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SEC warns public on caution If he was persuaded to invest in the securities of Mandaray Sawasdee Public Company Limited, the company would not be allowed to sell securities to the public.
Mr.Rapee Sujaritkul, The executive of SEC. said The SEC has received information from Mandawee Tours Co., Ltd. (Mandawee Tours) and Web Sawadee Plc. (Web Sawadee). And the provinces At the seminar, there was a distribution of the documents with the subscription form of Mandadee Sawasdee Public Company Limited, claiming that the tour will be merged with Sawadee and will be renamed as Sawaddee Sawasdee. Public Company Limited (Mandawee Sawasdee) will be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

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BMN-The Mall
The 'Gourmet Market'
BMN 'hands' the mall for 100 million launches 'gourmet marque' The first on the BTS and Thailand service this Sep 19.


Amazing Thailand Health Wellness
Amazing Thailand Health and Wellness Showcase 2017 Thailand a Paradise for Longevity The market grows every year.

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Siment- Construction Materials AEC
Siment- Construction Materials business
Cambodia growth 5 %
Indonesia decreas 2 %
Thailand decrease 7 %

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Vespa GTS Super 300 ABS



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