Hot News: "The Story of Mom & Me Story ... We and the Mom"
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"The Story of Mom & Me Story ... We and the Mom"

True Corporation Public Company Limited held special events throughout August. To strengthen the bond between mother and child. Continue with "The Story of Mom & Me" story, "Mother and Me" at "A Giving of Love" invites True customers and their children to give love and happiness to their mothers on this special day. With a variety of activities. The more you get ... the more you get. - TrueMove H subscribers both monthly and prepaid. Just dial * 948 * 1415 * 100 # Call to donate 100 baht.

Buy medical equipment Fund building commemorating the Queen's 80th Birthday Anniversary Children's Hospital Foundation Get instant access to BB Barberto U Bar set at only ฿ 399 from regular price of 567 Baht at Barbeque Plaza from 12th to 31st August. Call from within the network for free 24 hours between 11-12 August by a monthly customer. Press * 588 # to make a free call while prepaid customers dial * 777 # toll free number 1 for 1 right,

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