Hot News: Nostra Logistics revealed 3 trends in the most popular logistics transportation technology in 2023.
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Nostra Logistics revealed 3 trends
in the most popular logistics transportation technology in 2023.

Mrs. Warinthorn Si Sukdi, Director of Commercial Products, GIS Company Limited said that from the business trend report in 2023, it was found that the transportation industry and logistics around the world will continue to expand. Despite having to face uncertain economic situations and the risk of economic recessions around the world Like the situation in Thailand It is estimated that in 2022-2014, the road transportation service business tends to grow by an average of 3-5 percent per year. However, business organizations must be prepared to deal with changes. And bring appropriate technological innovations to improve the operations of the entire organization For transportation and logistics services Currently, there are modern software and applications to help develop and improve business operations. The technology that will play an important role from now will focus on the important issues: "Connect (Manage) and analysis (Analyze & Predict), which must improve the work technology system. Transport and logistics to be under the same technology ecosystem throughout the supply chain technology (Supply Chain Technology Ecosystem), which is the heart of business that can manage time and transportation activities and logistics more efficiently. From the origin until the destination in line with 3 important technology trends in transportation and logistics in the world this year.

1. Supply Chain Network Connection - Link and allow all systems to manage transportation and logistics to work together as a network. By using Cloud technology that can send data between the system and access anytime, anywhere Can track status and data in real time The working system will have more transportation capabilities, such as matching the capacity of the transportation of the transportation vehicle from many service providers and the products that will be delivered on each trip. Delivery time assessment Choosing the right route Assessing the opportunity to run a car back, etc.

2. Innovative of transportation management systems (Transportation Management System Innovation or TMS) - is a transportation management system used in the transportation and logistics business for a long time. The heart of TMS is the transportation cost management. Therefore, the system development still focuses on analyzing and managing transportation resources, creating a car route in many ways. And providing options from lower transportation costs For new technology that will come to improve TMS capabilities, including 1) AI to learn about various limitations, such as the ability of loading. Traffic rules Driving hours, etc. Help assess the situation and offer alternatives. And analyze the results more accurately, such as the estimation when the transportation car will arrive at the destination (ETA) 2). IoT uses high speed internet. To connect equipment and transportation management systems and real -time logistics Helping business administration flexible and effective by improving the system to be able to inspect and deal with assets and vehicles quickly.

3. Management of the truck (TIME SLOT Management) is considered a trend. Get more important in transportation Due to the development of the system with information updates in the entrance and exit of the truck, the product will help to arrange resources in the warehouse. To prepare for a truck that will come in easily and quickly, such as the estimation of the time when the car will access the warehouse (ETA), parking position, shuttle in the warehouse The coordinates of the products that the trucks are arriving, etc. In addition, some transportation vehicles are responsible for the raw materials. Or spare parts directly into the production line Therefore, when accessing the delivery point is very important. In order not to affect production In addition, the use of a system that has the ability to manage the time period will be able to reduce the impact of various changes, such as emergency traffic jams. Disappointing the appointment With the system, the new delivery time will be arranged and edit the appointment. Resulting in information updates in time and not wasting time waiting

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