Hot News: Thai SMEs Unity Fair creates economic value of 140 million
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Thai SMEs Unity Fair
creates economic value of 140 million

Mr. Naphinthon Srisangpang, Deputy Minister of Commerce, revealed that SME Bank, D Bank, Government Savings Bank and the Social Security Office Ministry of Labor in helping unemployed people Thai workers and their families Both juristic persons and ordinary people doing business such as franchise businesses. By granting loans at appropriate and equal rates across all banks. Ready to move forward with a project to grant franchise business loans to create careers. To support doing business and reduce the risk of borrowing money for Thai workers and their families. The Ministry of Commerce will collect information on businesses that can create careers and generate income. List of banks that will support lending at affordable rates Ready for provincial commerce throughout the country to help Thai workers and their families from the start of their business. In addition, push for the preparation of a memorandum of understanding or MOU to achieve concrete results.

From the meeting of the Subcommittee on Promotion and Upgrading of Thai SMEs, Ministry of Commerce The Department of Business Development has been assigned to organize the meeting. together with representatives of the public and private sectors such as the Thai SMEs Confederation Business Club Thailand Network, etc., to follow the progress of preparing for the event. Thai SMEs Unity Fair scheduled to be held at the end of June 2024, with plans to determine measures to promote and solve SMEs problems, with important details as follows: 1. The first measure is organizing a Thai SMEs Unity Fair activity, which will help stimulate public spending. There is economic circulation in the country. and help expand the market for SME entrepreneurs. The activity is scheduled for the end of June 2024 at a leading exhibition center in Bangkok. The main activities within the event consist of 7 zones: 1) Zone providing knowledge through seminars on topics that SMEs need to know in order to Used in conducting business, such as international trade regulations FTA benefits and guidelines for leveraging intellectual property, etc. 2) A zone for displaying and selling products and services of SMEs such as franchise businesses, food businesses, community products, etc. 3) A zone for negotiating business matching (Business Matching) between business partners. Businesses and allied agencies 4) Special price trading zones, such as areas in community markets. gas station Department store 5) Zone providing special loan rates from financial institutions to help SMEs access capital more easily. 6) Zone showing digital technology and services (Digital Business Solution) and 7) Exhibition zone and space for units. Participating partner events are expected to have no less than 10,000 participants, creating economic value of no less than 140 million baht.

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