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Hot News: Thai Life Insurance Aim "Gold Health Insurance"
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Thai Life Insurance Aim
"Gold Health Insurance"

Thai Life Insurance Leach "Gold Health Insurance" covers a monthly fee of up to 5 million baht, with coverage for illness and accidental subcontracts of the Covid-19 virus.

Mr Sawat Naruworawongse, Executive Vice President and Chief Life Operation Officer of Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited, revealed that due to the coronary epidemic New species 2019 or Covid-19 in Thailand that is deteriorating. Which creates anxiety for people And may be a burden, the cost of medical care is quite high Thai Life Insurance As a company that focuses on every answer in life, Life Solutions offers products suitable for the situation. Meet the needs of customers. And create peace of mind Which is the Life Solutions Product insurance under the Health Fit group. "Gold Health Insurance" as a health insurance As if having a high medical expense at all times To support emergency medical expenses Expenses for treating serious diseases and serious accidents

By additional contract "Gold Health Insurance" is guaranteed from the age of 1 month - 70 years, with the same coverage period as the life insurance contract. Or not over the age of 80, the insurance premium payment period is equal to the insurance coverage period of the additional contract You can choose to pay premiums annually, 6 months, 3 months and monthly according to the premium payment period of the main life insurance policy that was purchased.

For the coverage plan and the additional benefits of the contract "Gold Health Insurance" can choose to receive medical insurance coverage. Both from illness and accident The maximum payment plan is 1-5 million baht per year, which is actually paid. According to the coverage plan chosen from the 5 coverage plans Which covers cases of being admitted to the hospital due to Co-vidin-19 and others.

In addition, it also provides coverage for medical expenses for patients in addition to accidents. And additional coverage such as dialysis fees, chemotherapy fees, radiation treatments Ongoing medical expenses Including death insurance coverage It is considered an additional health insurance contract that responds to the creation of cost-effective medical benefits.

"Gold Health Insurance Is a unique health insurance product With a variety of coverage plans High limit of medical expenses Which provides protection in the event of illness or injury from an accident That will help ease the worry of medical expenses At the same time, the company There are still life insurance and additional health insurance contracts. That provides comprehensive coverage of the Co-infection Which can be inquired at Thai Life Insurance agents nationwide, "Mr Sawat said.

Not just an insurance plan that covers the needs of consumers. The insured of the company Still get more services than life insurance According to the customer centric policy such as Thai Life Insurance Hotline Free 24-hour emergency medical assistance and travel anywhere in the world, Thai Life Insurance Care Center The insured's benefit center and information services according to the insurance policy and the Thai Life Insurance iService. Information checking services Policy status And claims through

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