Hot News: SEC Warns 'Share Players'
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SEC Warns 'Share Players'

SEC warns public on caution If he was persuaded to invest in the securities of Mandaray Sawasdee Public Company Limited, the company would not be allowed to sell securities to the public.

Mr.Rapee Sujaritkul, The executive of SEC. said The SEC has received information from Mandawee Tours Co., Ltd. (Mandawee Tours) and Web Sawadee Plc. (Web Sawadee). And the provinces At the seminar, there was a distribution of the documents with the subscription form of Mandadee Sawasdee Public Company Limited, claiming that the tour will be merged with Sawadee and will be renamed as Sawaddee Sawasdee. Public Company Limited (Mandawee Sawasdee) will be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

The above actions may be regarded as the solicitation and offer for sale of newly issued securities to the general public. Without the SEC's permission, if there is clear evidence, it will be an offense under Section 32 or Section 33 of the Securities and Exchange Act BE 2535, which is liable to penalty. Section 268 of the same Act is punishable by imprisonment not exceeding 2 years or a fine not exceeding twice the selling price of all securities offered for sale. But not less than 500,000 baht or both.

The SEC warns investors to exercise caution. If he was persuaded to invest in the securities of Mandabilvit Sawasdee since that company was not allowed to offer securities to the public. Investors should also check that solicitors are authorized to offer securities from the SEC.

You can check the list of persons authorized to offer securities to the public at And if you would like to report a potential solicitation, please contact the SEC Help Center at 1207

In addition, the SEC has instructed the relevant persons to stop soliciting and offering securities and prohibiting the subscription of securities from the public. And in the meantime to clarify the facts for further consideration of the SEC.

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