Hot News: Habitat Group 'focuses on' investing lifestyle
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Habitat Group 'focuses on' investing lifestyle

Mr. Chanin Vanichwong, Chief Executive Officer of Habitat Group Company Limited revealed that The real estate market trend by 2020 is expected to not grow from the original. As the overall economy is likely to be close to that of 2019 which is not favorable for business operations And the Thai baht tends to strengthen throughout Causing the purchasing power to be continuously affected As well as rising household debt Causing the bank to remain stricter than normal in granting loans And there are still factors regarding Mortgage Credit Control (LTV) policies, despite positive factors from the government's stimulus measures. As for the investment in the year 2020 The market can continue to grow. Although not as high as in the past 1-2 years Due to real estate investment trends Is still an asset that has continuously increased in value Because they get rewards for both long-term rentals In addition, the capital gain will increase if the investment in a good location Different from the share market, bonds, volatile mutual funds And can have a negative return Investors therefore prefer to invest in real estate.

Because of low risk Therefore is a factor that makes many large entrepreneurs Turned to pay more attention to investment property projects for investment The business plan in 2020 of the Habitat Group will continue to focus on developing projects for investment in the form of Lifestyle Investment (Lifestyle Investment). By 2020, will focus on investing in Pattaya. main To support the center of the eastern region Because Pattaya is known as the top business tourist destination in Thailand, combined with purchasing power from both Thai tourists And foreigners traveling to Pattaya It is expected that Pattaya will have a lot of growth in the next 5 years, partly due to the special area development project in the Eastern region (EEC) that the government supports and invests in basic projects such as high-speed electric train connecting 3 airports, namely Don Muang Airport Suvarnabhumi Airport And Utapao Airport U-Tapao Airport Expansion Project Or an extension of the motorway to Rayong, U-Tapao, Map Ta Phut, resulting in investment pouring into Pattaya Both from government agencies, foreign countries and the private sector.

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