Hot News: China-ASEAN trade grows
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China-ASEAN trade grows

Progress of Chinese leaders and governments and ASEAN member countries Has expressed a stance against trade protectionism and monopolies in the current global economy By believing that both sides shouldTake advantage of trade potential by upgrading the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area (ACFTA) as well as expanding the scope of trade. Increase production factors in the region Promote industrial space allocation Develop supply chain and value chain systems And promote the upgrading of industrial structures in the region Both parties should improve policies and implement measures that promote trade.

Development of connection of infrastructure systems such as elevated railways and waterway routes Promote regional transportation to be convenient and standardized Measures that facilitate trade for various enterprises Including promoting investment and reviving the industrial sector through trade channels China and ASEAN must cooperate to support negotiations.Regional Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) completed by 2019. In the RCEP negotiation process, the Chamber of Commerce and business associations in the member countries should have a response.Relative and exchange information To create a foundation for promoting cooperation Instead of creating a wall to restrict trade and economy.

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