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'Invite' to visit

MACAO Mak Makes 'A Little' Theeradej 'Invites' Thais To Eat To Worship During The Late Winter Rain Macao, East Meets West, The Land Of Two Culture

Ms. Uracha Chaktaranon, General Manager, Macau Travel Thailand announces,This campaign was organized by MACAO Mak Mak (Macau), which is a lucky bird symbol. To fly to Macau. Only once a year To invite tourists to Thailand.

Travel to Macau During the upcoming tourist season. Macau Travel This event is organized.In addition, UNESCO has provided Macau with a City of Gastronomy. Macau is not only entertaining.

A mix of Eastern and Western architecture and attractions suitable for all age groups. And Macau only takes 2.45 hours to travel.Suitable for people looking for short trips.

"The concept of the event is very much Macau, which will meet and touch the event booth is very tasty, very good value, very beautiful and very fun.Start with the very delicious with a sweet Macau egg tart, it is very good value. The package is full of pro fire of the year. Then come together. It's very fun to be having fun with Virtual reality, "said the general manager.

One more highlight This is a new tour that is (VR) on Sky Walk 360 degree panoramic view at the highest peak in Macau. And pretty much go to watch. 3D Mapping special to see the beauty of Macao floats through the table.

She said that he had visited Macau several times. The city of Macau is fascinated by the architecture of the world heritage.Also, there is a plan to go to Macau again. And when it comes to Macau, what is considered the highlight of Macau is that. This is a blessing to the goddess of this young.

It's a whisper. Bless Health and love stories and looks.Traveling to Macau and facebook

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Broccoli Bevoltion, Embassy

By Nuckchim

Vegetarian festival, signature menu.

Vegetables cradits with cashew miso dip, avocado brunch etta with assorted toppices.

Organic cold-presses juice.

Broccoli Bevoltion, Central Embassy, level 6, Vegan Cafe'.

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