Hot News: BAAC launch New Product // KBank repositions K PLUS to Lifestyle Platform
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BAAC launch
New Product

BAAC launch Deposit 2 million rich agricultural products ", 600 million units per unit, 100 baht will win the first prize up to 10 million baht.

Mr. Apirom Sukprasert,President of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) revealed that BOT has opened a savings lottery. 600 million units of 600 million units of agricultural agribusiness, 100 baht per unit, totaling 60,000 million baht to promote saving for the people. To meet the needs of customers who buy savings lottery Bldg. 1, which is due from January to June 2018 to be able to save money with savings lottery. Bank of Thailand has continued. Starting from February 19, 2061 onwards, all branches of the Bank of Ayudhya nationwide have a 3-year lottery. There are 36 prizes to be won every month, the first of which will be on March 16, 2018.

Lottery There are 1 prize, 1 prize, 10,000,000 baht, 1 prize, 59 categories, 20,000 baht each, second prize, 180 prizes, 10,000 baht prize. The third prize is 600 prizes. 5,000 won, 4 prizes, 1,200 awards, 2,000 baht each, 5 prizes, 6,000 prizes, 1,000 baht each, 4 prizes, 60,000 prizes, 90 baht each.

There are 1,200,000 prizes worth 45 baht each. The prizes are 1,268,040 prizes. The prizes are 83,780,000 baht. When depositing 3 years, depositors will receive 0.75 baht per annum or 0.25% per annum. 3 months will be deducted the withdrawal fee of 2 baht per unit and those who withdraw before the due date will not receive interest.

Check out the results on the Bank's website. The AM891 kHz frequency radio receiver Broadcast live awards via BAAC Appication and through You can check the prize by phone number 1900190198 and number 1900222299 or by mobile phone network by dialing * 499222. The rich agricultural series 2 from February 19, 2018 to April 30, 2018, with a pair of savings accounts. A-Mobile Bancassurance was launched in May 2018, with a total of 18 winners.

You can contact us for more information about the lottery coupon savings of agricultural wealth series 2 at or at all branches near the bank. You "deposit 100 win 10 million won the prize to 1 to 36 times to create stability. Fortune To the farmer and yourself. "

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KBank repositions K PLUS to Lifestyle Platform

Mr. Patchara Samalapa, KBank Senior Executive Vice President, said the goal of K PLUS is to offer to its individual customers and retail merchants an experience of seamless service usage. With this commitment, KBank has engaged in digital technology development to upgrade its service potential via the use of Big Data to analyze business issues and streamline the back-office processes. Important tasks included data analyses, efficiency enhancement of risk management, and improvement of personal and business credit extension, in order to satisfy the desires of each customer segment.K PLUS is now the most preferred application, with 3 billion transactions a year, 6.3 trillion Baht of transaction value and 7.5 million users, 80 percent of them being regular users. KBank has repositioned K PLUS to become a Lifestyle Platform that offers all lifestyle solutions for all customers, while satisfying retail clients requirements and creating new opportunities for small businesses. With linkage to K PLUS SHOP, four novel functions were introduced in the first quarter of 2018:

1) Quick Pay with which the customers can make quicker payments to the merchants without the need to log in to the system, but just to scan QR code of the merchants using K PLUS SHOP. Currently, there are some 1.3 million transactions made via QR code, valued at 811 million Baht.

2) Shopping on K PLUS will be introduced in March. It is the first e-market place in Thailand where the customers can select a diverse range of goods on K PLUS, including agricultural produce from the Pruanfun project and farmer groups across the country, as well as products from small retailers and SMEs, plus other merchandises from KBanks business partners. K PLUS users will also have access to digital content news and information about numerous consumer products. KBank is targeting to feature more than 30 million products via K PLUS, with the total turnover made via this e-market place of over 600 million Baht within one year of the introduction.

3) K-Personal Loan service via K PLUS: KBank uses the interest rate calculation system that takes into consideration risk factors of each individual customer to customize and offer loan products via K PLUS application. KBank has now started testing the system with a group of pre-qualified customers with appropriate creditworthiness. The customers can enter the amounts that they want to borrow, and the system will show their credit limits. After the customers click to receive loans, the funds will be wired to their accounts immediately. 4) Regarding the participating stores, there are 800,000 merchants using K PLUS SHOP with 1.4 million transaction items, totaling 1.1 billion Baht. Aiming to increase the number of participating merchants to 1 million by the end of this year, KBank focuses on familiarizing customers with QR Code payment and tapping into the segment of small businesses which sell daily essential goods or services, such as restaurants, clothes stores and travel service providers. KBank has recently developed Social Payment function to enable the sellers to receive payments instantly from their customers via social media platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, LINE and WhatsApp. The merchants simply send their QR Code bills, so that the customers can pay for goods and services via K PLUS or other mobile banking application of any commercial bank.

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