Hot News: TCC Technology Group - SAP 'Hold' strategic innovation
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TCC Technology Group - SAP 'Hold' strategic innovation

Mr. Woradit Vinyarat, Executive Director and Acting Managing Director TCC. Technology Co., Ltd. (TCC Tech) revealed that TCC Tech aims to develop Business intelligence Holistic Solutions covers technology infrastructure under highly specialized ecosystems.Connectivity, Computing Resources and Endpoint Solutions, as well as business development consultancy, TCC Tech continues to strengthen.Strengthen the leadership role of digital transformation (Digital Transformation) for businesses. In the second half of 2018, the company focused on close working.Stay tuned for solutions at both national and international levels. To promote the exchange of innovation and knowledge. We believe both SAP and TCC are important.With the digital concept, and realizing the value of continuous development. Compatible with today's digital age. The synergies of the two organizations in business needs.

Database Applications, Data Analysis And mobile communication technologies. We are confident that this partnership will enhance both opportunities. Speed ??of navigation Karma and value creation To gain better market opportunities in Thailand and South East Asia. These initiatives Including the development efforts of both CCTV and SAP. To meet customers through the Intensive value-adoption program and Value optimization workshop.To drive innovation in consumer insights.

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