Hot News: eBay boosts its integrated plan with jigsaw models
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eBay boosts its integrated plan with jigsaw models

Ms. Jenny Hui, General Manager of Cross Border Trade, eBay Hong Kong, Taiwan & Southeast Asia, said, Cross-border e-commerce continues to trend upwards and is expected to comprise 20% of all worldwide e-commerce by 2022.* The Asia-Pacific region will become the largest cross-border trade (CBT) region in e-commerce for both imports and exports. In 2018, the value of Southeast Asias e-commerce market reached USD 23.2 billion and is expected to continue to grow to USD 102 billion in 2025.** To strengthen our leadership in global e-commerce, eBay is committed to making continuous improvements to increase our business competitiveness. This year, eBay is focusing on an integrated plan to encourage Thai sellers of all shapes and sizes to grow their own online retail business and sell to the world on eBay, which is supporting a range of business initiatives to boost the sustainable growth of Thai sellers through improved performance.

eBays platform connects small and medium-sized Thai businesses to 180 million active buyers in 190 markets around the world. We can clearly see the potential for CBT in e-commerce, and that Thai sellers can provide incredible value thanks to the huge variety of products made in the country that offer high quality and unique selections. This creates tremendous opportunities for Thais to sell worldwide. The five most popular categories for Thai sellers are: 1) Jewelry; Gemstones & Watches; 2) Health & Beauty; 3) Home & Garden; 4) Collectibles; 5) Auto parts. And dont forget that jewelry from Thailand has seen strong and consistent demand from global buyers for many years. The United States is the largest market for export sales, accounting for about half of the total items from Thai sellers, followed by the UK, Australia, Germany, and Russia, she added.

eBay continues to improve the business potential for Thai sellers of all sizes through several key initiatives with their 2-3 year plan: Exclusive training programs that aim to build success in online retail skills through a variety of formats such as the eBay Boot Camp, a three-month intensive program which focuses on incubating sellers with online retail skills and empowering them to grow their own online retail businesses. The Boot Camp training consists of three workshops and is highly engaging for eBay sellers. In addition, eBay continues to hold workshop training programs in Bangkok and larger cities such as Chiang Mai, with a variety of exclusive training activities to improve the skills of sellers enabling increased sales. eBay will host the eBay Seller Summit, which will be held in September this year, to celebrate the 24th anniversary of eBay. Business Coaching by Account Managers focuses on business planning, underlining the strengths, closing the gaps, and empowering professional sellers to sustainably improve their businesses on eBay and reinforce their competitiveness in cross-border trade (CBT). To support automation at two different levels that consist of: Innovative technological collaboration at a regional level through API integration with leading logistics providers such as Thailand Post, DHL eCommerce, and DHL Express through the eBay SEAPaSS, a one-stop shipping platform to simplify the fulfillment process for eBay sellers which is currently available free of charge. This program has many active users in big cities across Thailand and Southeast Asia. In Thailand, the majority of eBay SEAPaSS users, about 70 percent, are in Bangkok, followed by 20 percent in Chiang Mai and northern Thailand while the other 10 percent are spread across western, southern and northeastern Thailand. Thai software developers: Collaborate to create business management software and applications that support eBays Store management for sellers in major categories. Focus areas include efficient listing tools, multi-store order management tools, fulfillment and logistics for cross-border online retailing and customer service operations. Business Development focuses on developing business sellers in auto parts categories through online and offline initiatives. With its targeted approach, this project is in the first phase of development. In conclusion, eBay has consistently recognized the tremendous opportunities that are available through the wide variety of Thailands products which meet the demands of the global market, and include beautiful handcrafted merchandise such as fine jewelry and accessories, industrially-designed products, such as decorative items for the home and garden, and health and beauty items.

Todays consumers globally expect retail-standard services and speed. eBay continues to invest in technologies and platform features that deliver the greatest buyer journeys making it especially easy for sellers to start their online business and become successful. Our business initiative programs offer Thai sellers seamless cross-border retail opportunities in the global online marketplace through a more efficient process, while helping Thai eBay sellers scale up their businesses faster, which contributes to sustainable growth, said Ms. Hui.

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Lazada Debuts Its First Mid-Year Festival

Ms. ThanidaSuiwatana, Chief Marketing Officer of Lazada Thailand, said thatLazada has recently introduced new brand campaign Go Where Your Heart Beatsthat reflects our evolved vision in South East Asia. We are targeting to serve 300 million customers by 2030 and elevating the role of Lazada beyond just a transactional shopping platform, to a lifestyle destination that can enable and progress hopes, dreams, and desires for sellers or shoppers. This re-positioning is supported by Lazadas strategic approach to empower and transform all brands and sellers into super eBusinesses.The first event that brings to life Lazadas new brand idea is Lazada Mid-Year Festival offering shoppers attractive deals, up to 90% off with 2 million of Lazada vouchers to be given away throughout the mega sale on Friday 12 July 2019 across six markets in Southeast Asia. For 24 hours, consumers will get access to a wide assortment of product deals on Lazada, ranging from branded items to new arrivals and unique finds. Meanwhile, Lazada provides Super Solutions that help brands and sellers to implement the right tool to maximise their sales performance on Lazadas platform.

Recently, Lazada has joined hands with Sansiri to introduce Sansiri Official Store on LazMall. For the first time on Lazadas platform, the store offers a new experience for online shoppers by offering real estate products with choices of the best 45 condominium units from nine of Sansiris projects. During Lazada Mid-Year Festival, shoppers will be able to book a condominium unit with a special booking fee starting from 2,999 baht. Plus, a discount, as high as 2 million baht, is being offered through the Sansiri Official Store on LazMall. Besides, Lazada has recently appointed its latest brand ambassador, Tor - ThanapobLeeratanakajorn, who will be joining Bella - RaneeCampen, Lazadas current brand ambassador to attract 18-24 years old female shoppers, create a buzz, and feature the eCommerce brands first refresh in five years.As part of Lazadas new Mid-Year Festival, the eCommerce leader is furthering its Shoppertainment strategy to offer shoppers the best shopping experience through a series of new campaigns, including: GUESS IT: The first region-wide livestreamed gameshow involves more than 20 entertaining local personalities including such as Pat-NapapaTantrakul, Oat-Pramote Pathan, and DJ TonhormSakuntala. The livestreamed gameshow offers a new way to feature brands and sellers while increasing in-app consumer dwell time and purchase. During 23 June 12 July, 120 GUESS IT episodes have featured over 720 items from a variety of sellers. In Thailand alone, we saw over1.6 million viewers during GUESS IT! live sessions.(Result as of July9th)LazGame: Lazadas popular LazGame also features strongly in the Mid-Year Festival with the introduction of new features, including a Leaderboard function to track participants cumulative scores. Lazada has also made it possible for the first time for brands to customise LazGame with their logo and products.

Ms. Thanida added, According to Lazada Thailands half year performance statistics, mobile phone is the top product category that generated the highest gross merchandise value on Lazadas platform in the first half of 2019. Meanwhile, womens fashion clothing is the most popular product when considering the total purchasing volume.While online shoppers, aged between 18-29 years old,remain as Lazadas largest customer segment. In terms of merchants, the number of sellers on Lazada platform has increased by 68.3% when compared to the same period last year.Dont miss out Lazada Mid-Year Festival on Friday 12 July 2019. The one- day mega sale offers Million deals your heart desires plus attractive benefits including a further discount of 20%, or up to 500 baht, for credit card users who make a purchase online via Mastercard, KTC, JCB and Citibank. https://www.lazada.co.th/mid-year-festival/

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