Hot News: Line 'Offline' closed public service platform
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Line 'Offline' closed public service platform

Dr. Pichet Lerkspricha, Chief Executive Officer of LINE Thailand Co., Ltd. revealed that LINE is a platform that has more than 44 million users. We are therefore an important part of The digital movement of Thailand too In this event We have offered solutions that are especially useful and interesting to the government, using knowledge, experience as well as Specializing in the development of our platform with partners who are leading developer organizations Come to help extend public services Promote government work too LINE is therefore ready to support the knowledge and tools that we provide to the government. To benefit the people, LINE Thailand has signed a collaboration with the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) with a focus on Going to drive Thailand to the Digital Economy through 3 important parts which are (1) Supporting pushing Thai potential startups that have strong potential to step into the global digital arena by supporting.

And provide assistance in both the platform And various techniques To fulfill the potential of Thai start-ups (2) Digital content support Through educating the users on the raft For example, a campaign under the "Stop Fake News" program to stop the dissemination of fake news in society. Ready to give an opportunity to Thai people who are skilled in Create content Able to use LINE's platform to create and develop content further Through various channels On LINE platforms such as LINE TV and LINE TODAY etc.

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