After the COVID Crisis/ Consumer Trend, Strategic Marketing and Brand Communications: Behavioral Trends and communication strategies to consumers Effectively / ASEAN PR, Event, Brand Building and Marketing Communications: public relations brand communication And promote the market in the ASEAN community.

(3) Communication Strategies in Digital Era, i.e. Communications Strategy, Building Strong Relationships with Your Target Audience: communications to build relationships with target groups. For Organization Movement / Pursuing the Challenges of PR in the Metaverse: Adapting in the face of challenges with public relations in the virtual world / PR Matching and Strategic Communications Plan: Networking and communication strategy planning (4) Crisis Communications & Channel, i.e. Effective Brand, PR & Marketing Communication Tools During Times of Crisis and social change: Using communication tools in times of crisis and social change / Update Trends in Journalism, Working Together to Brand Communications and Resolve Corporate Crises : Trends in Mass Communication with the form of working together to promote the brand and resolve corporate crises through a variety of learning styles of the curriculum including lectures on relevant principles / exchange of knowledge with speakers And experiences between each other / brainstorming to create participation, including in-depth case studies. sample analysis interesting situation for executives business owners, lecturers who are responsible for corporate communications, marketing, public relations, brands, internal communications, digital media, CSR from public and private organizations and SMEs to apply and develop network potential for maximum efficiency. under the circumstances Rapid fluctuations in technology, economy and social trends. Trainees, in addition to receiving concepts, experiences and learning processes in communication in order to plan, improve and solve various problems in communication operations. It has also participated in building a communication network that has the potential of both the public and private sectors. The total cost of the course is 29,000 baht/person. Interested persons can ask for more information at Thai Public Relations Association Tel. 081-939-9964 / www.prthailand.com / e-mail: tpra.prthailand@gmail.com

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