Hot News: Commerce led the business to drive the economy.
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Commerce led the business to drive the economy.

Mr. Wutti Kraiweeraphan, Director-General of the Department of Business Development The Ministry of Commerce revealed that the current market value of the franchise business in Thailand is as high as 250,000 million baht and is likely to grow continuously in the future. Business expansion in the form of franchises Can be applied as a strategy to create growth and strength for the business Each method depends on the business readiness, such as creating a standardized business process. Effective business management Including creating credibility Which is an important basis for managing the franchise business to be standardized To be a good choice for Franchisee to start a business with experienced and reliable franchisors As well as creating added value for the business Guidelines for promoting Thai franchise business development The Ministry of Commerce has operated according to government policy.

To drive the Thai economic foundation to grow strongly By assigning the Department of Business Development to develop the potential of business management to meet the standard criteria Which is a tool To build credibility and grow the franchise business to grow steadily And create international competitiveness By the franchise business that has been selected to join the project There will be experts evaluating the weaknesses of each business. Importantly, there is also an in-depth consultation at the business establishment. And adding to the study of the business, which is a good model to bring Benchmarking, which is a shortcut to excellence in the business As for pushing the franchise business to expand overseas Has donated the Department of International Trade Promotion, such as bringing the franchise business to participate in the Top Thai Brands or Mini Thailand Week abroad

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