Hot News: Total will be 168,854 tons, increased by 1.32%
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Total will be 168,854 tons, increased by 1.32%

Mr. Chantanon Wanakejorn, Deputy Secretary-General of the Office of Agricultural Economics, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Shall the situation of shallot in 2019 (crop year 2561/62), the Committee on Agricultural Information Development Approved Forecast (data as of September 2018). It is expected that the shallot in 2062 is planted. Total 66,652 rai decreased from last year by 66,795 rai (a decrease of 0.21 percent). Harvested area The total production of the country was 66,354 tons, up from last year by 65,336 rai (1.22%). The total harvest of 2,553 kg / rai increased from last year at 2,551 kg / rai (an increase of 0.08%). The prices of farm products are likely to decrease. The average price of shallots, with the average head of 7-15 days (January to March) in 2018, was 12.78 baht per kilogram. In 2017, the price was 19.51 baht per kilogram (34.50%) while the harvested area was expected to increase. up Some years ago, some sources of production suffered from burns. And fungal diseases.

Causing damage But this year it is expected that there will be no rain during the growing season. Damaged area of ??spoilage and fungal diseases decreased. And the output per rai is expected to increase. If the climate is favorable. Long cold There is enough water during the growing period and the tillers will make the shallot grow well.

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