Hot News: Thai baht strengthens import of machinery
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Thai baht strengthens import of machinery

Mrs. Chantawan Sucharitkul, Assistant Governor Strategic and Corporate Relations Bank of Thailand (BOT) disclosed that the baht is moving in line with the regional currency. And with the BOT and the BoT agree that the appreciation of the baht. It is a good opportunity for Thai entrepreneurs to take advantage. By importing machinery and equipment to raise productivity, reduce costs, add value to products. This will increase the competitiveness of Thailand. This will help Thai entrepreneurs to have better pricing power.

Since the beginning of 2017, the appreciation of the Thai Baht and regional currencies. This is due to the depreciation of the US dollar. And the current account surplus in Thailand. The capital inflows are relatively small. And during the baht appreciation too. Not in line with the economic fundamentals, the BOT has taken care to minimize the impact on operators. The past is not intended to give Thailand a competitive advantage over the rest of the world. Or to reverse the direction of the market. But to make time with the private sector to adapt.

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