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BAAC advances sustainable debt management measures Helping farmers and households through 3 projects: the informal debt correction loan project Good-paying loans with a Smart Cash limit to protect against unauthorized debt financing And additional career loans to increase income Interest rate relief Ready to support the learning of funding pairs By allowing farmers to gain occupational skills training with learning centers of various departments to enhance their career potential.
Mr. Thanarat Ngamwalirat, Manager of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) revealed that during the recession due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Resulting in some people unemployed Including farmers unable to sell their produce normally Causing lower income or no income Leading to informal borrowing problems Affect the quality of life, therefore, to help farmers and households who are experiencing such problems, BAAC has launched 3 sustainable informal debt management measures as follows:

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BLA Happy Health
Khum Love Insurance
Bangkok Life Assurance Lonch, advertising film, "BLA Happy Health Khum Rak Nai Insurance" adds protection for the treatment of three serious diseases, responding to the needs of people of all genders, ages, and occupations, Business owner.

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IHG Hotels & Resort
Aim Kimpton, Koh Samui
IHG Hotels & Resorts launches second Kimpton Koh Samui in Thailand All 138 luxurious boutique rooms are located on the beach of Choeng Mon. 'Focus on' outstanding design And sincere service Open this year.

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 e book

'Single home' Altimate Luxuary Boom
'Single home' Altimate Luxuary
The location, Sukumvit,
Ekkamai, Satorn, 'Single home'
The price 80 million baht up

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Samsung Galaxy M12r

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