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EXIM Support 220 m.
Srithai Superware

EXIM Support 220 m.Srithai Superwares Machinery and Factory Improvement Worth 220 Million Baht in Response to Competition in the Next Normal Global Trade

Dr. Rak Vorrakitpokatorn, President of Export-Import Bank of Thailand (EXIM Thailand), said EXIM Thailand financial facility agreement worth 220 million baht at EXIM Thailands Head Office on October 3, 2022 to finance SITHAIs machinery and factory improvement for higher production efficiency in response to the global trade in the Next Normal era.

The event was witnessed by Mr. Sanan Angubolkul, SITHAI Chairman, and Dr. Darmp Sukontasap, EXIM Thailands Chairman of Board of Executive Directors.

EXIM Thailand President revealed that the objective of EXIM Thailands long-term credit facility at a special interest rate this time is to empower Thai industries with high potential to turnaround and resume production and export to a greater extent, particularly Thai plastics industry on the back of its strong domestic upstream industries and supply chain, which has driven Thailand to take the lead in ASEAN plastics industries and generated earnings of more than 4,000 million US dollars to the country.

This would enable small, medium and large entrepreneurs throughout the supply chain to embrace new business opportunities in the global markets on the verge of post-COVID-19 recovery and amid such global economic challenges as rising trends of interest rates and oil price hikes, which have pushed up production and transportation costs, by using state-of-the-art machinery and production technologies, fully-equipped factories, and effective production processes and work systems,

as well as available innovation and automation to streamline work processes, cut down production costs, mitigate labor risks, and add value to the goods and services in response to demand of the Next Normal global consumers.

EXIM Thailand is well-positioned to perform as a financial advisor to provide knowledge and financial tools for Thai entrepreneurs in their business start-up or expansion in the global markets, being able to adapt to and deal with changes and capture fresh business opportunities. Risk hedging tools for their international business transactions are also made available by EXIM Thailand and business counterparts from both public and private sectors.

"We seek to encourage Thai entrepreneurs to develop and improve their production, uplift innovation of goods and services, and carry out market making conducive to sustainable expansion of customer base and competitive edge in international arena so that entrepreneurs throughout the supply chain would grow together alongside stakeholders of all sectors on a sustainable basis, added Dr. Rak.

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KTC invites credit cardmembers to enjoy special privileges of beauty products

KTC or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited, offers special privileges to KTC credit cardmembers for health and beauty products at the best value. Redeem for 15% cash back when the cardmembers spend and use KTC FOREVER points equivalent to the amount of the transaction per sales slip (no limit on the maximum redemption amount throughout the program) at any EVEANDBOY branches. Online channel: or the EVEANDBOY app. KTC credit cardmembers can register through SMS by typing EVE followed by a space, credit card 16-digits, the # symbol, and the transaction amount per sales slip to 061 384 5000, or visit (registration is required for every redemption within a day of spending) between October 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022.

For more information, please contact KTC PHONE 02 123 5000 or visit, apply for a credit card at any KTC TOUCH branches or click the link:

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'GSB' home loan promotion "Loan this year, pay installment next year"

Mr. Withai Ratanakorn revealed that from the success of the bank's Loan This Year, Pay Next Year home loan arrangement at the end of 2021 with low interest rates. Along with the installment payment for 6 months, it appears that people are interested in borrowing to have their own housing a lot. Until the loan can be issued in a total amount of up to 17 billion baht. However, throughout the past year 2022, there have been voices calling for the Government Savings Bank to organize a good promotion like this again. The bank therefore offers a home loan service "Loan this year, pay installment next year. again after the Covid-19 situation begin to unravel and began to resume economic activities again to meet the needs of customers By still giving the option to pay off installments. To help reduce the burden of the borrower's installments

Terms and conditions are interesting for people who want to have a home. both buy/build/add/repair or want to refinance from other financial institutions In the case of life insurance for credit insurance First year interest rate 1.99% (MRR-4.255% p.a.) 2-3rd year = 2.980% (MRR-3.265% p.a.) 4th year onwards = 4.995% (MRR-1.250% p.a.). Average 3 years, equal to 2.65% per year (currently MRR Government Savings Bank = 6.245%) with special conditions in which the first 6 months can choose not to pay installments And after that, choose to pay installments with low installments for another 6 months, 3,500 baht per million / month to have more liquidity to support everyday expenses. Or you can choose to pay by regular installments. In addition, the bank waives the legal contract fee. and credit service Including free mortgage fee in case of re-finance housing loan amount of 1 million baht or more and choose an interest-free mortgage The rules and conditions are as specified by the Bank. Open for loan submission from now until January 15, 2023 at all branches of the Government Savings Bank nationwide. and prepare a legal contract within February 15, 2023

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