Hot News: Dell Technologies Unveils Dell Precision Workstations
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Dell Technologies Unveils Dell Precision Workstations

Mr. Nopadon Panyathipat, Managing Director of Thailand, Dell Technologies, revealed that we now announce the largest update to Dell's mobile workstation product line. Since the launch of the Dell Precision M3800, an award winning product. For the first time in 2013, with both the product and our engineering team continuing to redefine the mobile workstation product line. With existing products We believe that we have found the perfect combination of power And outstanding style We bring Dell's award-winning design to the award. Combined with the latest innovation in heat temperature control. Professionalism in graphics and powerful CPU technology into a slim device to deliver performance to support heavy use regardless of where you work from. The following are also designed. Consideration of the use of creators Or creators and professional engineers The smallest and thinnest mobile workstation is the new Dell Precision 5550 and Dell Precision 5750. This 15 and 17 inch workstation comes with an exciting InfinityEdge borderless display on all 4 sides, with a 16:10 aspect ratio display and an infrared camera at the top edge.

For maximum use of screen space and a better video conferencing experience Beginning with 1.8 kg and 2.3 kg weights, the display-to-body ratio is 92 percent and 94 percent respectively. Which balance the power, style and convenient portability with a lightweight aluminum body. The Dell Precision 5750 also adds 7000 series to the NVIDIA RTX Studio program, providing graphics card ready NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000

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