Hot News: DBD Aim the vision of full digital services in the year 2027
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DBD Aim the vision of full digital services in the year 2027

Mr. Thosapol Thangsubutr, Director-General of the Department of Business Development Ministry of Commerce revealed that, The Department of Business Development is entering its 100th year on January 16, 2023, reinforcing its status as a government agency that provides services and has been walking alongside businesses and people for a long time. The Department has set a vision 'To be a leading government organization in full digital services by 2027 and create a power to drive Thai businesses to be sustainable through innovation' that will be used as the core of government operations. Ready to step into its 100th year under 4 missions: 1) Develop a business registration system by using digital technology to be convenient, accurate, fast and up-to-date; 2) create integrity and innovation in providing business information; 3) develop entrepreneurs at all levels to be strong and competitive; and 4) supervise and promote business. for sustainable development To push the performance of the government to achieve the vision The need to develop and upgrade all aspects of service to meet the needs of service users under the changing economy and digital society.

By using technology as a key tool to drive work and facilitate services in all sectors in a comprehensive way both increasing the intelligence of the work system and linking and exchanging information both internally and externally to deliver services like 'Anytime, anywhere' service recipients, both public and private sectors, can take full advantage of the database and support future economic and social changes. Along with creating confidence for service users by maintaining the security of systems and information in accordance with international standards. business sector promotion Aims to integrate the development of potential and create the readiness of entrepreneurs to keep up with the new business world driven by technology and innovation. Ready to adjust to the online commerce market Along with creating an environment that is conducive to doing business in enhancing corporate governance Supervise the business to run the business legally. to create an atmosphere of trade and investment and sustainable business growth.

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