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Hot News: SCBLIFE 'Advises' Consumers to Choose Wisely.
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SCBLIFE 'Advises' Consumers to Choose Wisely.

Mr. Preecha Rutirapong, Executive Vice President Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited or SCBLIFE said that paying taxes is a duty of all Thai people. But we can plan the maximum tax reduction. With the use of deduction. However, tax planning has no fixed rules. It depends on the financial goals and the ability to manage each person's income. Tax deduction is only an added benefit. We should always look at our real financial goals. What financial products should we use to suit our needs? "Life insurance is one of the better alternatives to tax deduction. But life insurance also protects the risk. In the future, SCBLIFE will encourage Thai people to have a better understanding of life insurance. You can choose to meet the objectives. And buy life insurance to meet their needs.

Whether it is to cover the costs of health care for savings or for retirement income. (1) General insurance premiums. The life insurance policy with a coverage of 10 years or more can be deductible at the actual maximum of 100,000 baht. (2) Pension insurance premiums. In addition to helping to earn after retirement. It can also be tax deductible of 200,000 baht or up to 15% of income, when combined with funds sent to the provident fund. Pension Fund The Private School Teachers 'and Students' RMF Funds must not exceed 500,000 Baht, including (3) health insurance premiums. Waiting for the official announcement from the Revenue Department can be deductible at the actual amount of up to 15,000 baht, which, combined with life insurance premiums must not exceed 100,000 baht, in accordance with government policies aimed at promoting preparedness. Medical expenses are likely to increase every year.

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