Hot News: "JaneCanzer Super Protection" meet all needs.
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"JaneCanzer Super Protection" meet all needs.

Mr. Korn Siam Nonthanarat, Chief Executive Officer of Channel Generator (CAO), Generali Life Assurance Public Company Limited, said, "Genesis is committed to developing products that truly meet the needs of our customers. Under the concept of customer centric, customer-centric organization. Creates a new phenomenon for cancer protection. Launch of "JaneCanada Super Protection" with the concept of "Find the peace of mind to pay up to a maximum of 15 million baht". 65 years, but coverage until the age of 85 years, target income from the product is about 100 million within a year. Medicine And spend on other medical treatment. Increase every year And there is a growing trend. Based on this information, Generali has provided information on product design or life insurance plans, "JaneCanada Super Protection", which covers the current situation and future trends. This will help reduce the cost of medical expenses, especially the cost of cancer. This insurance plan meets the needs of the customer. It covers all cancer treatments. The term does not spread. And aggressive If you are diagnosed with cancer, you will receive a lump sum. Also, in terms of coverage period. It also provides coverage up to the age of 85, which is another highlight of this insurance plan.

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