Hot News: Generalie-KKP 'Offensive' new link unit
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'Offensive' new link unit

Generali - Kiatnakin Phatra 'Support' new link unit insurance Add Life Insurance Line with Investment (Unit Link) Highlighting flexibility, changing coverage and investment. Increase the benefit and receive a special bonus.

Mr. Bundit Jiamonukulkit Chief Executive Officer (Country Manager & CEO) Generali Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited revealed that the trend of the investment insurance market, or "UnitLink", continues to grow and receive more attention from customers. From general customers to high asset customers As a result, the unit-linked insurance market is still highly competitive. Therefore, in order to comply with the market trends and customer demands. Generali therefore joined with Kiatnakin Phatra Bank Launched a new product, KKPGEN Wealth Flexi Link (RP), which is suitable for customers who need the flexibility to modify coverage and investment. According to each stage of life To plan the future finance, whether it is planning after retirement. Child education planning Or planning an inheritance for a family Each period may have the ability to pay premiums. Protection needs And different financial returns The strengths of this insurance plan are Able to modify life coverage from 5 times to 100 times the annual main premium. You can continue to pay annual premiums with an opportunity to receive a special annual bonus 2.5% - 15% * of the annual main premium. (For policy years 5-10, which will receive the highest return in policy year 10 *) In addition, there is also a guarantee of life protection for the first 5 years *, although the redemption value is insufficient to Fee payment (Benefits in the event of Non-Lapse Guaranteed when paying ongoing insurance premiums)

KKPGEN Unit linked products are suitable for customers who want cost-effective protection and generate return on investment through mutual funds. That you can choose Mutual funds are another option for diversification. And help reduce the risk in the investment portfolio of clients It is also possible to increase or decrease your investment in a timely manner. You can also switch funds without any expenses. And not limited to the number of times as well, "said Bundit.

Mr. Philip Chiang Chong instead of the President Kiatnakin Phatra Bank Public Company Limited said, As Kiatnakin Phatra Being one of the leaders in the investment advisory business (Wealth Management), Unit Link products are our expertise. Especially for this KKPGEN wealth flexi link, we have designed it with the understanding of the financial behavior of the Affluent / Mass Affluent group who often have a good knowledge of financial planning. Therefore, inevitably benefit greatly from the flexibility of the product. That can modify the coverage And funds as needed For example, if you are young, it will focus on the growth of the return rather than the protection. But if you get older, you may increase your protection More than rewards etc.

Clients can be assured that the funds selected for KKPGEN wealth flexi link have been screened by the knowledge and experience of both Kiatnakin Phatra and Generali that aim to provide the best benefits for their clients. By selecting quality funds with a variety of asset classes It is not limited to any asset management company mainly, therefore it is a good response to investment in the long term. And customers still have the opportunity to generate the desired return according to the level of risk that the customer is satisfied with. Moreover, the company There is also an analysis of the fund's performance. And continuously select new interesting funds to provide alternative options for clients So we can be confident that our customers will have the best chance of getting higher returns, said Philip.

For insurance, KKPGEN Unit linked has been released to the market in 2 types: KKPGEN Wealth Invest Link, one-time premium payment (KKPGEN Wealth Invest Link (SP)). With life coverage up to 150% of the one-time premium (Depending on the age of the insured at the policy year at death and the "KKPGEN Wealth Protect Link" 3-year premium payment (KKPGEN Wealth Protect Link (3P)) is suitable for those who want to focus on coverage. Coupled with investment And want to pay the premium on an installment basis Have life coverage up to 5 times the annual main premium. (Depending on the age of the insured at the policy year at death).

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