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"Korea Daily Fresh" Korea Daily Fresh

Watchamon Food Co., Ltd. organized the "Korea Daily Fresh" festival to import fruits and vegetables directly from Korea. Selected only premium vegetables and fruits Guaranteed freshness for Thai consumers to choose more than 20 kinds of delicious food, with the product being Geum Sil Strawberry, premium grade strawberry, firmly flavored, sweet, tender, priced at 550 baht, Strawberry King Berry Premium grade strawberries, large, tender, soft, sweet, tender, priced at 299 baht per pack. Dry slide persimmon. The fragrance is unique. Sweet taste, delicious, is famous from Korea, priced at 300 baht per pack, Korean oyster mushroom and Korean golden mushroom. That guarantees freshness from modern mushroom farms in Korea by oyster mushrooms, priced at 129 baht per pack and golden needle mushrooms, priced at 49 baht per pack

Available now at Tops Market, Rangsit branch (Robinson side) from now until 31 October 2019 only.

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