Hot News: Lala Move - Chatuchak Plaza partners increase sales
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Lala Move - Chatuchak Plaza partners increase sales

Mr Rawechot Setthi, managing director of Lala Move Thailand, said: "We are confident that Lala Move's full range of transportation services and products can be tracked. Will help small businesses that suffer from the poisoning of Covid-19 Able to better manage transportation costs With on-demand delivery service and able to adjust the business model to survive Regardless of the future, there may be unforeseen events as well. The expansion of online distribution channels With standardized transportation services No need to limit the area of ??buying-selling and shipping, but just the storefront

While operators in Chatuchak Plaza Both responded to the shipping options as required by Lala Move as it responded to the value for money. Help facilitate the delivery of goods Whether small or large, can be multiple points according to the various needs of the order You can track the transportation through the application. Confident that the products reach the pick-up on time and are confident that the addition of transportation services will add to the sluggish trade during the recent Cowid-19 crisis.

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