Hot News: MINE Smart Ferry, Thai design - production
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MINE Smart Ferry, Thai design - production

Sompoch Ahunai, Chief Executive Officer of Pure Energy Public Company Limited or EA, the leader in environmentally friendly alternative energy, said that the Energy Commission And the Electric Vehicle Subcommittee House of Representatives Visited the factory and received information about the technology, design, manufacture and development of the EA's electric vehicle business, consisting of the completed MINE Smart Ferry electric vehicle and electric boat. The MINE Smart Ferry is the most modern electric passenger boat. Designed and manufactured by 100% Thai people and has already been registered as the first electric power boat in the country. While also preparing to produce an electric bus to be released to the public soon, using EA Anywhere's most advanced DC Fast Charge technology, designed to be suitable for use with the shortest charging time. And save energy

"EA has utilized the technology to store electrical energy with lithium-ion batteries produced by companies in the EA Group. Design and manufacture to drive a wide range of electric vehicles, especially the answer to commercial electric vehicles including MINE cars. SPA1 and our completed MINE Smart Ferry electric boat, which has been registered by the Harbor Department as the country's first, "said Mr.Sompoch.

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