Hot News: Thai Polytechnic Leads IoT to Automate Manufacturing Management
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Thai Polytechnic Leads IoT to Automate Manufacturing Management

Mr.Rerk Kanjanopatham, LDPE's manager, Thai Polyethylene Co., Ltd., said that we are aiming to increase the production of plastic pellets from last year. In order to meet the market growth rate. And increased proportion in the production of HVA or high value added products and services by the use of special production technology. This includes switching to Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure? Plant platform to help automate the plant's production process. Process Management ChallengesIncreasing production is a big challenge in the industrial process. Because the system has been completely determined so the Thai Polyethylene. It expanded the factory and introduced EcoStruxure? Plant to control the production process. This is a big change for the plant, which may have an impact on both the productivity and the workforce of the employees, but the result is Schneider Electric's solutions that make it easier to work with.

The staff of the caregiver can learn and understand the system better than the original system. It is a tool to use. Easy to understand, easy to follow and easy to follow.

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