Hot News: Smart SME Expo 2018
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Smart SME Expo 2018

Ms.Narinthip Viriyaphandit, The organizer revealed that SMART SME EXPO 2018 had a busy audience.The total attendance was 108,498 people yesterday morning, which is considered by business people and people to shop. Buy and trade Including a loan.Get services The event has all aspects to support entrepreneurs, business people and the general public. We also aim to mold new entrepreneurs. Create the original entrepreneur score.

Continuing every year. This year, there are special promotions and activities. It has attracted many visitors. The only way to complete all the channels of business by year.

This has resulted in an increase in credit applications. The Bank received the largest loan application for SME loans, namely the Government Savings Bank (736 million baht).Bank of Thailand (Baht 343 million), SME Development Bank (Baht 241 million), Kasikorn Bank (Baht 219.05 million)

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