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Hot News: Campaign to "Plant Each Tree" Reduce Pollution
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BAAC opened for deposit Thaweesin Savings Lottery Stable Agriculture 3 "set, 500 baht per unit, 200 million units. Deposit limit of 100,000 million baht. Receive interest with a chance to win a maximum of 20 million baht and special prizes of 15 million baht, worth more than 133 million baht per month. February 17, 2020 onwards at all BAAC branches nationwide and via BAAC A-Mobile
Mr. Kasap Ngeonruang, assistant manager of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC), revealed that BAAC is accepting deposits for "Taweesin Savings Lottery Stable Agriculture 3 "set of 200 million units, 500 baht per unit, totaling 100,000 million baht to raise deposits from the general public to be used as a fund to support the agricultural sector of the country as well as meet the needs of customers who save lotteries. The original assets that are due for redemption can continue to deposit with BAAC by accepting deposits

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BLA Launch Smart CI for Disease Protection
Bangkok Life Insurance 'popped' the project "BLA Smart CI, an insurance that wants you to walk" provides peace of mind with coverage of over 20 diseases and receive a lump sum up to 5 million baht upon inspection.

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TAT. Launch Project
"My Local Idol
TAT Lanche Campaign "My Local Idol Travel in Style Increase income for the community. "Stimulate tourism and increase spending in secondary cities and major cities in 10 model communities in 5 regions of Thailand.

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Condo LUXURY Boom!
LUXURY Condo Growing
The Issara Sathorn
Worth 2,400 million baht
Curved view of Chao Phraya River - Bang Kajao

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