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Hot News: Insurance War 2020
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Insurance War 2020

Krungthai AXA Life Insurance invades the Health market, launching a new i Healthy campaign to penetrate the health-care market. AIA joins medix for individual patient services. Pilot 100,000 insurance customers "Prestige - Infinite Care - Disease"

Mrs.Sally Ohara, Chief Executive Officer of Krungthai AXA Life Insurance Company Limited or KTAXA, revealed that iHealthy is a health insurance package. Coverage for both inpatients and outpatients With annual health check IHealthy's Ultimate Health Insurance Cover all needs, anytime, anywhere! Redefined life insurance Various types of life insurance.

Flat benefit plan Inpatient and outpatient protection Pay attention to the care of cancer and kidney disease, medical expense coverage for pregnancy and childbirth.

Mr.Alger Fung, Chief Executive Officer of AIA Thailand, said that the company has partnered with medix, a company that provides individual patient care services, providing patients with the best care and maximum satisfaction. Especially the customers who are experiencing illness Especially serious diseases Ensure that the correct diagnosis is made as quickly as possible. And can still receive appropriate treatment And are well taken care of throughout the medical treatment up to the rehabilitation. Initially, this service, customers who will receive benefits from the Medicare service The first phase will be customers with AIA Infinite Care, AIA Prestige Club members and customers with serious illness insurance policies. Credit limit of 3 million baht or more Which has more than 1 hundred thousand customers without any cost at all. After that, will expand to cover all the company's customers.

Mr.Ekarat Thitiman, Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Thailand, said that the company has been testing for a while. Which will actually be open for service today as the first day This service will be looked after from the beginning of the doctor's report. Until sent to the medical team to take care And managed after recovery With a maximum service period of not more than 150 days per customer. By January 63, the company will send a letter to customers who will receive the said benefits So that each customer decides to use the service Which will have to call to inquire and sign the receipt Along with sending medical reports to Medicix for diagnosis.

Mrs.Sigal Atzmon, President and CEO of Medix, said the company is an exclusive partner with the AIA Group to provide individual patient care services. Currently, the service is in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, which have achieved more than 60%. This year will be another blonde in Vietnam. Some parts in mainland China, Korea, India and Thailand, because Medic will take the information from a doctor's diagnosis. Or collecting data for TC scans or various x-ray images That the patient has received from the first step of the doctor to consider the results again After that, the patient will be sent for further examination if necessary in order to find the most exact diagnosis. Which in some countries when the tumor is detected The doctor may take you to surgery immediately. But for Medicix, it may need to be scanned In order to get a correct diagnosis Or able to choose the right treatment plan Which will make a difference in the treatment And will benefit patients

"There was once a patient with a tumor But the doctor hasn't said whether it is cancer or not The first doctor advised the patient that a normal operation would be performed to remove the biopsy. But accidentally, that piece of meat was near the aorta But Medix recommends that meat chips may be inspected first Will see if it is a necrosis or not Because the treatment will be different May have to undergo surgery twice It's not a single surgery, as the first doctor informed, " said Mrs.Sigal.

She said that The company has followed up customers with doctors and the medical team. In order to know how different customers are diagnosed Which collaboration with AIA AIA is not the company that pays and makes claims only to customers. But AIA has a shared vision of taking care of customers' health And provide better service The AIA market in Thailand is considered as an important market and has great potential. Which AIA customers will receive benefits from Medicix Can receive service and assess illness from a specialist team of Medix Which has more than 300 specialist physicians in the company and a network of specialized doctors in many leading branches of more than 4,000 people worldwide.

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SCB Multi Care Multi Claims

Mrs. Apiphan Charoenanusorn, President of Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited, said The insurance business in Thailand has high growth potential. Bancassurance will play an important role in driving business growth, with the strength of cross-country distribution coverage as well as knowledgeable and skilled bank staff, able to explain the product benefits to the customer. In addition, SCB is confident in protection insurance, as it can partially alleviate customers health expenses and customers will be able to gain a tax deduction benefit as well. SCB Multi Care Multi Claims has distinctive benefits unlike any other types of insurance. Our exclusive and in-depth insight on customers aged 30-50 years old has demonstrated they require protection and assistance for their medical expenses, and they would like to receive all their paid premium back if they have not made any claim during their policy period. With this a key feature, SCB strongly believes that SCB Multi Care Multi Claims will be the right insurance product that can answer customers concerns. Also, in terms of distribution, the product will strengthen our bancassurance sales performance in the long run, as the current penetration rate of insurance in the bank is currently focused on endowments.

Mr. David Koruni?, Chief Executive Officer for SCB Life Assurance Public Company Limited (SCBLIFE). reveals that SCBLIFE has as its vision to change the way people feel about insurance. We are committed to ensuring that Thai customers have a great experience with insurance. Our vision is in accordance with our core values of being committed, open, innovative, proactive, and caring. SCB Multi Care Multi Claims was born out of these values, and we strongly believe that this product will greatly fit with Thai consumer needs. For the first time for the company, we are using storytelling in our communication strategy to deliver information about the product, which is normally seen as complicated, in an accessible manner, and change the public perception toward insurance to be reachable and hassle-free for everyone.

SCB Multi Care Multi Claims is designed to cover the expenses that occur once customer experiences a critical illness. The product was designed with the concept of balancing both customers concern in term of wanting to have a worry-free mindset about any expenses that may occur if they are diagnosed with a critical illness in different stages and the thinking of a waste-free concept that the product will return 100% of premium to customers who do not make any claims during the protection period. The details of the main product features are as follow:? Critical illnesses can be claimed a maximum of 6 times covering 5 different group of illnesses that cover more than 100 types of minor and major critical illness. The definition of Critical illnesses for this product is categorized into 2 stages: early stage in which the policyholder will receive 20% of the sum insured and for late stage the policyholder will receive 100% for the first diagnosis, 110% for the second diagnosis, and 120% for the third diagnosis all are of the sum insured.? Waver of premium after the first late stage critical illness. Customer will continue to be protected until the end of the policy period. Full return of premium at the end of the policy period if there is no major claim made. Recovery service for customers with a critical illness to help them and their loved ones with much needed support to continue their life; such as at home caretaker, childcare services, legal consultations etc. This also, includes a personal service to assist customers with personal matters such as a personalize wigs fitting service.

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Srikrung Insurance Broker Attack Market sales target of over 4,000m.

Duangsamorn Arunsawad, Managing Director of Sri Krung Broker Company Limited, revealed that Sri Krung has started into the non-life insurance business for 30 years. We have a quality team that can continuously grow.To this day, the Sri Krung is ready to move forward. To enter the full life insurance business under the name of Krungsri Life Insurance Broker Ready to push Thai people to have a good life guarantee under appropriate protection for all population groups.

This year, the Krungsri Life Insurance Broker aims for stable growth, focusing on three areas of development: national human resource development, technological development and preparation.Including providing support to members in various fields

Our goal To increase the number of members who are life insurance brokers to 5,000 people in 2020, the sales target is set at 4040 million baht, an increase of 700 million baht from last year or equivalent to a growth rate of 24% .And expanding more 6 branches in Saraburi, Si Sa Ket, Trang, Kanchanaburi, Phayao and Chanthaburi. Our company works to generate income for all Thai people in order to push and upgrade the insurance business to grow Growing up, all of this will definitely help push Thailand towards GDP in the long run.

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