Hot News: TCEB Aim MICE Innovation 2019
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Innovation 2019

TCEB is moving MICE forward in 2019 by using MICE Inovation, activities to enhance the country's economy and distribute income and knowledge to the communities.

Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, TCEB's President, said to In the next year we aim MICE innovtion.Thailand is a hub of MICE business in Southeast Asia connecting to ASEAN and CLMV markets. The Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) will help enhance the competitiveness of MICE industry in the global arena. According to the strategic plan for 2019 fiscal year, the TCEB set 3 key goals:

(1) To generate revenue and develop the economy with an emphasis on earning revenue from MICE events to boost the national economy. Asian MICE remains the key MICE market while Europe, United States and Oceania are the second-tier market. The TCEB will support event bidding with a focus on regional and international events especially those in the targeted industries following the government's 4.0 policy, namely next-generation automotive, smart electronics, high-income tourism and medical tourism, efficient agriculture and biotechnology, food innovation, robotics, aerospace and logistics, biofuels and biochemicals, medical and healthcare, and digital. In addition, the bureau will organize road shows, sales missions, one-on-one meetings and familiarization trips, upgrade mega events, develop the Thai quality MICE brand in both the domestic and international markets as well as manage digital media to promote sales and image of Thailand's MICE.

(2) To develop the country with innovations. The TCEB continuously supports entrepreneurs to receive ISO and Thailand MICE Venue Standard while development of personnel capabilities is promoted through international MICE programs and sustainable MICE management. The bureau has developed a digital service and supported the organizers in adopting digital technology for the events. Moreover, the bureau is studying the setting up of a One-Stop Service for the MICE industry. Finally, organizational efficiency will be developed comparable to the international system.

(3) To distribute income and prosperity. The TCEB will upgrade events in MICE Cities, and promote marketing activities along with road shows in CLMV (Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar, Vietnam)/GMS (Greater Mekong Sub-region) and SEZ (Special Economic Zone). The bureau promotes domestic MICE events by supporting the meetings and exhibitions in major cities and secondary cities, EEC areas and other potential cities which are capable of accommodating MICE events. In addition, the bureau is developing a database of the MICE industry in 3 regions as information for the study and those interested.

Highlight domestic and international MICE events in 2019 fiscal year include: World Jasmine Rice Festival in Roi Et between 23-25 November 2018 Isaan Technology Expo in Nakhon Ratchasima between 20-24 December 2018, the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence. Future Energy Asia 2018 between 12-14 December 2018 SITE Global Conference between 11-13 January 2018 IEE PES T&D (Transmission & Distribution) 2019 (Energy) between 19-23 March 2019, the first international conference and exhibition about electrical and energy sector to be held in the Asia-Pacific Region. Pro-AV (The Professional Audio Visual), the global audio visual systems or InfoComm Southeast Asia 2019 held between 15-17 May 2019. 86th UFI Global Congress 2019 between 6-9 November 2019, the largest exhibition industry trade show.

In addition, the TCEB is placing great emphasis on co-creation or integration with associations, government agencies and various organizations. This would change the TCEB's role from marketing supporter to facilitator, developer, a leader of creative ideas and business partner in parallel with the development of standards and innovations, as well as supporting MICE operators to increase competitiveness. In addition to maintaining existing strategic partners, the bureau will identify new partners in line with Thailand's MICE industry development strategy based on the global brand campaign "Thailand: Redefine Your Business Events".

"According to the overall operating plan, the TCEB expects that Thailand will welcome a total of 35,982,000 MICE travelers, contributing revenue of about 221.5 billion to the country. Among them are 1,320,000 international MICE visitors, generating revenue of 100.5 billion and 34,662,000 domestic MICE visitors, earning revenue of 121 billion, Mr.Chiruit said

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'Roti Sweet Green Curry' at Kulpaprapak Silom

By Nuckchim

Kalapapruek Silom Restaurant is a distinctive, green environment with green trees. The seats are either outdoor or indoors.

The audience avoids the heat of sunlight. There are 3 floors to choose from. For adults who do not want to walk up the stairs. Mostly eat at the ground floor.

There is plenty to choose from. But employees say that. "The menu that customers like to order is Roti Green Curry", but some people may not like food cooked with coconut milk. I may choose another menu, such as salmon, fried pork, lamb chili with vegetables. Spicy squid stuffed with tomatoes or yams.

The drink is available in a variety of water, lime, lemon, lemon juice, okra, coconut water or water for health lovers.

Kalapapruek Silom Restaurant.

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