Hot News: Comeback! 'Mid -Autumn Festival' compete with Duro
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Comeback! 'Mid -Autumn Festival' compete with Duro

Entering the second half All types of businesses must accelerate strong promotions. Take over the various festivals Both the Moon, Je Halloween, and during the New Year's Eve celebrations, receiving high season, foreign tourists traveling to Thailand

During this September, there was a Mid -Autumn Festival. Inheriting the ancient culture of Thai people of Chinese descent That has been inherited for a long time, so famous brands, hotels, restaurants, restaurants compete with Lap Moon Candy Out to the market

Today, mooncakes There are many flavors. Both the original taste of the body, Yin, Gale, Juju and Durian, etc. Currently, there are more snacks every year.

Design, packaging, colorful boxes, patterns, face designs, desserts are all full, look attractive to buy.

This year, famous brands of Logle are probably competing in both the taste and price.

The more SHPPING Online, online financial transactions, QR code, spending money. More comfortable than before Makes it fast in buying products.

But in the economic conditions that are still slowing, quality, product, price and service are still the heart of marketing, both offline and online.

It can be seen that every festival will create opportunities for the new generation. SMEs, Start Up have reported the occurrence of the consumer market, but the important thing is that the product quality must be good. The package must be eye -catching, modern, must be hit and fast service. To win the hearts of consumers in this era.