Hot News: AP Thailand 13 new projects worth 19,720 million
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AP Thailand 13 new projects worth 19,720 million

Mr. Vitakarn Chantavimol, Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy and Creation Group, AP (Thailand) PLC, revealed that the property market in the first quarter is likely to grow well. The purchasing power in the property business has a lot of both horizontal and vertical products. Reflected by the total sales of the company that made over 12,585 million baht, divided into sales from condominiums worth 6,365 million baht and horizontal value of 6,220 million baht, or an increase of over 25% compared to the same period of the previous year 10,016 million baht Is a satisfactory result Because it is the quarter that the company There are not many new open projects. Resulting in the company Able to generate sales by 30% of the 2019 sales target set (sales target of 41,800 million baht) by AP to move forward in the ongoing market in the second quarter, launching new projects A total of 13 projects, worth 19,720 million baht, are 9 townhome projects worth 8,560 million baht, 3 detached houses worth 2,360 million baht and 1 condominium worth 8,800 million baht.

Key services that push the success of AP's 1st quarter sales are understanding the demand in each location. Having a variety of products And the ability to manage packages at a price that is worth tangible Resulting in good feedback from both horizontal and vertical products Especially the detached house project under the brand THE CITY and CENTRO is considered one of KEY DRIVE important for total sales growth. Apart from this, other AP projects, such as townhomes and condominiums, have continued to grow, such as ready-built condominiums, 'Aspire Erawan', which have sales growth rates of more than 130% compared to the same period of the year. before While the newly launched project in the 1st quarter, Ekamai Estate was well received by urban customers. The main factor that customers pay attention to and decide to buy is the new living experience. That complements the condo As private as you can live in the house of ʻAssy in both locations, ʻ Aspire Sukhumvit - Onnuch and ʻ Aspire Asoke - Ratchada which were launched in the first quarter. Has received good feedback from both Thai and foreign customers, especially 'Aspire Asoke-Ratchada', which can close sales during the pre-sale with a total of 1,025 units, with a total value of 2,500 million baht. In the property market And the confidence of consumers towards AP products

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