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Hot News: Marigold all of Thailand// Thailand Hub of Gems// The New Generation Work with 'AI'//Bangkok No.1, The Best City in The World, Amount 20.19 million persons// KING OF KING Sufficiency Economy // Thailand Hub of Gems// Bangkok No.1, The Best City in The World, Amount 20.19 million persons//
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The government urged traders to take advantage of rising prices of fruits and vegetables. During the Vegetarian Festival Join the Central Agricultural Market to distribute products thoroughly. 'Reveal' encourages people to eat organic vegetables for health and help farmers grow Thai vegetables. Feel and be satisfied throughout October 20-28.  Thai Smile joins 'Chef Pon' Tannasathien to create a special menu Feel and be satisfied throughout October 20-28, 2017
Mr. Boonyarit Kulayamit, Director-General, Department of Internal Trade, said that it has prepared to monitor the price of vegetarian food. It will start on October 20-28, 2017, with maps.Will take care of the price of fruits, vegetables and raw materials. Used for cooking. To prevent the entrepreneur from raising the price of raw materials. Or adjust the price of food preparation J. The people.Vegetarianism is affected by rising prices.

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Thai Baht Strong 7%
'Export' Decreases
TMB Analytics Expects 7% Yearly Solid Baht, Affects Export Business 'Reveals' gross margin down from normal to 6%, but foreign aid Importer - Domestic Sales


Travel 'Krabi'
Village Tourism 4.0
Village Tourism 4.0 Creates activities and promotes local tourist attractions 'Reach' government policies to boost prosperity and improve the well-being .


Vegetable Festival
Vegetable Festival 2017
cureent money 45,081 m.
expand 2.5 %

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Apple Watch Series 3 arrives



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