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Hot News: Amazing Thailand Health Wellness Showcase 2017 // Where the best of two worlds tickle your senses in s-thai-lish flair
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Amazing Thailand Health
Wellness Showcase 2017

Amazing Thailand Health and Wellness Showcase 2017 Thailand a Paradise for Longevity The market grows every year.

Mr. Noppadon Packpot, Deputy Governor of Tourism and Business Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) revealed that Thailand has the highest potential for health tourism in Asia. With the number of JCI-accredited hospitals in the world, 58 hospitals are the most in the Southeast region. And in addition to the general medical services we provide. Thailand is also the only Asian country with a specialized hospital for Functional & Regenerative Medicine, a medical specialty of the century. Focus on Preventive & Holistic Approach (Preventive & Holistic Approach) Goal to Promote Longevity (Longevity) The health trend is gaining popularity around the world. Hospitals in this area include BBH (Better Being Hospital) and Jasmine Interdisciplinary Hospital. In addition, Thailand is also the hub of the region's anti-aging, anti-aging, or anti-aging services. We have a medical doctor for aging. Certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Certified 500 people, most in Asia.

Recently, the government has added measures to promote health tourism policy. By extension, 90 days of stay in the Kingdom of Thailand for CLMV and People's Republic of China. To facilitate the medical treatment in Thailand. It also extends the 10-year long stay visa to foreigners from 14 countries including Japan, Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland. United Kingdom, Canada and United States. Both measures will help promote Thailand's global health hub to become more internationally recognized.

This year, TAT has been held for the fourth time. In this year, TAT has selected 44 Thai hospitals and clinics, including General Hospital, An Antique Clinic, Surgery and Beauty Center Dental center Advanced Health Checkup Lab Health spa Senior resort To showcase the potential of innovative health tourism products. Available in thailand Reaffirms Thailand's image as a global hub for global health tourism. The event will feature briefings. Thai Readiness Potential for Functional & Regenerative Medicine or Somtaya Medical Medicine The highlight of the event is the business negotiation meeting between the Thai health care service providers (Sellers) and the sales representatives of health-care providers (Buyers) from around the world. 123 from 30 countries around the world, such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Bel Australia, New Zealand, Estonia, France, Latvia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Iran, Bangladesh etc.

Mrs. Jittima Uthaichalerm, Director of Royal Orchid Plus Business, THAI Sponsors the event. "Health and Wellness Tourist (Health and Wellness Tour) is a big market with high purchasing power. Through Royal Orchid Plus, THAI has organized activities for the provision of health and beauty services as a program of privileges granted to Royal Orchid Plus cardholders. Which is well received by cardholders. This confirms the demand of this market. THAI has joined forces to promote and sell health and beauty programs. Of entrepreneurs in this work. He invited the Royal Orchid Plus Platinum Members to join in today's event to buy premium health and beauty packages at the event. And Royal Orchid Plus will launch an online marketing campaign to sell health and beauty packages. Via website And various online channels. Of Royal Orchid Plus, Thai Airways, by Royal Orchid Plus members will be able to participate in the promotion and promotion of premium health and beauty programs.

Amazing Thailand Health and Wellness Showcase 2017 this year will help generate income for entrepreneurs, 500 million, up 30% from last year's event.

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Where the best of two worlds tickle your senses in s-thai-lish flair

As part of our continuous journey to define extensively what is Thai Heritage and as a pioneer of Thai hospitality, Dusit Thani Bangkok is immensely proud to invite you to two exceptional evenings where we have asked two wonderful but humble minds, Chef Chalong Sakkapalangkul from Dusit Hotels in Chiang Mai who has more knowledge on flavors, ingredients, cooking styles throughout his peregrinations from the United States, to Europe, the Mediterranean and passing through China, Japan and the Pacific and Viravat Cholvanich from Village Farm Winery who is pursuing a lifelong dream in achieving to bring to the Kingdom of Thailand a wine of the finest quality.

They are perpetual scholars in their own specialty to come together and create for you a perfect marriage of Northern Thai cuisine and delicate wines from Korat on 24-25 August 2017 at Champagnes Bar and 22 Kitchen & Bar. They have put together a menu where Northern inspired dishes such as spicy duck sausage or slow-cooked lamb shank in hin lay curry marry perfectly with outstanding boutique wines such as Village Cellar Syrah or Chenin blanc, or Ch?teau des Brumes Le Prestige 2013 or Ch?teau des Brumes La Fleur 2006.

24 August 2017: North Thai Bites Live Stations such as Hand cut yellowfin tuna fish finished with kaffir lime essence and coconut lime fish sauce, Slow-cooked brisse chicken in Northern Thai curry, Roasted Australian striploin wagyu beef clothed with hinlay spice, and more with Wine Pairing at Champagnes Bar at THB 1,500++ per person. Dusit Gold members at THB 1,200++ per person 25 August 2017: Village Farm Wine Maker Dinner 6 Course Set Dinner such as Seared Hokkaido scallops with lemon grass and coconut foam Fish salad with Northern spices, eggplant salad with prawns; Clear yellow chicken soup with ma-khaen; Spicy duck sausage, and more at 22 Kitchen & Bar at THB 2,800++ per person. Dusit Gold members at THB 2,500++ per person

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The Mayflower

By Nuckchim

Indulge in a choice of over 80 items of tasty dim sum during lunch. Or choose an award-winning set dinner and a la carte menu for your lunch and dinner.

Every mom get complimentary Snow Mooncake in Taro Basket. Lunch 1st Seating (10:30 12:00 hrs) with special offer of 15% Discount on Food and Beverage except Wine 2nd Seating (12:30 -14:30 hrs) Dinner18:00 -22:00 hrs.

For more information or reservation, please call Dusit Thani Bangkok at: +66 (0) 2200 9000 ext. 2345 E-mail dtbkdining@dusit.com Website: www.dusit.com/dtbk, www.facebook.com/dusitthani

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