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Hot News: Generali 'push' credit insurance
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Generali 'push' credit insurance

Generali Thailand 'reveals' Mortgage Protection Insurance (MRTA) in the first half of the year to grow against the trend. Sweeping total income of more than 2,330 million baht.

Mr. Marco Ennilo, Acting Chief Executive Officer Generali Thailand Group revealed that, The results of the first half of 2022 Generali Thailand have a growth rate as planned. especially in the part of Loan Protection Insurance (MRTA) with high growth in line with the demand of the growing car market After the covid-19 problem That lasted more than 2 years, coupled with the strength of Generali Thailand's service that has closely studied the marketing plan with the company's partners, therefore, the business plan has been adjusted to meet the needs of niche customers. all the time Both creating a wide range of products for old and new car loans. as well as presenting the appropriate insurance premium rates As a result, the first half of life insurance premiums for loan protection grew up to 24% compared to the same period last year. This is a total insurance premium of more than 2,330 million baht.

Another factor contributing to the success of Generali Thailand Credit Protection Life Insurance is the transformation of service processes by increasing communication channels with customers with various technologies in order to make customers more confident in providing excellent service. Including after-sales service through communication channels, both via LINE official, including Gen365 application, which provides services to closely take care of policyholder customers.

Mr. Marco continued, From the adjustment of the marketing plan for this credit protection life insurance. Generali Thailand expects to generate more than 15% growth in value in the second half of the year. and will be able to push the group of credit protection life insurance products to become the No. 1 brand in Thailand in the same product group.

Ms. Yuwadee Nganthaweekit, Director of Financial Institutions Business Department, Generali Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited, said, Generally Thailand has prepared a marketing plan. For credit protection life insurance in the last quarter of 2022 to keep up with the economic situation and rising interest rates and may affect the consideration of various credits of customers by strategizing products in close cooperation with partners to know the real problems and needs of customers and bring to create a variety of products more specific as well as accelerate the development of "technology" that supports the sales process This is another important strategy such as digital face to face sales, application development. and develop technology to support sales with partners to add more convenience to customers.

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