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Hot News: OIC bolsters 'fishing community' at Ban Laem Makham
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OIC bolsters 'fishing community' at Ban Laem Makham

Dr. Suthipol Thaweechaikarn, Secretary-General of the Insurance Business Regulatory Commission (Secretary-General of the OIC) revealed that he led the OIC Mediation of insurance disputes of the Office of the Insurance Commission, executives of the Victims Compensation Fund Life Insurance Fund Manager Representative of the General Insurance Fund Association Management Thai Non-Life Insurance Thai Life Assurance Association President of the Life Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors Association Thai Insurance Brokers Association Along with the management of the insurance company Many companies Go to Ban Laem Makham community at the Laem Makham Village Information Center, Laem Ngop Sub-district, Laem Ngop District, Trat Province in the form of Mobile Insurance Unit.

In the project OIC for the community year 4 by visiting the community at home Ready to listen to the problem Needs of the community To develop insurance products for Able to truly meet the needs of the community As well as lessons learned from the real experiences of the community In the event of an accident from a local fishing boat Honor from Mr. Nataphong Sanguan Chit, Deputy Governor of Trat Province Welcome and join the discussion about insurance knowledge. Including visiting the public relations booth Insurance knowledge of the OIC and the insurance industry.

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