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Commercial Check Thongfa Shop

"Commercial" moves ahead of 'remove' 7 Thongfa shops out of the project. The aftermarket kit included. Using the wrong card. And sell over 'Revealed' has already installed 1.2 million units at the end of November. Accomplish the order to check the department store. Opportunity to raise the price of TV. Shopping help

Mr.Sonthirut Sonthijirawong, Deputy Minister of Commerce, revealed that after complaints from the people. Through social media. Through the media. And through the 1569 hotline, the Ministry of Commerce has investigated the implementation.

The Blue Flag of Prachatai Found a real crime shop. Therefore, it has removed 7 participating shops belonging to the flagship store, Fa Pracha State from participating in the project. Due to wrongdoing

The fault found is that the product is sold. The card is used (EDC) to use the wrong type. The card is used in the shop to store other areas. The price of the product exceeds the price. And some shops were fine. Do not close the price tag.

"The Department of Internal Trade and Commerce in the province to investigate all complaints. And if the offense is found. The blue Flag of Prachatai immediately. But admitted that some cases go.No complaints found on the complaint. It must be fair to shop, "said Mr. Sonthirut

The progress of the installation of the card to the flagship store, Fa Pracha State, has now installed 1.2 thousand stores, which by the end of November 60 will be installed in the remaining 6 thousand. After the stick

The card can be targeted by the Ministry of Commerce to consider. If the area is not covered. Will send a mobile blue flag to the product.For Phase 2 (Phase 2) flagship store, Blue Flag is currently under construction. It will push the community. OTOP products are sold in flagship store nationwide. The latest has coordinated.Hand with state-owned banks to provide loans to manufacturers. The Small Business Credit Guarantee Corporation (SBC) The Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP)In each commercial area, the province will take care of product selection. And pull the bank into the loan with the manufacturer. The product is sold in stores.

Mr. Sonthirat further ordered the Department of Internal Trade to investigate the behavior of one retail outlet. After being complained of opportunistic TV price increases. After the government issued a shoppingIf the results are checked out, then found guilty will be punished accordingly. Price of goods and services in 1999, jail for 7 years, fine of 1.4 thousand baht, or both. And also to the Department of the book to reach.All the stores. Including manufacturers. To alert them not to take advantage and take advantage of the public.

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