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Hot News: "Insurance Business" Hot Racing Campaign
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UnionPay International, a global payment brandM 'Accelerate' expansion of cardholder base in Thailand Penetrate the lifestyle group People who like to eat 'shake hands'Wongnai partners, including expanding the leading restaurant network to provide benefitsAnd various promotions To stimulate spending And create continuous brand awareness.
Mr. Zheng Phing Fu, Country Manager, UnionPay International opened Revealed that the expansion of the store network and benefits in the food category is one of the things that U UnionPay always gives importance. Because it is what helps the brand to reach the lifestyle And daily life of consumers Especially for new generation people looking for new experiences Coupled with the value In the year 2019, UnionPay joined hands with Wongnai, one of the big food platforms.The most in Thailand to provide benefits to customers Especially the discount 15% when buying a restaurant deal in Bangkok Restaurant Week 2019.

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Krungsri Auto 'Aim'
digital insurance
Krungsri Auto Broker, Digital Automotive Insurance Services "True comparison Just tell the statement "Let customers choose to buy insurance according to the budget set.

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TAT 'boost' campaign
TAT - Alonso Alliance #WhereintheWorld Campaign (#Ware in the world)'Inviting' travelers experience the luxury wow experience from 10 destinations.Premium destination.

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'Residential' sells well
Southern Region, Puket Province
210 projects
30,416 units
Worth 176,366 million

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Mitsubishi Triton 2019

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