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Thai Life Insurance Aim
Life Innovation

Thai Life Insurance moves forward with the Reinvent Business Model 'Focusing on' Creating Life Innovation or Life Innovation together with defining the vision of business operations in the People Business

Mr. Chai Chaiyawan, President of Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited, revealed that in order to comply with the Reinvent Business Model of the Company aimed at creating innovation of life or Life Innovation together with setting the vision of business operations in the People Business by Focus on "people" that are related to the company in all sectors, whether they are customers, agents, employees, shareholders and people in Thai society. Whit therefore focused on adjusting the mindset of people in the organization. Both employees, head offices, branches and sales departments are all answers to life insurance or Life Solutions.

Especially to raise the standard of sales To be more than a life insurance seller More than just the person who sent the claim to the customer, but must be a Life Solutions Provider who is a partner and advisor with care plan. Alongside the insured in every life Based on the realization of the value of life, the value of love and the value of people that are the core of the life insurance business The company has defined sales qualifications in 4 levels according to skills, qualifications and production results according to the criteria set. Life Partner has a life insurance agent license. Life Partner Prime is a unit manager or higher Who have passed the Life Partner Program (LP)

"Financial Partner, Unit Manager and above Passed the LP course training and registered as Universal Life insurance seller and Financial Partner Prime. Level-up executives With an IC License to sell Unit Linked products and passing the training courses that the company determines. Each sales group will receive various skills development. According to the standard course of the company Including sales skills such as financial advisor (FA), Smart Agent course, Life Partner course, insurance offering, Unit Linked or Universal Life course, investment course, etc., while still being trained Other courses Related, such as marketing, after-sales service So that the representative of the company Be knowledgeable and know around To be the answer to every customer's life, "said Mr. Chai.

Not only the development of knowledge skills only, the company also develops the potential of personnel to have competencies in various fields, whether it is creating a team for working as a team. Knowledge seeking Creative thinking, etc., including pushing the sales team to gain both national and international qualifications, such as MBRT qualifications or MDRT GAMA International Awards, or through an international standard knowledge program for financial planners (Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner: FchFP)

Thai Life Insurance personnel for both sales Headquarters and branch employees must adjust their ideas to keep up with technology trends. By creating the Digital Mindset to have skills and knowledge in technology Have a design thinking process That uses deep understanding of various problems and uses design thinking with a customer-centric approach or customer centricity to manage effective Big Data to create a Data Driven Mindset within an organization The needs of each group of insurers are complete. Including working in the form of learning agility or work planning and problem solving Instead of assigning a single working direction Which will result in faster work

Meanwhile, Thai Life Insurance aims to create an organizational culture. Allowing personnel to work together effectively, happily and under the concept of "caring, trusting, sharing", caring for the needs of colleagues and insurers Through the development of work processes and services Build trust with the insured. With every answer of life insurance And share knowledge and skills Expertise between personnel in the form of Knowledge Management (KM) to create innovation in work And share continuously into society Through various public service practices

"Thai Life Insurance aims to change the human mindset to create a corporate culture. Which Thai Life Insurance Must be knowledgeable and knowledgeable around, having knowledge, skills in various areas that are beyond the knowledge of life insurance Or product knowledge In order to be able to plan to take care of the life of the customer in the complete cycle Whether knowledge in finance, investment, tax, health care Including having knowledge of various technologies To deliver good health to customers Make customers live longer And happy on the end of his wealth "Chai concluded.

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