Hot News: DBD warns accountants Don't forget to renew your membership of the Accounting Profession.
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DBD warns accountants Don't forget
to renew your membership of the Accounting Profession.

Mrs. Oramon Sapthaweetham Director General of the Department of Business Development The Ministry of Commerce revealed that Accountants play an important role in the business sector. Especially legal entities such as limited companies. public limited company and registered partnerships Is the person responsible for keeping accounts according to law. Therefore, there must be an accountant who is responsible for preparing the accounts to show operating results. financial status or changes in financial status as is Correct according to accounting standards The Accounting Act requires accountants to have qualifications and comply with the conditions set by the Director-General. One qualification for an accountant is to be a member of the Accounting Profession Council. The age of the council members It will expire at the end of every calendar year. The accountant must renew the membership of the council. of the next year must be completed by December 31 of the current year. Therefore, the renewal of Council membership for the year 2024 will be forthcoming. The bookkeeper must complete the process by December 31, 2023 in order to not be disqualified as a bookkeeper. and can accept accounting work for businesses continuously By renewing the membership of the council This can be done at the Federation of Accounting Professions website. www.tfac.or.th

In addition to the bookkeeper must maintain the qualifications of being a bookkeeper. Still have to comply with the conditions stipulated by law, such as 1) reporting accounting details in the bookkeeper's work system (e-Accountant) within 30 days from the start of accounting In the event that there is a change in the listed items Must be notified in the accountant's work system. (e-Accountant) within 30 days from the date of the change. 2) Confirm the list of businesses that accept accounting services. and confirm membership in the accounting profession by January 30 of the following year. (Confirmation starts from 1 January onwards) 3) Accept business accounting not more than 100 cases per calendar year and 4) Continuously develop accounting professional knowledge (CPD) not less than 12 hours per calendar year. Have at least 6 accounting hours. CPD hours can be reported immediately after the activity, but not later than 30 January of the following year. CPD hours can be reported in 2 ways: through the department's e-Accountant system or the council's CPD Online system. Accounting profession For the development of continuing knowledge in the accounting profession for the year 2023, accountants are requested to check to see whether their CPD hours are complete or not. If it is not complete, you must rush to complete the process by December 31, 2023 and notify CPD hours through the 2 channels mentioned above no later than January 30, 2024.

On this occasion, the Department would like to remind accountants to examine their own qualifications when renewing their membership of the Council. Or have you collected all your CPD hours? Including having to inform the department. to be completed. However, if the accountant lacks qualifications Or not complying with the above conditions will be punished according to law with a maximum fine not exceeding 10,000 baht and may also act against the ethics of accounting professionals. The Department has continuously supervised accountants intensively in order to Create standards for Thai bookkeepers to be accepted internationally. Currently (information as of October 31, 2023), Thailand has approximately 72,134 bookkeepers who provide accounting for more than 800,000 businesses. Therefore, quality bookkeepers will have an impact. The quality of the business's accounting information and financial reports. Accountants must therefore have knowledge, ability, and update their professional knowledge regularly. for the quality of the work build confidence and reliability for service recipients, including those who use the bookkeeper's work," the Director-General said. www.dbd.go.th menu online services bookkeeper (e-Accountant) or inquire for more information at Accounting Professional Development Promotion Division Business Accounting Division Department of Business Development Telephone number 0 2547 4395 and hotline 1570

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