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OIC 'aim' innovative board game Learning about youth insurance First time in Thailand 'Invite' interested people Participate in a board game design contest Win a total prize money of more than 300,000 baht.
Dr. Suthipol Thaweechaikan, Secretary General of the Insurance Commission (Secretary-General of the OIC) revealed that the OIC Board Game Innovation contest under the concept of "Knowledge and Understanding of Insurance." Insurance Literacy "at the meeting room, 2nd floor, high-level academy building. Why do you need a board game? By a team of experts led by Ajarn Pirat Saranurak, an expert in board game design. And OIC officials participated in a discussion to open up the perspectives of the new generation of youth about the integration of insurance knowledge With the model of the learning process in the form of a board game.

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BAAC Supports Farmers 'Insurance'
BAAC 'supports' dairy insurance scheme Insurance premium 810 baht / coverage for death from sickness, accident and natural disasters in the amount of 30,000 baht / coverage for 1 year.

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Airbnb 'Points Trend
'Travel' Short Trip
Airbnb-YouGov 'Reveals' travel trends Thai people prepare for a short trip Close to nature Affordable price - Personalized service - Hygiene and safety Hits out with family and friends.

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 e book

'Home' Size XXL
3-storey home market is growing
'Home' size XXL is hot
Usable area 737 sq m.
Land 110.7-125 square wa.

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Toyota Prius

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