Hot News: Tax increases Supporting 4 billion state revenue
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Tax increases Supporting 4 billion state revenue

Mr Natthakorn Uthensuta, Director of the Bureau of Tax Planning, Excise Department, revealed that after 16 September 2017, when the excise tax was collected, the sweetness Found that there are entrepreneurs who produce

The only beverage brand Reduce the amount of sugar in the beverage to reduce the sweetness tax. While others use the new product release method. And indicate that it has a low sugar content instead Because I don't want

Affecting the original product being sold in the market Which reminds that on 1 October 2019, there will be a step-by-step tax adjustment Which increases every 2 years. If sugar cannot be reduced yet, then have to waste

Double tax due to enforcement of sweet tax. In the past 2 years, the department has cooperated with the Academic Service Center of Chulalongkorn University. Went to explore the awareness of the sweet tax measures with

The public finds tax incentives for entrepreneurs to adapt. By reducing approximately sugar in beverages And with labeling To notify the public to increase more than 200% from the original 60-70

The list is 200-300, but the public awareness is not much. The alert group is the age group under 30 years and the age group over 60 years. Working age is still less interested. And still have machine consumption Drink that is very sweet

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