Hot News: TAT Promote 'Peetakhon' Loei
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TAT Promote
'Peetakhon' Loei

TAT invited to visit Amphoe Dan Sai, Loei Province Learn the culture, beliefs, rituals of local people. National Merit.

Mr. Kiatpong Khochwong, Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Lopburi Office, revealed that the TAT invited people who are interested in the merit and the tradition.The ceremony is part of the "merit ceremony", the annual merit of the local, including the "merit bad" (four months) and the "fireball" (Healt.Six months) into the same merit. Boon Luang is a great merit. The merit is a merit that is held to listen to the sermon 13 chants that are believed to be listening.

The result is that the Sritat Methitri in the next. The fireworks are a blessing ceremony held to worship the city. And it is traditionally a parade for rain. Seasonal need This year there are main activities. In the festival of Phi Ta Khon, including the ceremony to pick up the equipment, the procession Phi Ta Khon, parade Goddess Kuan - her goddess. And my father,Invitation of Venerable Phra Dusit, the ceremony of leaving ghost mask Khon naked. The parade of 13 chapels, these parades represent the idea of faith.The long-standing heritage.

"The highlight of the job is Attendees will wear Khon mask, which is decorated with beautiful patterns. While walking in the procession, there is a dance to be performed.Musical rhythms make fun with collaborators. And for this year Visitors will find the International Mask Festival. It has participants from many countries. And light showThe sound is great. The color of the festival to Phi Phi Khon. For tourists to visit. At Wat Si The Thorn TreeJune 30 - July 1, 2018 and at Wat Pho Si Banna Wiang Yai It is a procession of phantom eyes at night (night fancy party ghost phantom).It was held on 6-8 July 2018, "said Mr.Kiat pong.

In addition to the ghost festival Khon Ta Khon. Visitors can also travel to other destinations, such as in Dan Sai district, there are "Ghost Museum Khon Ta Khon "is a place to store and exhibit history, traditions and customs. The local inheritance. And within the museum.

There are two kinds of ghost puppets, Khon Ta Khon and Khon Ta Khon. The demonstration of the ghost mask Khon Khon.The next attraction is. "The relics of Sri two love" white brick masonry. Made with the elephant art. According to legend. Created to witnessThe friendship between Thailand and Laos. By the Emperor of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya.

And Lord Chai Chetthathirat of Sri Sattah Naga Nut together create relics and set up that will help. And do not intrude on each other forever. While Thai and Lao brothers believe that.Who has come to pay homage to the relics of Sri two love and blessings in the field of love and friendship. Will meet with satisfaction and have a lasting relationship.

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Thien Duong Food

By Nuckchim

Considered as one of the outstanding Vietnamese restaurants in Thailand serving authentic dishes, Thien Duong at Dusit Thani Bangkok.

Healthy food lovers will be in for a treat when Chef Bui Van Dam flying in from Ho Chi Minh, presents the original interpretation of the dishes on offer at the promotion of which some if not all, maybe familiar to the gourmands. Utilizing high quality ingredients to bring out the best in each dish and accentuating its authentic taste and flavor, diners will take pleasure in this dining experience with Vietnamese entertainments and art exhibition. This week-long food promotion promises a satisfying and enjoyable night at the elegant surroundings of Thien Duong which literally means paradise in Vietnamese.

It is organizing a week-long celebration of Vietnamese dishes starting from July 16 until July 22, 2018 in conjunction with the Embassy of Vietnam and Vietjet Airlines.

A la carte dishes on offer at noon and dinner time with wines of your choice available for pairing. Book now to avoid disappointment by calling 02-200-9000 ext. 2199.

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