Hot News: Nissan 'services' world class standards at HPC center
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Nissan 'services'
world class standards at HPC center

Mr. Phisit Chandrasereekul, Managing Director of Siam Nissan Krungthai Company Limited, revealed that this NHPC center has a full range of services. both technical maintenance and paint and body services There are specialized tools and equipment for inspecting and maintaining the Nissan GT-R. The technicians who service the vehicle will be trained directly by Nissan. To have knowledge, understanding and skills and expertise ready to provide direct service. and in terms of paint and body repair services It has complete equipment. Because the Nissan GT-R has a unique color. Precise color mixing is required. To achieve quality according to Nissan standards

Our center has passed quality inspections in all 3 areas: standard equipment and tools; Locations available It is clean and safe. and technicians with knowledge and understanding who have been trained in both technical and maintenance to take good care of cars Being appointed to manage the NHPC center is therefore our pride. And we are ready to pass on world-class quality services to all customers, Mr. Phisit said.

For people who have a "Nissan GT-R" in their possession Taking good care of your car is important. And there is probably no one who takes better care of the super sports car that has been considered a legendary car on the racetrack for nearly 60 years better than the Nissan High Performance Center (NHPC), which has both complete equipment and skilled technicians. and were specifically trained to take care of the GT-R Automobile enthusiasts know that the GT-R is a car that has made incredible history in the world of racing since the 1960s. Instead, he dared to challenge and defeat the former champion in an international competition like no one expected, with the power of over 600 horsepower from the engine that is the ultimate innovation from Nissan. With strength to win in every competition. and held the position continuously for many years Making the world's leading media even dub this model a "Godzilla", a powerful monster that is difficult for anyone to defeat.

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