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Southeast Life 'Serve' Online Life Insurance

Southeast Life Insurance reduce the risk of COVID Serve a life insurance policy online, buy-pay-finish, and give 1% premium to the COVID-19 vaccine research and development fund, Chulalongkorn University.

Mrs. Prettaya Sutchasila, Managing Director of Southeast Life Insurance Public Company Limited, revealed that We cares for the Thai people and continues to give back to society by sharing every 1% of the income from the life insurance business in the online life insurance program. Buy-Pay-Finish Research and development of the COVID-19 vaccine Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn, to be a part of supporting and promoting research and development departments to have funding to help develop sustainable Thai health.

This project is to bring existing digital technology to benefit both customers and agents in response to lifestyle needs during the COVID-19 epidemic. That must be spaced between each other Make accessto insurance easier and more convenient.

By scanning the QR code or clicking the link online, buy - pay - finish in just 3 steps. Just choose the right insurance plan. Meet the protection plan as you like Ready to receive the original policy and reduce within 10 minutes anytime, anywhere.

Southeast Asia has launched a simple online financial planning and insurance service. For the personnel group of Chulalongkorn University By selecting products and services that are worthwhile and provide comprehensive protection Be consistent with lifestyle and lifestyle through savings insurance. Pension insurance for annual tax deduction And personal accident insurance From today onwards The general public can be a part of giving back to Thai society as well, said the Managing Director.

For Chulalongkorn personnel And those who are interested can scan the QR Code or click the link To search for various types of insurance coverage Or ask for more information through the Customer Care Center at 1726 and Facebook Southeast Asia, click

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