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Hot News: Recapture! 'King of the land' adheres to a self-sufficient lifestyle
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Krungsri, the leader in digital banking Build on the success of serving business customers through innovative finance. 'Pulling out' blockchain innovation International Trade (Global Trade Finance Blockchain) uses a Letter of Credit (L / C) transaction between n trading partners. Leading company in Thailand and Japan for the first time. Drive international trade transactions to the next level, operating in the Own Sandbox under the supervision of the Bank of Thailand.
Mr. Siam Prasirikul Vice President of Information Technology and Operations Support Group And acting for executives of digital banking and innovation Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited revealed that Krungsri remains committed to its mission of making money easier for customers through the banking process and has never stopped developing financial technology

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Generalie-KKP 'Offensive' new link unit
Generali - Kiatnakin Phatra 'Support' new link unit insurance Add Life Insurance Line with Investment (Unit Link) Highlighting flexibility, changing coverage and investment. Increase the benefit and receive a special bonus.

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'Thai Airways' Service
U-Tapao Repair Center
Thai Airways progresses at U-Tapao Aircraft Repair Center, expects to revitalize joint venture talks no later than early next year Prepare all aspects Both study and prepare area for development Ready to open for service in 2024.

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Passorn Donmuang Phut House
Meet consumer lifestyle
Focus on high-tech innovations

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