Hot News: Government sector 'encouraging' information user community
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Government sector 'encouraging' information user community

Mr. Chaicharoen Atthipha, Chairman of the Board Digital Government Development Agency (Public Organization) or President of the Opening Ceremony "Public Information Day" said the government saw The importance of information Because it plays an important role in driving innovation and new services in society. Therefore, Open and Connected Government Is another concept of government operation that uses technology to drive publicity. And integrated links To contribute to and create awareness in developmentQuality work using government information to develop a new economic system Which is driven by information or called "data ecosystems" (Data ecosystem) "Disclosure of particular informationStrongly, government information It is considered an important source of information that helps create transparency in government work. However, transparent work is not just about disclosure.

But still needs to be promoted to all sectors, including government, private sector and civil society. Able to access and participate in the use of public information to develop further The new project,, was born in accordance with the Cabinet resolution in 2016 on the guidelines for raising the level of public service through the government electronic service.At present, there are more than 2,244 data sets (data as of 25 February 2562)

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