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Bank Launch Block Chain to Protect Hacker

Bank of Thailand join18 Banks set up Block Chain Community, a new financial innovation, Big Data Center, protect hackers extracted around the world to penetrate customer information. 'Thanachart' Bank Strong Alliance Create a data protection shield.

Mr. Somjate Moosirilerd, CEO, THANACHART Bank, said to that banks are partnering with foreign partners. Technology Management and digital to prevent hacker hacking.

Our partners are expert. Innovation, and technology to help keep customers safe. To use digital financial transactions.

"The Block Chain Community will continue to monitor the progress of the National Bank," said Mr. Somjate.

Mr. Pongtawat Potekij, Director of Payment System Policy, Bank of Thailand, said that Block Chain is a very powerful technology. A transparent data retention center that can be traced back. And a safe system for users.

Now, the National Bank. It has cooperated with 18 banks to establish the Chain Chain Community to manage the information of the Bank in Thailand. This partnership. To average the investment in the establishment. To create a security system for users. In the online financial transactions with the Bank.

"In addition, the Bank of Thailand, want to make new technology happen? The villagers have used soon. The nation will grow faster, "said Mr.Pongtawat.

Nowadays, financial innovation in Thailand It is the leading in Asia such as Promt Pay, QR Code, especially QR Code has been accepted by retailers of SMEs more. And rapidly expanding throughout the country. Continue to apply for a loan through online. Users will have a lot more.

Mr. Pongtawat added that in Thailand there are 30 million mobile banking users. 0% fee. Many banks have more mobile banking users because of their convenience, speed, time and money.

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Mr. Somwang Toraktrakul, Managing Director of Krungsriayudhya Card Co., Ltd, reveals at the launch of its new branding campaign Krungsri Credit CardMake the Most of It at My Kitchen, Siam Discovery that The main objective for the rebrand of our credit card is to strengthen our presence in the market as a preferred card which our customers choose whenever they want to spend. Our targets are both existing cardholders who are working adults aged 35-45 and also those in the new generation segment aged 20 and over as we look to expand our client base. Despite the fact that we have 2 million accounts in our data base and offer a variety of products, the image in the eyes of our customers, however, is not very distinct. So we need to rebrand our card to ensure that our presence is strongly felt and that our image is more appealing by means of communicating the strong points of Krungsri Credit Card.

That is to say, we offer a variety of credit card products ranging from credit cards for premium segment, to the segment with specific lifestyle requirements, as well as co-branded cards which can fulfill different lifestyles demands. We also provide our customers with privileges and promotions that cater to their needs in daily life which cover dining, travel and shopping and other lifestyle demands, in a timely and practical manner. In other words, whatever lifestyle our customers want to pursue, they can Make the Most of It with Krungsri Credit Card.

The campaign aims to communicate to Krungsri Credit Cards target audience via 3 online commercials ( each of which conveys the ultimate lifestyle in different ways; the ultimate in giving, the ultimate in doing what you love and the ultimate in travel. This is to highlight the strong points of Krungsri Credit Card which can help customers fulfill their ultimate experiences of various lifestyles. The 3 commercials will be broadcast via digital media and social media as well as traditional and out-of-home media including newspapers and Krungsris marketing communication tools. Target groups include the new generation aged 20 and over as well as existing Krungsri customers. More information is available via and other social media channels of the company.

Aside from the branding communication campaign, the second half of this year sees Krungsri Credit Card become more proactive and aggressive in its marketing expansion with new products, promotions and services to create ultimate experiences which cater to the needs of each particular lifestyle of our customers. In terms of credit card products, there will be an upgrade of benefits and privileges for premium and mass categories to allow cardholders to use their cards easier and more conveniently and more in line with their demands. This is also to attract prospect customers who are inclined to use the cards that offer benefits and perks in accordance to their lifestyle. For instance, our Krungsri Exclusive Signature card offers upgraded privileges for those fond of luxury lifestyle while Krungsri JCB Platinum card provides cardholders who love travels and modern lifestyle activities with new cash back rewards for their dining both locally and internationally. New co-branded card will also be coming out in the last quarter. We are also planning to add more sale promotions by means of encouraging our customers to have a second credit card which best-suits their specific lifestyle. This will help us increase the number of new cards issued.As for promotions and services, we also plan to bring in new technologies to help improve what we offer on a constant basis. For example, our online service via UCHOOSE application is a main channel allowing cardholders to do various transactions including account updates as well as point and e-coupon redemptions so they can collect some discount or products at the points of sale. We will also launch our new Krungsri Credit Card chatbot service via Facebook Messenger in September to answer questions and provide users with real-time information and advice on our products, services and promotions 24 hours. We will combine Big Data, Machine Learning and Geolocation in our in-depth data analysis to help us offer marketing promotions to the right group of customers at the right time. We will also focus on creating attractive marketing promotions for dining, shopping and travel segments which are among top categories users pay via credit cards as we aim to encourage our cardholders to make their payments via Krungsri cards for their petrol, dining and shopping on a daily basis. We also offer more co-promotion campaigns with online stores in hope to increase the online spending via our cards. With additional value-added benefits which cater to different lifestyles of our customers and our fast and convenient services, we expect our client base to grow to 2.2 million accounts and their spending to grow by 10% at the end of this year, Mr. Somwang concludes.

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