Hot News: Machita seaweed 'invade' the Chinese market
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Machita seaweed 'invade' the Chinese market

Mr. Thitiporn Thamaphimukkul Director of Marketing Group Non-alcoholic business, Singha Corporation Co., Ltd. revealed that the approach to the business of Machita seaweed products from now on Will focus on expanding the export market more Especially in China That look at potential Because it is a large market and before other brand operators enter, it generates sales Billion baht, the company therefore sees this opportunity to make sales grow even more for the Machita brand. Black sales in China began in the middle of last year. But not yet done Full market By the beginning of the year 2019, the company has started to use the presenter to penetrate customers in China in particular. Which has chosen a young actor Chan Santianthakun who is very famous with the group

Such goals The company has sold through modern trade channels. Trading and online trading believe that this year, the proportion of sales from exports will increase to 100 million baht from the year In 2018, at around 30-40 million baht, mainly from the Chinese market.

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