Hot News: Commerce 'to the state welfare program.
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Commerce 'to the state welfare program.

Mr. Sonthirat Sonthichiravong, Deputy Minister of Commerce, said, "After the success of the government's low-income state welfare program Can distribute income to the foundations of the country. The Prime Minister (General Prayut Chan-Ocha) has instructed the Ministry of Commerce to accelerate the process of raising the number of low-income registered persons to the government of 11.4 million. To live permanently. Through the project of building the career of the Ministry of Commerce. The Department of Business Development has ordered the Department of Business Development to integrate with franchisees in the promotion of the Department. Jointly develop the project. 'Franchise for low income earners' because franchise business is easy to start a business for new entrepreneurs.

The risk is less than self-investment, and most importantly, there are franchisees to help you plan your business and finance without having to try it out yourself. Franchise business has low business risk. The target audience is 11.4 million registered people in the public sector.

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