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Hot News: Insurance Aim UNIT LINKED Market
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Insurance Aim UNIT LINKED Market

OCEAN LIFE, Thai Ocean, launches UNIT LINKED, an alternative way to protect your life with investment in the downturn era. BLA 'Lanche' is a "Gen First 650 (with dividends)" insurance with a total return of 650% throughout the contract with the opportunity to receive dividend Bangkok Life Insurance 'Point' Life insurance market coupled with investment is a potential market Thai people have a better understanding of insurance. 'Accelerate' molding customer care agents

Mrs. Nusara (Assakul) Banyatpiyapoj, Managing Director, Ocean Life Insurance Plc. Love is the power of life. Revealed that the first OCEAN LIFE Thai Ocean to open for sale. Ocean Life Smart Investor Unit Link (99/1) (OCEAN LIFE SMART INVESTOR UNIT LINKED (99/1)) life insurance plan. Investment Pay the insurance premium only once Receive life insurance coverage starting at 120% of the premium paid once Designed to meet the needs of young investors That is looking for an insurance plan that gives an opportunity to create a return on investment according to their needs From quality funds that have been carefully selected by professional investment experts Highly flexible Want to increase investment at any time (Top-Up Premium). Funds can be changed an unlimited number of times and there is no fee. With suggestions from the financial advisor team And modern planning applications So you are confident that there will be a lump sum to give to loved ones

Ocean Life Smart Investor Unit Link (99/1) is insured from the age of 30 days - 70 years. Long life coverage up to the age of 99. Those interested can study the characteristics of the product. Return conditions And risk at or contact the Customer Relations Center Tel. 0 2207 8888

ML Jiraset Suksawat, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bangkok Life Assurance Public Company Limited, said that the life insurance market coupled with investment is a potential market. Thai people have a better understanding of insurance. Therefore, life insurance products with investment Is something that the market is more interested than before

But the problem today is COVID, which makes the personnel in charge of this field Attached to the agent exam Which requires special knowledge in this field Causing insufficient personnel to advise customers Because the person who takes care of this Must be someone who is truly expert in this field Even if they are personnel from securities or finance, they must learn more deeply.

"In the future, the life insurance market in tandem with investment Is another product that will grow in the Thai market, "said ML Jiraset.

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AIA Launches AIA Investment Management (Thailand) Aim The Third-Largest Investment Management

Dr. Mark Konyn, Chief Investment Officer, AIA Group, said that AIA Group is the worlds largest insurance group, with strong investment experience in 18 countries in the Asia-Pacific and over 150 investment management experts across all regions in the world. AIA Group realizes the potential of managing the large amount of assets of AIA Thailand that have been investing in Thailand in the bond, equity and property markets supported by extensive resources across AIA Group. Throughout the 82 years that AIA has been with the Thai people, the company has demonstrated both its strength and potential achieving the largest market share in the country.1 Currently, more than one-third of life insurance policies in Thailand are with AIA,2 ensuring that the company continues to play a vital role in the Thai capital market. The official opening today of AIA Investment Management (Thailand) Limited, or AIAIMT, marks another major milestone for AIA in Thailand.AIAIMT will be one of the countrys largest investment management companies with investment management experts offering more than three decades of experience and successfully managing financial investment. AIAIMT will focus on a sustainable investment policy and operate its business by addressing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles. This is aligned with AIA Groups policy of operating with integrity in accordance with ESG principles to build opportunities to create solid and sustainable returns, said Dr. Konyn.

Mr. Sukkawat Prasurtying, Chief Executive Officer, AIA Investment Management (Thailand), noted that AIA Investment Management (Thailand) was established with 100 million baht in registered capital to manage the assets and investments of AIA Thailands unit linked plans with an aim to deliver investment services and the best benefits to customers. Currently, AIAIMT is the third largest investment management firm in the country with 847 billion baht in assets under management (AUM). The company has a highly experienced team of fund managers accustomed to investing in both the Thai and international markets. AIAIMT will connect with AIA Groups investment network around the world, together with other capable business partners to appropriately and effectively manage investments.

The establishment of AIAIMT is a good opportunity for our policyholders to connect with AIAs global investment network, reinforcing AIA Thailands vision of investing side by side with customers, and managing assets through our world-class expertise and experience as well as using advanced and secure investment technologies in order to generate favorable long-term returns to investors. Also, AIAIMT will provide opportunities to tap into international markets through our well-respected global network and business alliances, which include BlackRock, Wellington Management and Baillie Gifford, opening more doors with the potential for better returns for Thai investors. We invest our own money in the same funds in which you will invest yours, said Mr. Sukkawat.

AIAIMT set up nine new funds, including five local funds and four foreign investment funds. The funds will focus on long-term gains, cover any industry with consistent growth, and will be managed with careful risk management. Initially, AIAIMT launched the five local funds and will launch the foreign investment funds shortly.For more information of AIA Investment Management (Thailand), please contact Tel 0-2535-8822 or

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