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Hot News: Festival "Observing The Observance of Vegetables" 2019
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TMB continues to 'increase' special interest rates on fixed deposits up to 1.85% over.KrungThai Bank reported that special time deposits of 22 months with interest rates of 2.00% per year, special fixed deposits for 8 months, with deposits from 10,000 baht to less than 10 million baht with interest rates of 1.60% per year, deposited from 10 million baht upwards Interest rate 1.85% per year.
Mr. Piti Tantakasem,Chief Executive Officer, revealed that TMB raises special interest rates for important customers to receive more For general fixed deposit accounts 6Month and 12 months that deposit into the account of 500,000 baht or more per transaction for openingNew accounts and or deposits that have been added to the old account Will receive a special interest increased from the highest To 1.85% from today - 30 September this year For 6 month fixed deposit accounts.

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Generali Get insurance
EEC Mega Project
Generali EEC Mega Projects for State Infrastructure Investment aIm main strategy Innovation and principles of risk management, world class standards.

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Siam Park Open
Bangkok World
Siam Amazing Park, a world of amazing adventures, a place of fun and entertainment for everyone in the family. 'Offensive' new project, Bangkok World, penetrating the Thai and foreign market.

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'Condo' Bangkok, inside
Condo bangkok
The growing inner city district
Selling price 150,000 baht / sqm.
Thai and foreign markets

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