Hot News: CPF continues its mission to help SMEs partners fight COVID-19
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CPF continues its mission to help SMEs partners fight COVID-19

Ms. Thidarat Dechayon Bancha Deputy Managing Director Regarding the procurement of supplies, CPF revealed that the third wave of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 has caused concern to small and medium-sized enterprises. project implementation credit term or payment of goods within 30 days to partners, SME operators, helping to replenish reserves for working capital in the business continuously without interruption relieve financial burden including maintaining employment It is a reserve for small partners to be able to pass through the crisis. in the midst of risky situations and very unstable The extension of the Faster Payment program is another way to help.

"Business partners" small entrepreneurs can keep the business to survive. It also helps to keep employees and their families well-being. which is important to revitalize the country's economy.

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AEC Trade Center postpones the Food Destination Center activity

Mrs. Wanlapa Traisorat, Chief Executive Officer and President of Asset World Corp Public Company Limited or AWC, Thailand's leading real estate developer focusing on integrated lifestyles, revealed that AWC has developed AEC Trade Center PANTIP Wholesale Destination for It is a new landmark for the largest wholesale trade in the region. The only one in the heart of Bangkok under the concept Beyond Exhibition that is superior to general exhibitions To meet the needs of buyers and sellers in one place, the most convenient, the most complete, the best price and directly linked to the Chinese market through the developer and management of the world's largest miscellaneous wholesale market from Yiwu, China by Plans to organize the first activity in the concept Beyond Exhibition Food Destination Center between June 4 - August 31, 2021, but due to the epidemic situation of COVID-19 As a result, this event has to be postponed to be held on November 2, 2021 - January 24, 2022. In Thailand there is still an ongoing epidemic. The cumulative number of infected people is increasing day by day.

Although vaccination has been accelerated to reduce the rate of infection. But the number of people who have been vaccinated is not enough to make the gathering events safe. Postponing this event from November to January will be safer for the participants. making it possible to fully organize activities to help revive the economy that has been stagnant throughout the year.https://beyondexhibition.aectradecenter-th.com , tel 061 416 6790, 065 950 5986

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