Hot News: LINE launches animated emoji, an animated emoji First time in Thailand
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LINE launches animated emoji, an animated emoji First time in Thailand

LINE Thailand releases a new kind of fun in chat. Animated Emoji Animated Emoji That adds color to make every chat more fun. fulfilling happiness for more users than before animation emoji New Animated Emoji Icon Pack that can be inserted more in the chat sentence immediately To express emotions, feelings and thoughts in communicating more clearly. It also brings life to chat messages. More than 10 animated emojis are available for purchase from internationally popular characters, led by BROWN & FRIENDS, Hello Kitty, Snoopy and Mickey Mouse, followed by popular Thai characters Jay the Rabbit, Bang. Pound, biscuits, cold milk and troll and Ony Bear, reinforcing the army with leading characters from Taiwan, such as French Bulldog PIGU and Lazy Rabbit & Mr.Chu, sold at a price of 60 baht per set, each set contains emo Animated Chi number 40 icons

LINE users can use emoji animations only on LINE for iOS version 11.15.0 or higher, LINE for Android version 11.15.2 or higher, or LINE Desktop version 7.4 and higher (as of September 9, 2021). Users of LINE below the limit. When sending or receiving an animated emoji, it will be displayed as a static emoji. Spice up your chats with animated emojis today. Download now at Sticker Shop on LINE application, LINE STORE website (, and LINE STICKERS (Verified Reseller) authorized shops.

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