Hot News: World Economic Slowdown 'Warning' 'Export - Travel' Speed Adaptation
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World Economic Slowdown 'Warning'
'Export - Travel' Speed Adaptation

TMB Analytics, KBank, KKP 'point out' global economic slowdown next year,exports will grow by 3.6-3.8%. Introduces 'Innovative' technology fight the world fluctuations.

Mr.Naris Sathapendeja, Head of TMB Analytics, TMB Bank, revealed to the global economic outlook And the Thai economy slowed. The result of the war between China and the United States. Trade barriers As a result, some sectors did not grow, such as exports of vehicles, agricultural products and tourism.

Especially tourist a few months ago. Tourist arrivals down from China Due to the impact of the trade war between China and the United States. The tourists do not dare to travel abroad.

Ms. Peerapan Suwannarat, senior economist and market researcher KASIKORNBANK said that the economy will continue to slow down next year. Impact of US trade barriers Financially rigorous Liquidity decreases The global economy is expected to grow 3.6% this year, down from 3.8% this year. Exports are likely to slow. Countries in Asia-Pacific, Japan, China were hit very seriously.

"Travel 18% of trade value. Next year, tourism will be worse, "said Ms. Peerapan.

Ms. Warathorn Pohtong, senior economist and market research specialist KASIKORNBANK said investors are concerned about risk assets early next year, the baht will appreciate. Due to global risks and global economic slowdown. Pressuring the baht to adjust up. But Thailand has less impact than other countries. Like the rupee Rupees of India There is a sharp decline in the currency.

"An overview of emerging markets in Thailand is also growing and stable. Money account surplus First quarter of next year The National Bank will raise interest rates. Capital will flow back to Thailand again, "said Ms. Warathorn.

Dr. Phiphat Luangnaruemitchai, Assistant Managing Director and Head of Consumer Research KKP, said that Thailand will go on While the population is decreasing in the future, so the growth of the whole country is not growing. If we look at the country as a machine that put raw materials into labor with capital machinery.This will be less raw material. Because of this, the working age population will decrease. If we work the same way. Performance of traditional engines The growth will continue to deteriorate.Part of the raw materials to put less. And then there is another quality issue. How can we do it more effectively? It must reduce the role of the state. And make use of More valuable resources.

"The challenge of the Thai economy is technology. Both the business model and the economic development model, but the question is, we have the resources. We are ready in terms of Institutions in terms of quality of people. Is it enough or not, "said Dr. Phipat.

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