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Going forward, 'net' public.

Gen Pragin Chantong, deputy prime minister, said that the project, TOT Public Limited, expanded its broadband installation in the target villages to 19,401 villages.The northern region has set a target of 4,412 villages. 3,274 villages have been installed, or 74.20%.Optical (FTTx) covers the entire village of 24,700 villages throughout Thailand by 2017.

The Digital Ministry for the Economy and Society (DES) has followed up on the project and accelerated the training to enable communities and people to take advantage of broadband access. Including to develop knowledge about online marketing channels. To increase the opportunities for trade for goods and services of the community, TOT has trained to educate. The village under the project.The training of staff in the area. Send knowledge to the community. The number of participants is 20-40 people, and self-directed learning materials are provided to all participants in the 5 courses.Basics, Google App for Work, Open shop on Social Network, Basic YouTube course, and cybercrime. Which brought on. in the group can access the resources easily.

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