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Bosch ProCORE18V batteries

Mr.Teerathas Prasertmethakul, Country Business Director (Power Tools Division), Robert Bosch Ltd., said, Over the last 3-4 years, the market for power tools has grown rapidly, especially in the category of 18V cordless products. The growth in Boschs global market demonstrates our leadership in innovation in the cordless power tools and accessories market. In the last five years, sales of Bosch power tools, including cordless, in Thailand have doubled thanks to a significant increase in consumer demand. Boschs growth has been significantly higher than this overall market growth. Bosch is continuing an effective marketing strategy with the launch of over 24 new cordless power tool models with brushless motor technology and extending product range with connectivity solutions.Bosch is pleased to present two innovations to cordless power tools which comprise of the new ProCORE18V high-performance battery range with a 12Ah capacity for extended runtime and a 87% increase in power in the 8.0Ah ProCORE18V batteries. With intelligent battery management and COOL PACK 2.0 technology to prevent the battery from overheating, the battery pack lasts 135% longer and comes in a 28% smaller size (compared ProCORE 4.0Ah to Boschs current batteries of equal capacity). This makes it ideal for the diverse requirements of professionals and is also suitable for unlimited applications in locations with limited access to electricity such as high-rise buildings, high ceilings, construction sites, industrial plants and large open areas.

Users can access the Bosch Toolbox app on their smartphones (through the My Tools function) to easily check on the status of their cordless tool, including run time, battery status, manufacturing and technical information. The connectivity solution also enables programming functions such as setting the rpm (round per minute) in the GDX 18V-200 C impact drivers via soft start, and the Kick Back Control function which can be checked in the GWS 18V-100 SC angle grinder, said Teerathas.

To test the performance of the ProCORE18V battery, Bosch organized the 18 Volt, 1 Man, 1 Tool, 1 Battery campaign in which Pae-Thanawat Maneenava, the artist who founded TAM:DA, tested the power tools performance using only one ProCORE18V battery per one charge to produce his creation of Screw Art using over 7,000 screws on a six square-meter space.

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