Hot News: Infobip aims to expand its base in Thailand, launching MOMENTS
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Infobip aims to expand its base in Thailand, launching MOMENTS

Mr.Supaporn Chaivisut, Manager of Infobip (Thailand) Co., Ltd., revealed that Thailand has experienced rapid digital growth. It is driven significantly by the changing consumer New Normal behavior.To support the growing growth and increasing online demand, MOMENTS is the perfect solution for brands looking to deliver a customizable experience. As required Which goes beyond just being aware of customer needs Which the system can send messages in various channels It will present the right channel to the current consumers at the right time with relevant information to consumers. By intelligently analyzing customer data To guide brand-specific communications This will improve your trust and loyalty in the long run. And upgrade the brand to be like a friend and a good consultant of the customer Key features of MOMENTS are: Streamline campaigns through the integration of multiple channels: It helps marketers to create and organize information. As well as being able to run campaigns across multiple Infobip channels from one screen.

By sending messages can be adjusted according to the size of the target audience. To suit the needs of customers And in line with the most selected channels, collect customer information: create a more perfect customer profile. By connecting and collecting information from multiple sources To help organizations better understand customer needs And continue to create campaigns that meet the needs of individual customers.

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