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Hot News: Insurance 'Support' Sport Marketing
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Insurance 'Support' Sport Marketing

AIA 'pulls' Beckham joins Tottenham Hotspur' to promote healthy blondes, new online movie series Create from AIA's commitment By adhering to the pledge to encourage people to have better health and a better life, 'Healthier, Longer, Better Lives' focuses on getting enough sleep. Spend time with family and friends Eat healthy food And exercise appropriately

Stewart A Spencer, Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Group, said: We are excited to be working with AIA's two most important long-term partners, both David Beckham and Spurs. S In order to jointly release online movies which match the current situation Many people are looking for ways to behave in order to have better health. In which the AIA We are committed to creating campaigns. Across the Asia Pacific region to encourage people to have better health and a better life, 'Healthier, Longer, Better Lives'. We have both David Beckham and Spurs to help this time.

Certainly will be able to attract and motivate the right target group. Which is the key that helps us to realize this campaign. For this movie Will tell you the importance of little behavior that can help improve health and quality of life Whether it is enough sleep Spend time with family and friends Eat healthy food Or even exercise appropriately

AIA, the largest group of life insurance companies in the Asia-Pacific region, released a new online movie series. (Filmed before the outbreak of Covid-19), a collaboration between global brand ambassador 'David Beckham' and partners like 'Tottenham Hotspur Football Club' ("Spurs" or "Clubs") this set of movies First broadcast at AIA Brought the two world-wide allies together, which was an impressive picture of the pair at Spurs' world-famous football stadium This movie set Was built on the commitment of AIA In adhering to the promise to encourage people to have better health and a better life, 'Healthier, Longer, Better Lives', in which David Beckham visits the Spurs' practice and football fields. Along with the opportunity to meet Jos? Mourinho Which is both the head coach Real players, coaches and nutritionists of the team by David Beckham and Spurs team members. There was a discussion about lifestyle choices and simple health. Which everyone can apply to improve their health Whether professional or not Watch the David Beckham & Spurs: Purpose and Performance -https: // video.

AIA, David Beckham, the world-class ambassador of AIA, said: "I am just the owner of Inter Miami Football Club. I have a goal to support the team to the best of my ability. Therefore, I am ecstatic like The more that AIA Gave me the opportunity to learn how to promote the health and lifestyle of footballers in the style of Spurs As well as receiving detailed information from the team manager Which both Jos?'s experience and success It was the most special thing I received when I was a footballer. I tend to have scientific principles and new ways of thinking. When in the field But right now, I am truly grateful that, in reality, just a simple matter, such as discipline and discipline And good sleep All of these things are extremely important. I am proud to be partnering with AIA. And saw the dedication of AIA That wants to support people to have better health and better lives.

Mr.Jose Mourinho, Spurs head coach, said "It is a pleasure to welcome the legendary former player David Beckham who visited the club earlier this season and we know that David's family and himself have a connection with Tottenham. Spurs for a long time, which David used to practice at the club in 2011 as well, we have spent time exchanging experiences about preparing the team well and ensuring that every player is in a condition that Best in both body and mind. However, the AIA is a leader in health No more important than now that AIA is striving to promote health. By working with Spurs and David Beckham, both of us are proud to be involved. In another example, a video player that Spurs Harry Winks and its effects, both Kang Ka. Meet David Beckham and discuss the importance of discipline when choosing a lifestyle. Not just getting enough sleep But also including eating healthy food So they can stay in their career for as long as possible Which bringing small things together can lead to tangible changes for health and the body.

Both David Beckham and Spurs also have important roles. Is to encourage people to have better health and a better life, 'Healthier, Longer, Better Lives', using football, which is a popular sport To reach millions of people throughout the Asia Pacific region, AIA has been a partner with Spurs since 2013 and is the official global supporter. Which is a collaboration to promote important roles in sports To help people become healthier and better in life More details are available on the website.

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Go Insurance secures funding to launch its easy-to-access health insurance platform

Go! Insurance - a Thailand-based digital health insurance company - has raised pre-seed funding from investors and will be launching its service in Thailand to provide better and easier access to health insurance. Founded in late 2019 by two insurance industry veterans, Go! Insurance aims to shift the health insurance space in Thailand as well as Southeast Asia in terms of simplicity, flexibility, and affordability while offering a hassle-free all-digital customer experience.

Go! Insurance was founded by Firras Sabbah previously Chief Information Officer of Allianz Thailand General Insurance and Mr. Eric Agulhon who has extensive insurance industry experience through positions at MAAF, AXA, and Allianz in Europe and Asia. They founded Go! Insurance so that everyone, regardless of their economic challenge, can afford protection of their own and their loved ones health.

Go! Insurance is set to kick off in Thailand with GoHealth as its first product for the Thai market. It is a digital platform designed to offer personalized health insurance packages that meet customers lifestyles and budgets. By simply setting a monthly budget, the platform offers a product that matches that budget and once the online payment is done, the customer is insured right away without having to go to any agent or office.

With the pandemic challenge everyone has faced since the beginning of this year, we believe that digitizing the health insurance space can benefit everyone especially in Thailand and SEA where digital is on the rise and people have access to smartphones. We believe there is a better way of offering insurance packages by creating a digitized product which customers can complete their experience digitally without disturbing their daily routines. As a home-grown Thai business built by in- industry experienced founders, Go! Insurance understands what customers want in this digital era. Thats why we offer our product and service through a completely digital journey - they can purchase their personalized insurance product online and be insured right away, says Mr. Firras Sabbah, CEO and Co-Founder of Go! Insurance.

GoHealth customers can access a broad network of hospitals where they will be treated the same way as traditionally insured customers without paying anything upfront. Go! Insurance is working with Krungthai Panich Insurance - one of Thailands leading insurance firms. It aims to build an entire ecosystem of promoting and maintaining good health - be it health insurance, tele-medicine, online pharmacy, health and wellness education, and fitness programs.

At Go! Insurance, we want to make sure that customers are and feel safe and have all the services they need to keep and support good health. And we want to achieve this in a warmer, more consumer-friendly way than most of the other insurance companies, concludes co-founder Mr. Eric Agulhon.

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