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"Grand Home" Launches New Executive Team

Mrs. Prapai Tanyanuwat, Managing Director of Grand Home Mart Co., Ltd. revealed that this vision will make Grand Home grow stably in the future. Under the slogan "You BETTER VALUE FOR LIVING. It is expected that Grand Home will earn about 4,500 million baht.

Currently, Grand Home is driven by 2 main businesses: Project, Retail and Revenue from Sales and Sales.The retail price is set at 70: 30, but in 2019, Grand Home aims to increase its revenue to 60: 40. Reason forConfident in the retail business. Grand Home has a strategy to increase the proportion of its retail revenue, which is the clear division of the Grand Home Showroom.

The categories include Concept, Variety and Outlet, each of which can serve customers in four groups: real estate developers, homeowners and contractors.In addition, there will be more than 5,000 new SKUs from the existing 60,000 SKUs. The new service complements the G-SOLUTIONS, as well as more in-depth collaboration with project partners. And with the new management team ready to drive the digital business to create a grand home.Retail Retail

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