Hot News: Patpong prepares for new franchise business
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Patpong prepares for new franchise business

Mrs. Kulanee Isdisai, Director General, Department of Business Development The Ministry of Commerce said that the Thai franchise business has continued to grow and grow.To grow into a strong franchise. Operators need to be ready for business management in a systematic and standardized manner. It can help.Business expansion to expand rapidly. But to drive a franchise business and succeed is not easy. Because the franchise to grow strong.The strongest must go through a strong foundation. From the way of thinking Effective workflow The Department of Business has opened a "Franchise B2B Business" program that will help build and grow the franchise business. Create unique characteristics of products and services that can meet the needs of customers. And to create new innovations. To create a competitive advantage. In addition, the development of quality management standards is another factor that will make the franchise business sustainable growth.

Developmental approach Department of Business Development Has opened the course Franchise B2B Business Generation 21 and are recruiting candidates.This year, the Department has adjusted the curriculum to be more concentrated and concise. Be it knowledge of the trademark. Copyright Law License Agreement Franchise agreements and related laws Income Tax Practices Management buys a chain store model to strengthen.Understanding franchise systems allows entrepreneurs to start franchise businesses correctly. The franchise system can be used to expand the business.efficiently It can also bring the knowledge gained to the organization's potential to expand business opportunities in the franchise system widely.Strengthening the Universal

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