Hot News: 'Molding' the youth 'YouTube number' professional
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'Molding' the youth 'YouTube number' professional

Mr. Jirat Bowonnawattana Chief Executive Officer Independent Artist Management Co., Ltd. or IM, revealed that the recent launch of the business by investing in a 35 percent stake in The Ska Film, along with opening a new business, Creator. Development under The Ska Talent Management Company and launching "Creator Academy", creating dreams for professional creators and launching the first project "Young Creator Bootcamp" under the concept When the world changes! The dreams of children change! "When a new age child Dream of working in a career that is not just a doctor, an engineer, a teacher or a businessman who does not look at Education or appearance Careers that grow by maintaining identity in themselves But outstanding with creativity Making this year's trending career include 'YouTube Numbers', climbing up to No. 3, outpacing the professional athletes, engineers and soldiers from the survey of Adecco Group. A 2020 'Dream Job of Thai Children' surveyed in a sample of 4,050 Thai children aged 7-14 years from all regions of the country.

"I am seeing the potential of creating and developing a new generation of creators into the Creator career. Along with the outstanding Bie The Ska Influencer, which has more than 19 million followers, it has acquired shares to expand the business base to create Creator Development. Under The Ska Talent Management Co., Ltd. and launching the "Creator Academy" to develop a new generation of young professionals to become professional creators and to create a knowledge society to develop And create and young people creatively. Including the use of this area to bring new knowledge to develop the youth of the nation for the younger generation to fulfill their dreams of being a good 'YouTube Numbers' and have a successful career.

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