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Razer Officially PartnerswithThailand Esports Federation For Upcoming SEA Games 2019

Mr. Santi Lothong, President of Thailand Esport Federation (TESF) said: We need to give more attention to and focus on sports as it can change our way of life over time. New technology keeps on developing rapidly like a 100-meter athletics sprint race and it increasingly becomes part of everyones life. In this modern world, new technological advancements in sports perfectly demonstrate how old meets new and traditional meets modern. In our daily life we are all competing with each other and our daily consumer behavior has evolved into a form of a sporting competition. I am grateful that Razer has seen the importance and give the attention to sports by doing its part to bridge the gap between technology and sports. I would like to express my gratitude and extend my thank you to Razer and their CEO Mr. Min-Liang Tan on behalf of the Thai people for its support to Sports Authority of Thailand. This will help to further enhance and develop our Thailand Esports National Team Athletes to compete in the 30th SEA Games Philippines in December, under the care and guidance of Thailand Esports Federation (TESF). Esports is a developing sport that needs to grow and become sustainable in this modern tech world that we live in.

Mr. PreechaPraiphattharakul, Senior Vice President of Razer, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, revealed that As an Official Esports Partner in the SEA Games 2019 held in November 2019 in the Philippines, we want to helpesports grow and become more visible to a mainstream audience. Razer is committedto support and motivate our Thailand Esports National Team to have a good chance at success at the 30thSEA GAMES Philippines. At the same time, during which Razer will help to facilitate boot camp training for the Thailand National Esports Team from Team Razer professional esports coaches and esports athletes, to gain world class experience and know how on becoming a professional esports athlete together with the right esports gaming gear which is regards as a sporting equipment such as our award winning Death Adder Elite mouse, Blackwidow Elite keyboard and the Kraken Tournament headset. With its USB audio controller, users can control bass, game/chat balance, mic mute and volume controls to customize their sound experience for best in-game performance. In addition, Razer will also rally Thai gamers who are interested in Esports to root for our Thailand national team andencouragethem on their road to greatness. These projects are part of Razers long-term commitment to developing the Esports industryin Thailand and globally, Mr. Preecha said.

Presently, Razer supports 18 championteams withathletes from 25 countries, who have won more than 10 million US dollars of prize money over the past two years. Now, for the first time ever, Razer will bring its top athletes together and conduct a bootcamp for members of the newly-established Thailand national team. The boot camp will focus on severalesports game titles. Razers athletes will train Thailands national team to use advanced skills and tactics to ensure that they will reach peak performance before the start of SEA Games. Razer has been blazing the path for aspiring esports champions to reach the podium since 2005, said David Tse, Director, Global Esports at Razer. The time for Thailands gaming talents to take the world stage by storm has come and we are proud to help make it happen.

The five official SEA Games Esports titles are: On PC: Dota2 and StarCraft II On smartphones (e.g. Razer Phone 2): Mobile Legends: Bang Bangand Arena of Valor (AOV) On gaming consoles (e.g. Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox One):Takken 7 Gaming is an inclusive activity for 2.4 billion gamers today. To empower the community further, Razer will be launching initiatives to rally Thai gamers of all ages and backgrounds to support Thailands national team on its road to victory. With the 30th SEA Games Philippines announcement of Esports for the very first time to become a full medal sports event, All SEA Member NOC and its National Esports Federations will need to start their SEA Games campaign with National Qualifiers, Boot Camps and other training activities as well as friendly exhibition esports tournaments and or matches in or outside of their respective countries. In preparation for the 30th SEA Games Philippines Esports Medal Event, Thailand Esports Federation (TESF) will be launching its SEA Games National Team campaign starting with National Qualifiers for all the announced Game Titles that will be in the SEA Games Esports Event. For Thailand to prepare for its SEA Games Esports National Team campaign, Razer has committed to supporting the Thailand Esports Federation donating RAZER gaming products to the Sports Authority of Thailand in its plans in becoming an Official Esports Partner of Thailand Esports Federation.

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Dell Technologies Cloud attaches customer wings to multi-cloud

Dell Technologies announced the launch of "Dell Technologies Cloud", a cloud infrastructure solution. Helps to deploy hybrid cloud and manage it on a hybrid cloud environment more easily. Dell Technologies Cloud combines the power of Dell EMC and V infrastructure. Mware Helps eliminate complexity by offering consistent system structure and operations for IT resources on public, cloud, private cloud and edge, regardless of location. In accordance with the report from IDC There are more than 70 percent of companies working on a variety of cloud environments. And the biggest challenge of the data center Which most companies are facing Is to develop a multi-cloud strategy to succeed Various cloud operations Causing many organizations to have multiple management consoles and different work processes, which in addition to preventing innovation Also increasing complexity.

The hybrid cloud approach is an ideal solution that provides a familiar management interface that covers all types of cloud to deliver the whole system experience that provides the simplest. MDware found that 83 percent of cloud-based users are looking for a consistent infrastructure and operation, ranging from data centers. Until cloud Dell's cloud technology has been designed to meet this specific challenge.

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