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Hot News: 'Product price rises' for the Chinese Sart Festival
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TTB-TIP introduces auto parts insurance, TTB Motor Warranty covers mechanical engines that are damaged from normal use. This is different from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd class car insurance that covers damage caused by an accident. Suitable for vehicles whose manufacturer's warranty has expired. Which the factory warranty period is usually 3-5 years or 100,000 kilometers of mileage. Auto parts insurance will help customers use the car with peace of mind because the engine is covered for a longer time. It makes it easier for car owners to plan their financial life.
Mr. Chawanon Winittrongchit Chief Executive Officer Product management, business alliances, individual customers TMB Thanachart or TTB revealed that cars, when used for a while, the engine often deteriorates over time, causing many car owners to worry about the cost of repairs that may occur, whether it's drivetrain or electric. , gear or fuel, which, if damaged, will have a relatively high repair cost, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of baht The bank therefore recommends the product. "Car Parts Insurance TTB Motor Warranty" to meet the needs of car owners who are worried about such matters.

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KTC PROUD cardmember
cleared over 500,000
KTC revealed the KTC PROUD cashcard member who won debt clearance prize and got over 500,000 baht debt cleared through a video clip.

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TAT- Robinhood
Good Deals mode
TAT-Robinhood organizes Good Deals activities through Robinhood Travel to stimulate the Chiangmai Booster Shot tourism market

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Mix Use project
Pop up Mix Use project
New house piercing lifestyle
Weeken House

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Electric Volvo XC40

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