Hot News: Mercedes-Benz Give a special deal in the campaign "Make your Drive like Day One"
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Mercedes-Benz Give a special deal in the campaign
"Make your Drive like Day One"

The executives of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Co., Ltd. revealed that the company extended the 2nd campaign for the year 2023 "Make your Drive Like Day One".

Strengthening after sales service And invite all customers to take care of the Mercedes-Benz car By using genuine parts In order to maintain excellent driving performance as the first day

That left the showroom Give a special offer with a discount of up to 25% spare parts when customers bring the car at the Mercedes-Benz service center. Officially across the country from 11 September 2022 until 11 November 2022, with the details of various privileges as follows: Special privileges 1: For all Mercedes-Benz customers (including Van Model) at all ages. car Get a 25%spare parts discount* for maintenance parts Spare parts group And the suspension spare part group participating in the campaign Special privileges 2: For all Mercedes-Benz customers (including Van Model) in all ages When bringing the car into the engine oil change service

Get free! MB OIL 1 liter engine oil immediately*Get more free! 1 liter MB Oil engine oil* when the cost of the service center is over 25,000 baht (including VAT), including customers who receive MB Tire tires and customers who buy MBSP during the special privilege campaign 3: MBSP customers with Easy Care or Ultimate program when bringing the car to receive the oil change service, get free! Vacuum water bottle Mercedes-Benz size 0.5 liters worth 1,583.60 baht*

(Total VAT), 1 card per 1 receipt per 1 vehicle. Special privileges 4: Customers who transaction via City Mercedes Credit Card and the amount of 25,000 baht.

More (not including VAT). Can choose 0% interest payment for 6 or 10 months.*For more information and conditions at the Mercedes-Benz service center. Officially across the country Or via online channels at Colfers.html And make an appointment to receive online services at The conditions are in accordance with the company. And the Mercedes-Benz service center Officially determined ** The company reserves the rights for customers who buy Mercedes-Benz from the distributor officially only.

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