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Hot News: Bank Fines 'Adjust' Interest on Customer Deposits
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Life insurance business aim the year for Krung Thai-AXA Life Insurance leads the aggressive agent "2019 Year of Growth & Professional" to focus on professional growth. 'Emphasize' the customer, the center.Launch Insurance "Life Plus + Savers" Collection products That answers all the needs of customers in each life.
Mrs. Sally O'Hara, Chairman of the Executive Committee Krung Thai-AXA Life Insurance PCL leads the agency to announce the position of "2019 Year of Growth & Professional" focusing on professional growth. Ready to emphasize having a customer as the center Give customers a better life as they wish. Support sales department, agent channel To over 1,600 managers from all over the country, year 2019

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Krungsri SME Index
Tourism -EEC to support
Krungsri 'Revealed' Survey Results Krungsri SME Index Sentiment Index Rebound Supporting Factors EEC SME All economic groups in the first quarter of 2019

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Jetstar Asia Retains Position
as Most Punctual LCC
Jetstar Asia has retained its position as the most punctual LCC in Asia Pacific and maintained its top 10 safest low cost airline listing in two separate aviation reports for 2019.

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Top 3 Increase Price of Land
2.Praram 9

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Samsung Galaxy A8 Star

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