Hot News: MLA hosts Western Australian Beef & Lamb Competition
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MLA hosts Western
Australian Beef & Lamb Competition

Mr Spencer Whittaker, Market Development Manager for Southeast Asia, said: The Western Australian Beef & Lamb Competition by Aussie Meat Academy not only aligns with MLAs goal of doubling the value of Australian red meat by 2030, but also accelerates the awareness and appreciation of Australian beef and lamb in the Asia Pacific region. Together with our renowned partners in Western Australia and Len?tre Culinary School Thailand, we are committed to inspiring culinary excellence and sustainable practices that will shape the future of the industry.

Mr Bryce Green, ASEAN Trade Representative at Western Australia Trade and Investment Office, highlighted the importance of the Western Australian Beef & Lamb Competition by Aussie Meat Academy as a platform to promote culinary excellence and sustainability within the region. He said the partnership between Western Australia and MLA demonstrated a commitment to fostering innovation and supporting the development of culinary skills in Thailand. The event supports both agencies goals of elevating the food industry while also promoting the use of premium Australian beef and lamb products sourced from Western Australia.

Western Australian Beef & Lamb One of the most bio-secure and isolated regions in the world, WA is renowned for its high-quality, safe and ethically produced red meat, ideal for premium cuisine, delivering a superior nutritional and dining experience. In addition, WAs Halal-certified red meat, known for its marbling and tender texture, is produced to high standards, is nutritious and provides a superb dining experience for every occasion.

WA Trade and Investment is the frontline support for businesses and investors in each industry that sees potential, including premium beef and lamb, and collects key information to help businesses and investors streamline their business.

Mr. Paul Kanjanapas, Chief Executive Officer of Bangkok Land PCL and Director of Lenotre Culinary School Thailand, reiterated that highly skilled chefs are essential to driving restaurant growth across Asia. With consumer behavior changing and a growing focus on quality food and local cooking styles, the Aussie Meat Academy and the Western Australian Beef & Lamb Competition are key tools in sharing knowledge with both chefs and consumers. Today, consumers are looking beyond the quality of meat to quality. But looking back at the farming process that also takes into account the environment, Lenotre Culinary School Thailand will continue to focus on developing cooking skills and expertise to meet the changing needs of the industry.

In addition to the competition, Western Australian Beef & Lamb by Aussie Meat Academy also brought participants to experience new experiences by demonstrating secondary cuts of beef and lamb, or meat that requires meticulous cutting skills at every step, by Mr. Steve Craig, Master Butcher, and experiencing the specialty of Australian beef and lamb through a lecture on 'Why Australian Beef & Lamb' by Mr. Spencer Whittaker to deliver valuable and useful experiences that can be applied in future careers.

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