Hot News: Large stock, "HomePro", shares sold
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Large stock, "HomePro", shares sold

Mr. Manit Udomkhunadham, Chairman of the Executive Board of Home Product Center Public Company Limited or "HomePro", the leader of the construction material center business And turnkey home decoration equipmentRevealed that there is a news stream To sell their homepro shares As he reported the sale of ordinary shares During May-June, there were 24 million shares. The reason for selling because of money Invested in the expansion of the "Swan Lake Khao Yai" real estate project, which is a family property business. After the sale of such HMPRO shares

At present, he still holds shares in HomePro. In the proportion of 2.05 percent of the registered capital of the company And still holding the position Chairman of the Executive Committee And directors of the company with rank In holding shares at number 6, totaling more than 270 million shares for the sale of shares this time I consider it a very small proportion. Compared to the number of shares that I hold Reiterated, still believe in HomePro's management Which remains one of the Home Solution & Living Experience businesses in Thailand and Southeast Asia region.

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