Hot News: Commerce 'reveals' agricultural products aiming to raise prices
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Commerce 'reveals' agricultural products aiming to raise prices

Mr. Wichai Phochitkit, Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade, revealed that the drought is expected to cause many types of Thai agricultural products to be damaged this year, reduced production and higher prices. Especially jasmine rice Sticky rice And the paddy that you expect the price of jasmine paddy Should be stable at a higher level than each ton 14,000-15,000 baht for sticky rice Should stand higher than 14,000 baht per ton while the rice paddy The price could be as high as 9,000-10,000 baht per ton from the current 8,000 baht per ton because the expectation of the off-season rice paddy will be nearly half damaged. Or will yield only 3.5-4 million tons of paddy Normally at around 8 million tons of paddy Will cause the price of fresh vegetables to increase as well From the production that is expected to cause a lot of damage Especially leafy vegetables, including lemons, are expected to be higher than this year. Therefore want people who use a lot of lemons Like restaurants, restaurants rushing to buy lemons at a low price to freeze, yes during this dry season For fresh fruit There may be some species that are affected by drought.

But the Department has found ways to alleviate impacts for farmers. And finding a direct link from the source of production to consumers, pork is also expected to increase as the hot weather causes the pork to grow slowly And the disease of African cholera in pigs in China, Vietnam and Laos, causing the price of live pigs in China to rise at 200 baht per kilogram (kg), Vietnam 120 baht per kilogram, while Thailand is still now. At no more than 75 baht per kilogram, but the department has consulted with the National Pig Growers Association that if the price exceeds 80 baht per kilogram may have measures to limit exports. To have sufficient pork consumption in the country And the price is not too high

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