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Hot News: Insurance - Safety Insurance Campaign
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Insurance - Safety Insurance Campaign

Mr. Suttiphol Taveechaikarn, the Secretary General of the Insurance Regulatory Commission, revealed that the OIC is one of the boards of directors. Road Safety Directorate It recognizes the importance of solving the road accident problem that causes death and property of the people. The COC has joined.Hand with the insurance industry and road safety network to organize activities to prevent and reduce road accidents in the long holiday season continuously.

In this year, the Insurance Commission has adopted the insurance system to manage the risk to the people fully. With the development of insurance products that meet the needs of the people.The "Songkran Insurrection Insurance Policy (Insurance 10 Baht) (Micro Insurance)" has been launched, which provides protection to people during Songkran Festival.The premium is only 10 baht, coverage in case of death 100,000 baht with coverage period of 1 month.

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