Hot News: Wirasak 'Form Young Digital Warrior
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Wirasak 'Form Young Digital Warrior

Mr. Weerasak Wangsupakitkosol The Deputy Minister of Commerce said, Today's business world is changing rapidly. Especially experiencing events that Unthinkable, such as the COVID-19 epidemic As a result, consumers' purchasing behavior has been adjusted. With the introduction of modern technology to facilitate More convenient, therefore business operators need to study, analyze, understand and adapt to accommodate the changes To be able to meet the lifestyle of Innovation, Technology and Creativity is therefore a vital weapon in making a difference that will make the business stand out from the crowd.

Race and have a chance to succeed and with such importance Therefore ordered the Department of Business Development Accelerate the creation of knowledge for entrepreneurs, including Education that is about to step into working age to become 'the new generation of online merchants', using e-Commerce to help create opportunities. Make money for yourself / comm

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