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Insurance Aim Car Market

TIC Thai Insurance invite you choose the right Car insurance by your style. New car, drive a lot, like to travel long distance, feel safe 360 degree with the first class insurance Thaivivat Insurance get car insurance and Covid-19 vaccine allergy insurance.

Dr. Mahathana Ampornpisit, Managing Director of TIC Thai Insurance Company, said Car insurance is very important for all cars and drivers because there are many risks of using vehicle on the road all time. Nowadays, there are many car insurance, but in the real life we also still have a question - what car insurance is appropriate with us? From different lifestyle, make a different car insurance too. TIC Thai Insurance; leader of insurance innovation in Thai Group Holdings will recommend you to select the right car insurance from your lifestyle

New car, drive a lot, like to travel long distance, feel safe 360 degree with the first class insurance if you have a new car or a car under 7 years of used, use the car regularly, although short distance from home to office or long distance travel in holiday, look for happiness way on the road and you can pay for high premium insurance, this first class car insurance is the best way fulfill your requirement. Moreover, if you are new driver, the first class insurance is very appropriate for you.

Coverage: First-class insurance covers all damage to your vehicle. And the car and the assets of the parties, including the car crash (live claim) and accidents caused by collisions with any object other than the car (dry claim), such as electric poles, fences, houses, trees as well. In addition, the 1st class insurance also covers the case of lost cars. Fire, flood and theft with protection against accidents of drivers and passengers including the parties when injured or killed It can be said that the first class insurance covers 360 degree care.

The car is not new, drives well, uses the car regularly. but want to be more comfortable in the bag Class 2+ insurance is required if you drive for a long time. Specialized in driving, driving fluently, turning, backing up, parking without fail. The car that is driving is not new. Look for Comprehensive Coverage but would like to reduce the burden of insurance premiums as well This lifestyle requires Tier 2+ car insurance. Coverage: Tier 2+ offers almost the same comprehensive coverage as Tier 1 insurance. Except that the insured can make a collision claim only when there are parties involved. In other words, a live claim can be made. but can't claim dry However, what followed was a lower premium.

Don't drive often, don't worry about the car getting lost in the flood. Emphasis on peace of mind from accidents Tier 3+ insurance is required if you don't drive regularly or drive long distances often and believe your car is not at risk of theft, loss, fire or flooding. Class 3+ car insurance is the right choice for you. Coverage: Insurance Class 3+ takes care of coverage similar to Class 2+, namely car coverage. property and person In the event of an accident with only parties, Class 3+ does not cover the loss of a car, fire, flood or theft. Not only this, Class 3+ insurance also takes care of personal accidents for drivers and passengers. including medical expenses and driver bail from criminal cases as well as Class 1 and Class 2+

Drive very little, old cars, high risk. Must have class 3 insurance. Class 3 insurance is suitable for drivers who rarely drive or use a car very little. There is no risk of theft or flooding. Take the risk of expenses in the event of a high accident But I want to have peace of mind when taking responsibility for the car of the other party Coverage: Class 3 insurance covers only in the event of an accident with both parties and damages to the other party only. Does not cover damage or repairs to the insured's car However, the insured is also covered for personal accident and medical expenses as well as Class 1, Class 2+ and Class 3+ insurance.

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