Hot News: CPF promotes food for the next decade 'FOOD FOR THE NEXT DECADE'
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CPF promotes food for the next decade 'FOOD FOR THE NEXT DECADE'

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited or CPF opens an area of ??more than 250 square meters to showcase the potential of the world's food business leaders at the Thaifex-Anuga World of Food Asia 2022 event under the concept "FOOD FOR THE NEXT DECADE". Five global food trends in the next 10 years, responding to sustainable consumption, led by Meat Zero, a plant-based meat that won the food innovation award (THAIFEX-ANUGA Taste Innovation Show 2022) CP SELECTION products include Benja-Chiwa Chicken and CP Pacific Prawns because the world needs not only safe and healthy food. but also need to be environmentally friendly to sustainably support the world's population of more than ten billion people by 2050

CPF has divided into 5 product groups to be exhibited at the fair, namely:

1.) Plant-based Meat, the MEAT ZERO brand, which makes Plants delicious as meat, which won the Best Innovation Award. Food or THAIFEX-ANUGA Taste Innovation Show 2022 from this event as well. Plant-based meat is one of the Top 3 Trends in the world food that has the least impact on the world production process.

2.) Fresh products "Benja Chicken" and "Pork Chiva Chicken and Pork Innovation Award under the brand U-FARM and Chicken-Duck-Pork and Fresh Egg products under the brand "CP SELECTION" that raises the level of safety to another level. with innovative probiotics Boost immunity for pigs-chickens Strong, 100% natural, free from substances, safe, without residues.

3.) Ready-to-eat products, including chicken, shrimp dumplings, spaghetti, and rice and curry dishes. and healthy high-fiber, low-calorie menus

4.) Healthy drink products under the brand INNOWENESS to enhance the immune system for the body. Reduce allergy and cold symptoms Along with introducing a new product, Jelly BlackBit, a jelly mixed with herbs, white galingale, vitamin C and vitamin D to help promote normal functioning of the immune system

5.) Cooking Helper products that will help make cooking easier and more convenient, such as Soups, sauces, seasonings, and seasonings are suitable for the lifestyle of consumers who are increasingly popular to cook at home.

When sustainable consumption is under a production process that has the least environmental impact, CPF brings up the story of using innovation to increase food production efficiency. from upstream to downstream using minimal resources in order to have the least impact on the environment At the same time, food quality must be increased under higher efficiency, such as using AI systems. and automation (AI & AUTOMATION) in the production of animal feed in the form of "SMART FEED MILL", innovative animal husbandry and disease prevention farming system "SMART FARM", including innovation and technology to help in the production of food and machines Drink under "SMART FACTORY" to meet the needs of a circular and sustainable economy. Respond to the country's BIO-CIRCULAR GREEN ECONOMY strategy with a vision to become Sustainable Kitchen of the World CPF is confident to grow in line with world food trends in the next decade. To support sustainable consumption of the world's population that is likely to increase to more than 10 billion by 2050, the company remains committed, dedication and development of food production. Throughout the production chain (Value Supply Chain) under the "PUT OUR HEART INTO FOOD" approach, pay attention to creating innovative food for health and a happier life (INNOVATION), focus on people (PEOPLE), and reduce use of natural resources For a Sustainable Environment and a Happy World (PLANET) CPF is ready to lead everyone to experience sustainable consumption with the food of the next decade. at booth no. U01, U05 at Thaifex-Anuga World of Food Asia 2022, a world-class food and beverage exhibition Held between 24-28 May 2022 from 10.00-18.00 hrs. at Challenger Hall 2, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.

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THAIFEX Anuga Asia 2022

THAIFEX Anuga Asia 2022 food and beverage trade fair officially welcomes exhibitors and visitors to IMPACT Muang Thong Thani for the regions biggest event created to meet the needs of F&B industry operators and product innovators. From the 24th to the 28th of May, top players creating products that usher in advancements in coffee & tea, drinks, fine food, food services, food technology, frozen food, fruits & vegetables, meats, rice, seafood, and sweets & confectionery will showcase their unique approaches to designing and producing products which meet consumer needs, as the sector moves forward into an era of positive opportunity and boundless growth through innovation!

The 2022 restart brings a total of 1603 exhibitors at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, more than double when compared to the last event in 2020. The 881 international exhibitors this year clearly highlight that Thailand is open and it also reinforces that THAIFEX - Anuga Asia plays in accelerating the industrys recovery from the pandemic.

Out of those 881 international exhibitors from 36 countries, 27 of these are represented by countries & provincial groups; the largest country group comes from South Korea this year, followed by Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey, and Italy. For exhibitors from markets such as China which have not been able to join the event physically, exhibitors have taken advantage of the opportunity to assume a presence by way of remote booths to join virtually. This clearly shows that businesses are taking action to overcome travel limitations. As industry players race to jumpstart growth and capture prospects, it becomes increasingly important to position themselves on the leading frontier of food. THAIFEX Anuga Asia 2022 provides such a platform by connecting operators throughout the value chain to facilitate idea exchange and immediate, highly-effective trading.

The F&B industry has been heavily disrupted due to the impact of Covid-19. Both businesses and consumers are plagued by high food costs, food shortages, food wastage, supply chain and production issues. THAIFEX Anuga Asia 2022 is a platform where we can help to alleviate these challenges and drive value in the F&B industry, allowing F&B businesses to collaborate and cross-innovate in a short span of time. The result of this would be an increase in diversification, new growth opportunities, new innovations, optimizing operations, and value creation for stakeholders, concluded Mathias Kuepper.

Future Food Experience+ (FFE+) aims to close the gaps in the F&B industry by bringing actionable insights to the community. This series of talks cover a wide range of topics, including FoodTech, Foodservice, Plant-based, and sustainability. The stage will gather key industry experts, regional and global thought leaders, and professionals to exchange ideas and forge new linkages. It is the platform to drive mindset shifts, letting players get ahead of the curve and achieve business goals. It also gives exhibitors the chance to showcase their latest technologies, products and services on the FFE+ stage specifically, providing entrepreneurs with a highly prominent platform from which they can achieve objectives and capture intense interest from an engaged, keen and relevant industry audience.

Tuesday 24th of May (Day One) of FFE+ features a packed roster of programmes for the opening day of the tradeshow. In the morning session, Innova Market Insights, the official knowledge partner for THAIFEX Anuga Asia, will offer an amalgamation of industry trends and insights that are propelling business growth, with perceptions on the packaging, technology, and flavour drivers. Visitors will learn from Innova Market Insights experts and see first-hand the products which are already taking on these trends. Innova's Top Ten Trends for 2022 (Livestream) will kick off the Future Food Experience+, which connects new ideas, innovations, and technologies shaping the future of F&B.

During the afternoon session, SOS Presents: The Road to Zero Food Waste will host an hour-long plenary on sustainability and circularity in the regional food industry. THAIFEX Anuga Asia is partnering with Scholars of Sustenance (SOS) to ensure zero food waste. At the end of the show, SOS will collect all the surplus food from exhibitors, and the rescued food will be distributed to beneficiaries in low-income communities, orphanages, and shelters, including the most vulnerable groups in society. The session will provide insights into ways in which the industry is able to offer solutions on how more environmentally harmonious, efficient and reusable processes, materials and solutions can contribute to a reinvigorated sector that meets its obligations for protecting our world and mitigating global hunger.THAIFEX - Anuga Asia 2428 May 2022 www.thaifex-anuga.com

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