Hot News: CPF encourages employees to think of new things. Aiming for an innovative organizational model
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CPF encourages employees to think of new things.
Aiming for an innovative organizational model

Mr. Rewat Hathaisattayaphong, Director General CPF Livestock Animal Feed Business revealed that CPF places importance on using innovation to drive business growth. Following the guidelines and vision of the Charoen Pokphand Group Combined with CPF WAY corporate values, creating new things that brings sustainable benefits to oneself and the organization which continues to organize Feed Innovation Week To give employees an opportunity to present their work that adds value to the organization. Share knowledge and experiences with each other. Promote innovation To continue and upgrade the work to achieve higher efficiency and results. Able to deliver better products and services Respond to customer needs and respond to changes Including new challenges throughout the 15 years that CPF has organized Feed Innovation Week by the Land Animal Feed Business Line. Promoting personnel to be innovators and assistant innovators, totaling 1,147 people, and every year the number of works submitted to the competition continues to increase. Reflects success in creating an innovative organizational atmosphere. Spark people in the organization to think of new things. Increase the competitiveness of the organization Respond to customer needs Aiming for the goal of being an organization that uses innovation to drive sustainable growth. Especially this year marks the second year that the National Innovation Agency has been honored to attend the event. It is an opportunity for exchange. Learn experiences between CPF and agencies that have expertise in innovation.

Dr. Chaithorn Limapornwanit Director of Innovation Strategy The National Innovation Agency said that innovation is important to the country's development in every aspect. One of them is the food industry. The government supports the development of both food innovation and food innovation of the future towards sustainability. Successful innovation requires "knowledge" as a component. Knowledge management is an important tool in driving organizational innovation. both at the individual level and at the organizational level For CPF Considered a model for creating Innovative organization that has developed in terms of innovation creation To continuously raise the level of the agricultural and industrial sector, especially the Feed Innovation event that has been held continuously for 15 years, which is open to personnel to think creatively. and encourage more than one thousand innovators and assistant innovators.

Works that received awards this year include the first prize, Ai Prediction End Products Price Forecast, using AI to forecast demand and supply of those wanting to buy animal feed, by the Office of Strategy and Business Development. As for the first runner-up award, PDI Auto, an invention of a machine that will reduce the workload of personnel in collecting samples and checking the hardness of food before packing, by Than Kasem Animal Feed Manufacturing Plant. and 2nd runner-up, Application Ai, corn price forecast. By the Data Analysis Office and information technology. Feed Innovation Week 2023 was held for the 15th time under the concept of Adapt to Change with Digitalization and Innovation: Doing the same thing in a new way. Do new things for better results. with complete digitalization and innovation. This year, there were 9 works selected for the final round from a total of 83 works submitted by innovators in the competition in the categories of Technology, Economic, Social and Environment. Consistent with 3i, including maintaining the condition (Internal Correction), improving work (Improvement) and innovation (Innovation) and in this event, 50 outstanding works will be displayed and it will also be a stage for selecting works that will be competed in the event. "Buaban Innovation Fair" which is a competition for outstanding innovations of the CP Group. Both business groups in Thailand and abroad as well.

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