Hot News: Schneider Electric Launches New Meter
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Schneider Electric Launches New Meter

Mr. Thanakorn Wongvisit, Vice President of Partner Project & EcoBuilding, Schneider Electric, Thailand, said, "We designed the PowerLogicTM PM8000 series to help power quality monitoring. And the analysis is in accordance with the rules. This ensures data accuracy in accordance with IEC 61000-4-30 Class S and IEC 62586 standards. If the quality of the event occurs. Patent-pending interference-detection features The PowerLogicTM PM8000 Series also helps protect the structure of the plant's various devices, helping to address the problem of power quality. Before it becomes a hassle.

Causing damage PowerLogicTM PM8000 Series 4-channel current detection allows 3-phase current and neutron current measurements. It enhances the view of problems associated with harmonics. Reducing heat And the damage of the transformer ahead of time. While showing the trend. And alerted when the surge voltage is detected in critical equipment, preventing motor failure or damage

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