Hot News: BLA 'Aim' Health'Protection' 100 million
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BLA 'Aim' Health
'Protection' 100 million

BLA "BLA Prestige Health", a maximum coverage of 100 million baht for both outpatient medical treatment (OPD), inpatient and 24-hour emergency accidents around the world.EveryCare

ML Jiraset Suksawat, President and Chief Executive Officer Bangkok Life Insurance PCL revealed that Thai people are highly interested in health issues as seen from The lifestyle of today's people who are smart, intelligent, intelligent, select especially with the selection of products that can meet all health needs. Bangkok Life Insurance has launched an additional contract.

Add new health, BLA Prestige Health that provides a wide range of coverage. Suitable for insurers who need to cover high coverage, covering up to 100 million baht.To cover the area of ??service that is suitable for the behavior of the insured person individually Whether it is protected only in Thailand Or those who travel frequently in Asia and around the world 24 hours a dayWith premium insurance

In addition, from the current behavior of people who need more care. Bangkok Life Insurance therefore offers special services for BLA EveryCare instead of concern. Which is a service Health promotion, just call. 02-777-8989 that will help take care of you every moment Both taking care of the insured before illness Peace of mind when entering treatment And take care of you when leaving the hospital Just have a policy

Company health Can receive services according to the conditions of each policy This product design is therefore designed in tandem with the supplementary service that responds to consumers in today's era.Get real coverage "

BLA Prestige Health promises to add more health to meet consumers who need high medical coverage. Due to illness in foreign countries or even in The country itself has a very high treatment fee. BLA Prestige Health offers medical coverage from 50 million baht and up to 100 million baht per year according to the selected insurance plan.The maximum room is 25,000 baht a day and also provides coverage for outpatient medical care (OPD).

By actually paying inpatient and emergency patients Including dental treatment due to an emergency accident Physical therapy fees and alternative medicine such as acupuncture, natural therapy Bone and muscle therapy And bone arrangement etc. can also choose coverage areas anywhere in the world The most important feature of this insurance is insurance from the age of 11 - 80 years.Maximum coverage up to 99 years old

The President and Chief Executive Officer said that the insurers are also entitled to the BLA EveryCare health promotion service to take care of you every time, including "EveryCare Before preparing for illness "provides medical advice on both Thai and international telephone calls 24 hours a day to help you cope with every problem." EveryCare Special Special peace of mind when treating "with medical allowance services when you receive medical treatment abroad. Worry about traveling

We are ready to help you make a reservation anywhere in the world. And "EveryCare After, take care continuously when leaving the hospital" with ready-to-send car service after treatment Let you worry about the range, Unexpected time And provide advice on nursing care, patient care, rehabilitation, care for you "24 hours a day

Interested, can contact the life insurance agent and financial advisor of Bangkok Life Insurance or call 02-777-8888. See product details on the website. Facebook Fanpage: Bangkoklife or on the official website @BangkokLifeAssurance

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