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Hot News: OIC 'Aim' Innovative Board Game
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OIC 'Aim' Innovative Board Game

OIC 'aim' innovative board game Learning about youth insurance First time in Thailand 'Invite' interested people Participate in a board game design contest Win a total prize money of more than 300,000 baht.

Dr. Suthipol Thaweechaikan, Secretary General of the Insurance Commission (Secretary-General of the OIC) revealed that the OIC Board Game Innovation contest under the concept of "Knowledge and Understanding of Insurance." Insurance Literacy "at the meeting room, 2nd floor, high-level academy building. Why do you need a board game? By a team of experts led by Ajarn Pirat Saranurak, an expert in board game design. And OIC officials participated in a discussion to open up the perspectives of the new generation of youth about the integration of insurance knowledge With the model of the learning process in the form of a board game

This event is organized. It's not a board game contest focused on just fun. Or offering different types of insurance products only, but together to create a new area of ??learning about insurance It is the foundation of Insurance Literacy, which is the real knowledge and understanding of insurance for young people. To develop insurance materials that are in line with the learning style of young people who are targeting groups.

"While supporting the integration of insurance knowledge With the process model Create learning in a new way that is fun and motivating to learn more. It also promotes learning through shared experiences. So that the youth can make decisions together Solve problems in each risk situation with insurance. In order to enhance the knowledge and understanding of insurance further, said Dr. Suthipol

For award winners in this event Will receive both a trophy diploma And prize money With the first prize of 100,000 baht, with the actual work being produced 1st runner-up prize, 50,000 baht, 2nd runner-up prize 30,000 baht and 7 commendation prizes 5,000 baht each. Interested parties can download the application form. And submit the qualifying results via OIC website or Facebook OIC office 2012 and Facebook Deschooling Game from the 5th day April 2021 - 5 May 2021

The results of the 20 finalists will be announced on May 15, 2021, where all 20 teams will participate in a workshop. To develop prototypes with insurance experts and leading board game design, on July 14, 2021, the final 10 teams will be announced for testing with real target groups. And presented to the judging panel in the final With the announcement of results and awarding on August 5, 2021

"I invite the new generation And the general public (Who are at least 15 years old) can apply to submit entries to the contest Either on behalf of an individual or as a team, not more than 3 people per work item, winning a total prize money of more than 300,000 baht with a trophy and certificate The submitter must present the concept and mechanism of the "board game" in order to communicate content consistent with interesting insurance knowledge. For the committee to select By the criteria for consideration of the committee Focus on accuracy And complete the contents of insurance Suitability for the duration of play Interesting gameplay Creation and can be further developed if in doubt You can ask for more information at 02-515-3995-9 ext. 5615 or 088-829-2555 or at OIC 1186 hotline or Add Line Official @oicconnect, said the secretary-general of the OIC.

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