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Hot News: Wake up the business to 'revive' for the end of the year
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OIC-Treasury revokes the license to operate non-life insurance business Asia Insurance 'Reiterate' to protect the benefits of the insured people with a request to clarify the facts Laws and related events.TIP and BKI together help Asia Insurance customers. Open for COVID insurance
Mr. Suthiphon Thaweechaikarn, Secretary-General of the Insurance Commission (Secretary-General of the OIC) revealed that the Minister of Finance Order of the Ministry of Finance No. 1936/2021 dated October 15, 2021 to revoke the company's non-life insurance business license. Asia Insurance 1950 Public Company Limited by virtue of Section 59 (1) (2) (4) and (5) of the Non-Life Insurance Act B.E. 1992

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KBank 'points' to open country 'Revive' travel 2022
Kasikorn Research Center points out that on November 1, the country will reopen and revitalize tourism, with clear results in the year 65 "opening the country"

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Chiang Khan 'Sandbox'
Support 'Tourism-Trade'
Govt.moves forward to push "Chiang Khan Sandbox" in hopes of expanding the tourism economy. 'Repeat' entrepreneurs to prepare maintain hygiene standards

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Southern purple train pushes real estate to grow
Southern purple train
Tao Poon - Rat Burana
invested more than 1.1 billion
Create a real estate value of 8 billion

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Ducati Panigale V4S

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