Hot News: 'Leng Hong' Expand Business 'Japanese Food' // GTB accepts work for boiler industry.
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'Leng Hong' Expand
Business 'Japanese Food'

"Leng Hong" spends more than 300 million baht, expand Chinese food, and Japanese food. sold in department stores and stand alone 'aim' at Ratchaphruek Road. Focus on family groups and new generation

Mr. Nathipat Arunsirikul, President of Leng Hong Restaurant, revealed that the company has adjusted the management policy of the restaurant business under the "Leng Hong" brand to be more clear to celebrate the 55th anniversary.The group is also offering a 3-year investment through a five-year investment plan under a total investment of more than Bt300mn. Focus medium or working people.

Opening a new restaurant brand under the name of "Leng Hong Kit", a modern Chinese restaurant. Swarms of Chinese customers By planning to open in the mall. Convenient location Family group drill Want to eat chinese food The menu is about 70-100 menus, less than the original Lantian restaurant, with about 200 menus. Community mall And plaza in general The minimum area of ??200 - 300 square meters, the average investment of 20 million per branch. Targeted to open 3 branches within 5 years, expected next year will open the first branch.

Leng Hong -based Hong Kong-based Hong Kong-based restaurant manager Lucy Hsu said that he plans to open a Japanese restaurant under the name of "Lou Holhu Sushi By Hong". For the first time in 55 years, the group has changed the direction of Japanese restaurants. It is expected to be a stand alone or stand Alone area of ??200-300 square meters, which will be opened in 5 branches in five years, through the use of investment budget of 15 million per branch. Looking at Ratchaphruek Road. Expected to open first store next year as well. The Ara The World every Monday at 11:00 pm on Channel 3SD channel 28 continues to operate normally. And it is expected that in the year 2018 will expand the business on TV.

By adding more contact channels such as Facebook, LineAds, and Panda Food applications that have been collaborating for the past few months. To respond to the digital age To ship food to expand revenue. As well as the launch of new brand services have increased. Sure, it will help to generate revenue growth of not less than 10% of course, from now on, only Lantian Hong Kong branch of the two branches of the revenue did not grow much in the 2-3 years because of economic conditions are not good. The restaurant was also affected. The proportion of revenue comes from 90% of in-house dining and 10% off-site catering. The price of a set menu or Chinese table is between 5,000 - 8,000 baht per table, over 80%, while the maximum price is 15,000 baht. Promotion Beijing original duck 55 years old from Hong Kong from the normal price 900 baht to 599 baht abalone rice from the usual 400 baht to 299 baht (for 1-2 people), etc.

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GTB accepts work for boiler industry.

Mr. Suchart Mongkol Areepong Chief Executive Officer of Jataka Public Company Limited "GTB", manufacturer and distributor of Steam Boilers, Combustion System Thermal Energy Engineering Related Equipment And the steam generator service revealed that this year the company signed a contract to produce and install a steam generator.Major industrial groups such as biomass and SPP, food and beverage, chemicals and petrochemicals, tires and vehicles, paper and textiles, building materials,And steel plants, hotel and hospital groups, etc., pushed the company to earn more than billion baht. The revenue will be recognized later this year until the beginning of next year. Operation plan in the second half The company continues to find Opportunity to work continuously. Based on industry trends, the company has seen an increase over the past. Recently, there has been progress in the manufacture and installation of steam generators for use in the lighting industry.

Over 60% of the blue biomass is produced and installed by Biomass Steam Boiler (Steam Paraglide) of Bangsawan Green Co., Ltd., Surat Thani. Set time 12 months after signing the contract. It is expected to be completed and tested (test run) around mid-December, while the other two projects belong to Oscar Safe World Co., Surat Thani.And installation of VSPP 6 MWe., ??9.9 MWe. And 9.9 MWe. Project 1 and Project 2. Production and installation period 14 months after the signing of the contract. It is expected to be installed.Ready to test the machine around April next year. The company will be able to recognize revenue from this project by the year 2017 until 2018.

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