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AIA Aim 20
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AIA Thailand Launch AIA 20 Pay Link (Unit Linked) Easy and cost-effective life protection and investment.

Mr. Ekarat Thitimon, Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Thailand, revealed that Over 84 years, AIA Thailand has been trusted by Thai people as a leader in the country's life insurance industry. With more than 1 in 3 life insurance policies in Thailand being taken care of by AIA (as of December 2021), we understand the needs of Thai customers very well. along with continually focusing on the development of insurance to meet the needs of customers from the epidemic crisis that negatively affects all sectors as well as global economic volatility. We see an opportunity in the insurance business that helps deliver protection and peace of mind to Thai people during these situations. With the launch of a new investment-linked life insurance product 'AIA 20 Pay Link (Unit Linked)', it is considered a life protection and investment option that is ideal for present and future. because it can help reduce anxiety in living life around most importantly, the premium The payment must be reasonable and have the opportunity to receive a profit that grows through investment with AIA Unit Link insurance.

We developed the new product 'AIA 20 Pay Link (Unit Linked)', designed to be easy for everyone. It is the first product in the unit link insurance market that combines the strengths of two of AIA's best-selling life insurance products, AIA 20 Pay Life, which is a popular primary life insurance model in terms of life coverage that can be attached to additional contracts in all aspects. and AIA Infinite Wealth Prestige (Unit Linked) that stand out with the opportunity for clients to step into international investment. through investment portfolios that AIA Asset Management (Thailand) and global fund managers collaborate to design and overseeing investment planning to pass on wealth to meet the needs of special customers especially This makes the 'AIA 20 Pay Link (Unit Linked)' product a life insurance plus investment that meets the needs of all customers, said Mr. Ekarat.

'AIA 20 Pay Link (Unit Linked)' life insurance combined with investment developed to meet the needs of simplicity With only 20 years of premium payment, coverage up to 99 years of age, or as long as the value of the investment units in the Unit Link policy is enough to cover expenses and worthwhile, it offers more protection than general life insurance when paying premiums that are equal. together, with the premium starting at only 1,000 baht per month* and can attach a variety of additional contracts Provides comprehensive protection for health, critical illness and accidents including making investments easy With AIA Asset Management's (Thailand) recommended portfolio service, which is designed to suit all financial goals. Ready to help spread the volatility of the investment portfolio through 6 funds 'AlA Asset Allocation Funds', both domestic and international. You can be confident with the AIA InvestPro service, an exclusive service exclusively for AIA customers that look after clients who want the opportunity to earn a long-term return on their investment. through investment management by experts who truly understand investment like an institutional investor Covered with the perspectives of global investment partners for AIA customers Step up to the intended financial goals

for commercial movies No matter who you are give life and investment It's easy. This has been published through various online media, including the AIA Official Facebook Page, AIA Thailand YouTube Channel and Line Official Account of AIA Thailand. You can watch it from today onwards or scan the QR Code to watch the movie ad.

Those interested in 'AIA 20 Pay Link (Unit Linked)' can purchase through more than 11,000 AIA licensed life insurance agents nationwide (as of December 2654) from today onwards. and can learn more details at the website or contact for more information at AIA Call Center at 1581 24 hours a day. Monthly, minimum 1,000 baht (excluding premium of additional contracts), subject to the company's minimum premium conditions. Warning: 1. The applicant should study the details of the terms and conditions of coverage. including exceptions that do not cover of insurance products and conditions announced by AIA Before deciding to buy insurance every time. 2. Investment is risky, investors should understand product characteristics, conditions, returns and risks. before investing Learn more at Mutual funds under AIA unit link policy ( 3. Past performance of mutual funds It is not a guarantee of future performance.

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