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NEXT - GEN CAREERS By KTB, ready to lay the groundwork for future career.Leading Thai In order for Thai youths to participate in the event,  

Ms. Siriporn Noppawttanawong, Assistant Managing Director Group management Communication and Corporate Image, said to NEXT - GEN CAREERS By KTB, a professional career exhibition that delves into the future of the future 24 of the industry. Leading Thai In order for Thai youths to participate in the event, they have the opportunity to move forward with the future of the future. To inspire Thai youth to find and develop their own potential. Starting from myself. Understand their aptitude and ability, know how to choose, decide to plan for life, especially planning the education and progress to the decision to choose a career of their own aptitude and suitability. To keep pace with the changing world and technology. They can also make the right career choices in the right future, right trend and right way.

NEXT - GEN CAREERS NEXT - GEN CAREERS by KTB was held on July 15, 2016 at BCC Hall, 5th Floor, Central Ladprao Department Store. To encourage young people to have knowledge. Both adaptation Physical and intellectual development as well as recognition of future career trends. Including a vision of a career that is self-interested and capable enough to study. To be able to select the appropriate line. Also, the youth participating in the activity know what a career. And how do you actually work?

  Krung Thai Bank recognizes the importance of building a solid foundation for the country. Starting with the foundation of education for children and youth at all levels. At the same time, entering into the digital age 4.0 makes future career changes increasingly. And most of the Thai youth are attached to the mainstream of society. Especially the decision to choose the course will not take into account the ability, aptitude and true preference. And never study detailed information about the line of study chosen. You can not study until the end of the course or you can not bring your learning experience to work. This will lead to a failure to work or a career in the future.

  For NEXT - GEN CAREERS By KTB is divided into 3 zones: 1. Exhibition exhibits in-depth knowledge about 24 career trends, divided into 7 lines: 1. Engineering (Engineering): environmental engineer / scientist, data / nanotechnologist 2. Information technology: developer / developer, application / game developer 3. accounting & finance ) are financial advisors / auditors. 4. Medical (Dermatologist / Sports Scientist / Veterinary Technician) 5. Business Owner: Startup / Digital Entrepreneur / Intelligent Farmer 6. Design Augmented Reality Designer / Architect / Creative, and 7. Alternative Careers: Performance Trainers / Netizens / Fitness Trainers / Businessmen Supplements / Musicians It's North / Beauty Blogger's.

            The students registered to attend. In addition to finding the knowledge about the 24 career trends, you can also find guidance counselors who provide career guidance. There are also various activities. Interesting as many other famous gurus suggest to find their own potential. And share real work experience in each of the 8 lines from the senior in the various circles. This will give participants the knowledge they need to get back to the decisive point in planning their future, their future, and their careers.  

2. JOB TOUR activities will select 100 high school students to visit NEXT GEN CAREER by KTB to have the opportunity to visit the leading companies in the country. By divide the children into 4 groups: Sci / ENGINEERING line, Sci / IT line, Arts / Design line and Alternative career / Owner business owner.

  3. WORK SHOP WORKS After Krung Thai Bank recruited 100 high school students, they will be required to attend a two-day and one-night camp. The Bank provides accommodation and coaching programs for the children. Common potential For children who trained as a question. And self search Actual work.

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EXIM Thailand and TCG Launch Export Instant Credit Super Value

Mr. Pisit Serewiwattana, President of Export-Import Bank of Thailand ,EXIM Thailand , said that, to respond to the government policy of supporting SMEs who represent the majority of Thai entrepreneurs, i.e. more than 2.7 million SMEs at present, over 25,000 of whom have export potential. However, SME exporters are currently facing risks arising from both internal and external business circumstances, such as liquidity shortage, no access to funding sources, and foreign exchange fluctuations. In view of this, EXIM Thailand has developed a new credit facility, i.e. EXIM Instant Credit Super Value, as an extension from EXIM Instant Credit launched in 2016. EXIM Instant Credit Super Value is a pre- and post-shipment revolving credit facility rendered in conjunction with export bill discount service, in an amount of up to 2 million baht, and a forward contract facility in the value equal to the credit facility amount, at a first-year interest rate of 5% per annum and secured by only a personal guarantee and a letter of guarantee from TCG. The facility aims to help Thai SME exporters boost their liquidity and hedge foreign exchange risk amid the anticipated rebound in Thai export, which prompts several institutions to revise their export growth forecast upward to over 3.0%. EXIM Thailand President further said that the Bank has expanded its cooperation with relevant public and private entities both at home and overseas in a bid to prepare exporters, especially SMEs, for a successful international trade expansion. An engine to drive Thai export and overall economic growth, such expansion is fueled by several opportunities in 2017 as follows: 1. Global trade and economic recovery: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has forecast a global economic growth of 3.5%, a 3-year record high, and a global trade growth of 3.8%, higher than global GDP growth for the first time in three years. 2. Oil prices having bottomed out: This could benefit Thailand's export of oil-related goods which represent more than 13% of total export value. 3. Export of services has helped open up more opportunities for exports of goods. 4. Import of capital goods and raw materials as well as semi-finished goods for export-oriented manufacturing has expanded again after contraction for three straight years. This has signaled increasing confidence of entrepreneurs and exporters. "To compete in international trade, Thai SME exporters need to adopt both proactive and reactive strategies. Proactive ones include market research, manufacturing improvement, exploration of new markets and funding sources, while reactive ones are preparation to cope with trade and investment risks as well as foreign exchange volatility. EXIM Thailand has joined hands with business allies like TCG to provide Thai SME exporters with necessary advice, information and financial facilities on an integrated basis so that they are fully equipped to compete in the global trade arena. This is in line with the government policy to support industries that are new engines of growth (S-curve)," added Mr. Pisit.

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