Hot News: SYMC 'reveals' total revenue of 402 million in the first quarter
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SYMC 'reveals' total revenue of 402 million in the first quarter

Mr.Alex Lot, Chief Operating Officer of Symphony Communication Public Company Limited, a leading telecommunication network operator or SYMC, revealed that the company had a good performance in the first quarter of 2022. Total revenue worth 402 million baht, an increase of 17% compared to the same period last year, resulting in EBITDA or the company's operating income before interest, taxes, depreciation. and the distribution cost was 162 million baht, an increase of 3%, although the cost of connecting internationally to accommodate new customers Including the cost of sales resulting from the sales growth of the ICT Solutions business segment will increase. However, it resulted in the company's net profit of 29 million baht or an increase of 44% from the expansion with higher revenues.

Along with our good management and financial cost management. The company has been growing positively every quarter. Compared to the previous quarter or the 4th quarter of 2021, revenue increased by 4% and net profit increased by 28%, reflecting the commitment to manage business with continued stability. and will continue to drive more opportunities in the coming quarters.

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