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Flying War
TG loss Income

TG revealed after rising oil prices fierce business competition TG loss baht 2,807 million, 52.4% higher than last year's figure of baht 965 million.

Mrs. Usanee Saengsiewkaew, Acting President of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, revealed that TG and its subsidiaries reported a net loss of Baht 3,098 million, a decrease of 40.7% from the same period of last year. THAI and its subsidiaries reported operating loss of Bt2,807mn, 52.4% higher than last year, or Bt965mn, due to lower operating expenses.

Total revenues were Baht 47,239 million, an increase of Baht 2,057 million or 4.6% from the same period last year. Total expenses were Baht 50,046 million, an increase of 6.4% or Baht 3,022 million.

The main reason was that oil prices increased by Baht 1,873 million or 15.3% due to an increase in average oil price by 36.5%. Other expenses increased by Baht 1,158 million or 3.4% Aircraft rental and spare parts increased. Including loss from impairment of assets and aircraft in the amount of Baht 257 million and loss on foreign exchange of Baht 431 million mainly from the book value.

"Q2 is off season. Competition in the aviation industry is still intense. With the rising oil prices. THAI and the Company Operating loss was Bt2,807mn, 52.4% higher than last year's Bt965mn, "said Ueda.

First half earnings Thai Airways International and its subsidiaries also recorded operating profit of Baht 1,028 million, up 41.8% from the previous year and a net loss of Baht 381 million, down 82.9% from the same period of last year.

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THAI Smile Airways extends its presence in China

Mr. Chatchai Panyoo, Acting Chief Executive Officer, THAI Smile Airways Co Ltd, stated that on behalf of THAI Smile Airways, a wholly owned subsidiary of the national flag carrier Thai Airways, we proudly present The CITS as our General Sales Agent (GSA) in China. China and Thailand are major Asia-Pacific countries, which are, at the same time, close neighbors and friends. A huge number of Chinese people love to travel to Thailand and their purposes of travel cover both for pleasure and business. And this appointment is aimed at handling the airlines sales development, bookings and ticketing services within China as well as conduct direct marketing and service support to travel agents in China.By appointing The CITS, THAI Smile aims at creating awareness of its products and services in China through strengthening relations with existing travel partners and forging new strategic partnerships with specialized operators in a number of various segments. It is because travel agents are the important channel for us, particularly in expanding our business in China. Not only they can help us access to our target customers, but also help communicate in a traditional way.

THAI Smile will definitely provide full service with the same standards as THAI Airways does. Excellent customer experience is one of its key strategies. The airline offers excellent services in every touch point, ranging from reservation, check in, to In-flight service that shall help extend new customer base and increase market share in China. Passengers can enjoy the comfort in the new Airbus A320-200, which offers smooth and safe travel, as well as excellent service from its attendants, who are committed to providing a warm heartfelt Thai hospitality. Furthermore, passengers shall experience the best in-flight meals of world-renowned Thai food and fruits like Mango, and Pad Thai to make sure that your exotic journey beings as soon as you step onto our inflight experience.

Mr.Xue XiaoGang , President, The CITS, stated that The CITS is very pleased and excited to be associated with THAI Smile Airways as their GSA in China. THAI Smile is a young and vibrant airline and a subsidiary of Thai Airways, which is a very well-known brand in China among travelers. We are also honored to have been selected by an ambitious, reliable and dynamic carrier like THAI Smile to consolidate its brand in the China market and to increase sales through targeted, effective, and proactive actions. We definitely look forward to a great working association with THAI Smile and are very optimistic of making their operations a big success.

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Delicious, Soup Yuapai

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