Hot News: Thai MICE business 'Boom' China 'hits' travel
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Thai MICE business 'Boom'
China 'hits' travel

TCEB 'reveals' Thailand MICE destination Over 6,653,524 local and international MICE travelers, 'Shovel', earning over 42,525 million baht International MICE, International Events Business Group expanded 'China', the leader of travelers in Thailand, the highest

Mr. Chirut Isarangkun Na Ayudhya, Director of TCEB or TCEB, revealed that the international MICE market numbers in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2019 (Oct-Dec 2018), the number of group travelers MICE travels to Thailand 241,407 cases, accounting for 2.48 percent of the total number of foreign tourists traveling to Thailand in the first quarter of fiscal year 2019, generating revenue for Thailand as a whole. 18,031 million baht The highest cost of the top 3 is accommodation, food and drinks. And the purchase of goods and souvenirs

The business group that has a number of international travelers is expanding. Interesting is the international exhibition. Exhibitions grew by 60.66 percent as a result of both external factors. The global economic situation is likely to expand well. And the confidence of MICE travelers is still good due to the accelerated marketing of government agencies and private travel stimulus measures. Fee exemption measures Visa on Arrival, effective on 15 November Which has been conducive to traveling to Thailand of major target groups such as China, India, Malaysia, etc., including the atmosphere in the country that is conducive to Traveling, opening more routes from ASEAN countries to Thailand, and the ability to manage the airlines and airports that result in major airports to better accommodate travelers. According to the data, it is found that the top 5 international MICE travelers are business travelers from Asia, including 85,498, Laos, 29,547, Malaysia 21,352, Indonesia 21,051, and Japan 19,205, which MICE travelers from Asia are important. Or the highest proportion of all types of international MICE activities organized in Thailand. The main reason is the travel world trend. Short-region Neighboring countries spend less time traveling to Thailand than other countries in the region and government measures to promote sales, such as the cancellation of visa fees.

There are a total of 275 international MICE events in Thailand, classified as Meetings, 37 Events, Incentives or Travel Incentives 153 International Meetings. (Conventions) 16 fairs and fairs (Exhibitions) 19 events by organizing an event for the employees of the organization The maximum number of jobs is more than half of all events. Regarding the popularity of MICE activities in foreign countries in Thailand, the central region is the most important place for all types of international MICE events. With an event of 82.18 percent, especially in Bangkok And Pattaya Chonburi province Because the convention center Hotels for meetings or exhibitions or exhibitions that are large and have complete facilities and meet international standards. Which many have been certified. Thailand MICE Venue Standard (TMVS) has many size meeting rooms suitable for meetings of all sizes and levels. Including travel convenience As well as recreational activities after completing the meeting mission Followed by the southern region With a proportion of 9.09% and the northern region 6.18%

In the domestic MICE market There are 6,412,117 MICE travelers in the country traveling in the first quarter, generating 24,494 million baht in revenue, with the highest number of MICE travelers in the country, respectively, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket and Khon Kaen.

Mr. Jirut said that the outstanding results in marketing promotion and MICE business development in accordance with the government policy in the first quarter under the 3 main strategic goals are as follows. Such as supporting the event And auction of 119 event support / subsidy and bidding rights in Thailand, supporting outstanding work such as the Seminar of InSentiff Group, China 2018Sunhope Thailand, Incentive Group, leading Chinese direct salesmen Over 10,000 people attended the BNI Global Convention 2018, with over 4,000 members from around the world. Over the past 30 years, this conference has been held in America. But Thailand was chosen to host the first country Because of the potential of the country and Thai businessmen Including the exhibition of technology and energy conferences for the future of Asia, Future Energy Asia 2018 with over 8,000 participants.

Income distribution to the region, such as support for organizing events, raising the level of jobs and creating jobs in Thailand (Event Support / Subsidy and New Event) in total of 9 jobs, such as supporting the 33rd obstetrics-gynecology conference and the Annual General Meeting of 2018 of the Royal College of Obstetricians of Thailand, Chonburi Province. "Doi Tung Colors" to determine the location of MICE CITY STRATEGY in Chiang Rai as a learning management service excellence Royal Project Center of the North And the creation of a new product exhibition, RICE World Hom Mali Rice 2018, Roi Et Province, including the expansion of the domestic MICE market and expanding markets in the Greater Mekong Sub-region countries (GMS / CLMV / SEZ) 8 jobs, such as a seminar held by the Prudential Insurance Company Vietnam And organizing a seminar for producers of Armo Fertilizer products in Myanmar, etc. The development of the MICE industry with innovations, such as organizing the 7th ASEAN venue standard meeting, with representatives from ASEAN members participating in 7 countries Organize information and innovation seminars, MICE Intelligence and Innovation Conference, create knowledge and exchange knowledge and innovation, MICE and facilitation City of MICE travelers to Thailand amounted to 45 jobs (MICE Lane) and so on.

Continuing plans for this year Taseb continues to drive the MICE business according to the government's 20-year strategy that is consistent with the implementation of 2 strategies, namely Strategy 2: Creating competitive capability And Strategy 6 in the balance and development of the public administration system Focusing on the people as an integrated and transparent MICE management center with a national strategy as the goal and linking the development of MICE at all levels, distributing MICE to all regions in the area, strategically planning areas in the main city of MICE. City (Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen) and MICE distribution to secondary cities throughout the country Ready to answer 8 Highlights MICE projects reach all target groups including

1. Develop 25 MICE routes in 5 MICE cities And distributed to secondary cities in 5 cities, including development of at least 50 MICE routes, together with the International Meeting Promotion Association (Thai), DASTA and operators of venues throughout the country

2. Develop MICE education throughout the country Under the MICE Education Network project Together with the main educational institutions in 5 regions, namely Khon Kaen University, Chiang Mai University, Silpakorn University, Prince of Songkla University and Dusit Thani College

3. Develop the model and main MICE City 5 city plan together with the province. Government agencies And private entrepreneurs

4. MICE projects for the community Together with the Cooperative Promotion Department Expand cooperation with cooperatives from 30 locations to 100 locations. Encourage cooperatives to be a meeting place for seminars. And as a center to link the public and private organizations to join the MICE activities to create income distribution for the community

5. Regional MICE Promotion Program Together with educational institutions of high-level executives from all sectors, alliances from government, private and social enterprises As well as the university network.

6. Marketing promotion project to increase the number of MICE jobs under the target industry. 10 government industries Together with the public and private sectors Including Thai MICE business team, both domestic and international, such as embassies, TAT, Confederation of Airlines Chamber of Commerce Association, such as Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, etc.

7. Intelligent and innovative MICE data development project Together with the public and private sectors such as the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) or NIA and the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, etc.

8. Project to listen to the promotion of MICE business with virtue and transparency of TCEB. Together with the private sector MICE business

"The implementation plan and main project in 2019 penetrate all target groups in all areas throughout the region of Taseb. It is expected that this year, Thailand will have the opportunity to welcome MICE travelers. A total of about 35,982,000 people and able to generate revenue for the country is approximately 221,500 million baht. Divided by foreign MICE travelers, approximately 1,320,000 people, generating revenue for the country is 100,500 million baht. MICE travelers in the country approximately 34,662,000 people can. Make money for the country 121,000 million baht, "said Mr.Jirut.

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