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Hot News: Through The Economic Crisis 'Aiming' New Channels and Opportunities
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Beacon VC, the corporate venture capital arm of KBANK, announced its investment into a seed financing round of Horganice, a leading rental properties management platform in Thailand. The funding will enable Horganice to accelerate customer acquisition as well as adding new services to digitize rental properties, propelling Thailand into a digital era.
Mr. Thanapong Na Ranong, Managing Director of Beacon VC, announced that Beacon VC has invested into a seed financing round into Horganice, a startup that provides rental properties management technology for apartments, dormitories, and markets, for an undisclosed amount. Beacon VCs investment is not only an opportunity for Horganice to build technical capability,

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BLA 'Aim' Health
'Protection' 100 m.
BLA launch "BLA Prestige Health", a maximum coverage of 100 million baht for both OPD, inpatient and 24-hour emergency accidents around the world.

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Push Street Food
BKK-Hong Kong
TAT - King Power-KBank 'duel' Street Food "Bangkok - Hong Kong Street Battle Food Festival" held 2 good food cultures. Day 13 - 17 March 2019.

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'House' in provinces, Growth
Housing estate in the provinces
amount 70,000 units
growth rate of 5%
Real Demand Residents Group

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Chevrolet Tailblazer

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