Hot News: Pirach Conventions Center Aim 'design'
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Pirach Conventions Center Aim 'design'

BITEC leads the exhibition, exhibition and conference center in Asia. Creature symbol in the concept. Interior and exterior design perfectly

Mr. Vinyu Vanichsiriroj, Executive Vice President of Design 103 International, said, "The Piranha Convention Center" a new zone of elegance of the latest expansion of BITEC. It has a consistent design with traditional parts. Inspired by the masthead design, which is unique to BITEC as it was.Reflective design features that are contemporary, comfortable and flexible. Meet the diverse needs of the organizers. Whether it is organized. International conferences, seminars, parties, exhibitions and special events.

The design of the "Piranh Convention Center" is a collaboration between two major companies: Design 103 International (Design 103 International)And PIA Interiors (PIA) working together to bring BITEC's vision to reality. And promote industry leadership in the exhibit industry.And international exhibitions (MICE) and events in Southeast Asia.

"Design this mast without brace. It is a technique applied from the construction of bridges and stadiums. BITEC is the first in Thailand to introduce masthead technique.Installation of cables to apply. To facilitate the use of space below the full capacity. By advancing in architecture, the construction can pull.The highest performance of all steel used. It saves resources and preserves the environment, "said Mr.Vinyu.

Key Challenges The steel roof structure in the Exhibition Hall area. (Event Hall 100) with a special length of more than 108 meters and high 25 meters, it is necessary to design the building without a pole to facilitate the use of space for important events. At full potential World Tour ConcertAs well as large international trade fairs and exhibitions. The interior of the princess. The hall and the conference room. Carefully taken from a leading design company.Thailand PIA Interior (PIA)

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