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VISA Trends Point
Financial 'Digital'

VISA 'Reveals' 100 Great Cities Digital Finance Transactions Worldwide 'Digital' point of use The value of the economy has risen to Bt26 bn at a depth of 100. Big cities of the world  

Mr. Suripong Tantiyanont, Visa Manager In Thailand, as people move from rural to urban areas The city became a hub for electronic payments.This study is remarkable because it is the first time that net benefits associated with digital money have been considered at the city level. The research also shows that the switch to electronic payments.

It will benefit both the people, business and government, not just in big cities. Like Bangkok. But other cities like Phuket and Khon Kaen can benefit from this. For Bangkok Spending money Electronics in various forms. The economic growth of the country is expected to increase to around Bt26 bn. Consumers, businesses and the public sector will enjoy net benefits.Bt3bn and Bt10bn respectively Estimated net benefits come from factors such as time savings between business operations and financial transactions. Whether it is retail trading. Decrease in transportation costs sale income

Increasingly from a growing customer base both online and in-store. Increased tax revenue and economic growth. The cost savings in government procurement. And the number of crimes associated with that cash.Decrease, as well as many other factors.  

"With the amount of technology available today, as well as new technology options. Many in the payments arena are driving more and more electronic payments.The card we are familiar with. In the future, we will see a form of payment like a standard QR Code in stores, not just money transfers between accounts. But it can tie credit and debit cards.As a source of money as well as online trading with more every day. Consumers and businesses can have a variety of payment options. And to support the growth of the digital economy, too. "Mr. Suripong said.  

"Cashless Cities - The Benefits of Digital Payments" is a study conducted to study the net benefits that cities receive if they advance to the digital world. "Cash-free city at a level possible," as determined by The total population of cities moving to digital payments is 10% of digital users already in that city. This study does not focus on cash removal. But in return, trying to find. Net benefits and decrease in cost of business With significant digital payment increases.

The study has estimated short and long term benefits. To reduce the dependence on cash for three main groups, including consumers, business and government sectors, the results show. Seeing that these benefits can add up to $ 15.6 trillion (US $ 4.7 billion) in net benefits per year in 100 cities around the world, analysis has been made: Consumers in 100 major cities can receive The net benefit is almost 9.29 billion (28 billion US dollars) per year. This includes saving up to 3,200 million hours of transaction time through retail banking and retail banking.

Transport, including the reduction of cash-related crimes.Businesses in 100 cities can directly benefit more than 10.35 trillion baht ($ 31 billion) per year. Including time saving in processing.Over 3,100 million hours of paid-in and pay-as-you-go sales are due to the expansion of our online and in-store customer base. Research also found that accepting cash and checks. Increase business costsUp to 7.1 cents of every US dollar received. Compared to digital billing, which costs businesses just 5 cents of every dollar they earn. ? Governments in all 100 major cities can earn Direct benefits of about 4.3 trillion (US $ 130 billion) per annum. This impact will come from factors such as increased tax revenue. Increased economic growth Cost saving Increased efficiency in administration Criminal charges were reduced due to the reduction of crime related to cash.

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