Hot News: LogiMAT-Intelligent Warehouse 'Push' Thai HUB Southeast Asia
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LogiMAT-Intelligent Warehouse 'Push' Thai HUB Southeast Asia

Mr. Phusit Sasitaranon, Managing Director of Expo Link Global Network Co., Ltd., the market leader in exhibition organizers And the international conference of Thailand revealed that the company has joined with the warehouse technology club And the management system has organized the Intelligent Warehouse event every 2 years which is an exhibition of innovative warehouse systems And future warehouse management With modern technology In the past, there have been more than 50 exhibitors from around the world since 2015, 2017 and this year will be held for the third time on 24-27 July 2019 at IMPACT. Hall 5, Muang Thong Thani and to increase the potential And the strength of the logistics exhibition business. The company has collaborated with "Euro Expo" and "Messe Stuttgart", the organizer of the LOGIMAT event in Indra Logistics. World class from Germany Organize the event "LogiMAT-Intelligent Warehouse" by using expertise And international networks to increase potential And the strength of the business to show the products with more quality It is also a response to the needs of exhibitors. And visitors That requires professional managers to be accepted by the market at the global level. "LogiMAT-Intelligent Warehouse" is the largest exhibition in Intra Logistics in Southeast Asia.

By "Euro Expo" is a company organizing LogiMAT - international trade show for solving logistics process problems within the factory (Intralogistics) and Process Management (Log Management), which LogiMAT is set up in 2003 at the Tuk Tuk Card Germany And has more than 16 years of experience in organizing this event Expected to open opportunities for foreign companies to open markets in Thailand Create a network from the logistics industry from around the world. And promote more investment in ASEAN countries. "Messe Stuttgart" is an exhibition center in Stuttgart. Germany And is the largest exhibition center Ranked ninth in Germany And this collaboration, "Messe Stuttgart", in conjunction with "Euro Expo" in partnership with Expo Link Global Network Company Limited to organize the event "LogiMAT-Intelligent Warehouse "The event will be held in 2020 from this business cooperation. Considered as a link to technology, increasing potential and building networks both in Thailand and abroad Including introducing foreigners to join the trade show in Thailand Considered to be a way to generate income into the country. And also pushing the Thai show business to be more active by the event "LogiMAT-Intelligent Warehouse" consists of operators in various industries such as Warehousing, Intra-logistic, Supply Chain, Material Handling Storage, Cold Chain. Participants are entrepreneurs who are in the retail business. Process Manufacturing, Freight, Government / Regular, as well as other industries related to logistics. The company aims to organize events with an area of ??over 10,000 square meters and has a number of logistic companies. Stickers And warehouses with innovation from every corner of the world And is expected to create Thailand as a center and a market leader in the logistics of the Southeast Asian market in 2020

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