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"KILORUN 2018":

"Index Creative Village" - "Thailand AirAsia Thailand and AirAsia X," banquet "KILORUN 2018": THE RUNNING FESTIVAL OF FOOD | FUN | FRIENDS | FAMILY 7 stores in Bangkok.

Mr.Kriengkrai Kanjanapokin, founder and CEO of Index Creative Village Public Company Limited () Index Creative Village announced that it has partnered with the organizers "KILORUN 2018": THE. RUNNING FESTIVAL oF FOOD | FUN | FRIENDS | FAMILY route KILORUN BANGKOK: Bangkok route Milan City Hall - around Rattanakosin Island from 24-25 March 2018, organized this activity patterns match a Category 2. Guide type KG (kilograms) or "I eat a kilo run" the ultimate collection delicious flavors to 7 fully equipped restaurant menu follows the same work. By simulating the restaurant atmosphere of the legendary owner, the participants can choose to walk. Chill out all the way through the tourist attractions (Iconic attractions).

Starting at the City Hall, Bangkok City Hall - heading to Rattanakosin Island. It is surrounded by historic landmarks that are home to the Grand Palace and the City Pillar Shrine. Including temples. Whether Wat Pho, or Wat Pho, Wat Suthat Thep Wara Ram Jed states that have eaten all the seven stores a day. The signature dishes of Thailand are: "Go Conghee Sae Ki" is an ancient coffee shop opened since 1952, which guarantees delicious and unique. A variety of breakfast menus. Eggs, breakfast pans, served with hot stuffed buns. Or select American Express. Have a cup of tea or fresh coffee. There are also a variety of menus to choose from.

The next menu with the hit "Blue. Plai Betong ", which has been in operation for more than 22 years, introduced the formula of Betong chicken rice to improve the taste of Batong chicken rice, ranked 1 in the minds of Bangkok people and must not miss the check in. "Fried Vegetables Recipe 40 years" (branch of the Tiger), restaurants, trendy check-in with the recipe of the sauce served with tender pork and a cohesive force fit delicious and impressive destinations Thailand and abroad. To maintain the standard of deliciousness to the present. Standard of taste, delicious, everyone.

"Rich Nutrition" is the culinary specialties and unique dishes of "Pork Rice" and "Fresh Spring Rolls" that inherited the formula from generation to generation. Traditional taste is good. Err Urban Rustic Thai is a trendy restaurant with over 80 years experience. Comes with distinctive Thai fusion cuisine. Create every menu in the style of "Y" in the selection of quality ingredients. Especially menus such as fried chicken with fish sauce with Sriracha, pork ribs, Yaowarat BBQ and Pork Pork with Orange City (Nham).

The dessert menu at the deep-frozen ice cream "Nathaporn", ice cream, fresh coconut milk turned over 70 years to preserve the taste of authentic Thai ice cream. Soft ice cream tongue Comes with a unique Thai identity, such as red bean, soybean, peanut, corn, millet, millet, etc.

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Fresh Spring Rolls!

By Nuckchim

"Udompochan" is a famous restaurant. It offers a great menu and a unique dish of the shop.

Highlights menu. "Red Pork Rice" and "Fresh Spring Rolls" Rice Pork Ribs Curry Stew - Noodles Inheritance formulas from generation to generation. Traditional taste is good.

Cooking and the menu. They use quality raw materials. Let's have a taste of this restaurant every day.

At Udom Suksa Located at the crossroads of Bangkok, the restaurant has a myth of over 83 years.

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