Hot News: AP, the leader of single-family houses in the city
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AP, the leader of single-family houses in the city

Mr. Rat Chayut Nantachotsopon Deputy Managing Director Business Development, Single House Product Group One of the key people of the Plc. AP (Thailand) revealed that AP Thailand started a single detached house development business.For the first time in 2004, more than 15 years of non-stop development. Today the company Has developed more than 80 single-family houses, worth nearly 100,000 million baht, with more than 50 models of houses, resulting in today's business group Single-detached house AP has grown exponentially from a billion to ten billion baht in 2019 at a total of 10,227 million baht. Still holding the market share (market share) the number 1 With the highest number of units sold in the single-detached home market in the city and metropolitan (2015-1H 2020) with the stance that 'Single-detached house AP is the house that understands life',

which is the key drive that has resulted in the single-detached AP.Success today and in the future through 3 quality brands: THE PALAZZO, a luxury mansion in the super luxury segment, priced from 25-60 million baht, THE CITY, a new design single house, high-end segment, price 9-25 Million baht and CENTRO, single detached house, modern design for starting a family in the middle segment on the price of 4.5-12 million baht. The main part comes from the way of thinking in Working under the Put People First values ??is to see people as people. Understand the need And listen to the thoughts of customers as one of the five values ??of AP under the big mission EMPOWER LIVING With determination to develop all areas within AP's single detached house project In accordance with the needs and connects all life stories of customers in each generation perfectly and perfectly.

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