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Hot News: Generali Get insurance EEC Mega Project
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Generali Get insurance
EEC Mega Project

Generali EEC Mega Projects for State Infrastructure Investment aIm main strategy Innovation and principles of risk management, world class standards.

Mr. Bandit Jiemanukulkit, Chief Executive Officer,The Generali Group of Thailand revealed that Generali Insurance Thailand has adjusted its strategy to support the country's investment drive worth 1.39 trillion baht.

Especially the transportation infrastructure and the Eastern Development Zone (EEC), the investment in the Thai transport infrastructure, both by rail By land and by air It is a good opportunity and trend for the insurance industry.

"Generali believes that the Thai economy and investment trend will continue to drive well from various supporting factors such as continuous investment in the country's infrastructure in various fields. With the strength of Generali We now have the potential for insurance and we receive direct warranty support with the office. Generali Hong Kong region to expand the scope of insurance I believe that with the potential of Generali We will be able to support this growth well, "said Bundit.

To prepare for the country's mega project insurance coverage Generali has organized a workshop to open up the country's investment perspective, especially in Thailand infrastructure investment. (Infrastructure in Thailand) so that relevant agencies are aware and understand the overall picture, which will lead to joint planning and planning for insurance and risk management effectively.

Mr Bundit said that Generali will achieve that. Insurance brokers or brokers are very important when considering referring to large projects. To Generali Thailand, which means that brokers must have confidence and confidence in the potential of Generali. With Know How and the global risk management principles that are the main strategies for considering large-scale infrastructure work Both in Thailand and throughout Asia.

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AIG Thailand Group Continue"Helmets
for Kids"SafetyHelmet Campaign

Mr. IsorasakThesratanavong, CEO and President of AIG Thailand Group, revealed thatcurrently, more than 2 million Thai children travel to schools by motorcycle. However, the survey shows that only 7% of them wear safety helmets, which potentially increase the risk of injury and death. In addition, according to the report from the World Health Organization (WHO), the death rate from road accidents in Thailand was the world's second highest in 2013 with the motorcycle accident as the highest road traffic death threat.For this reason, AIG has initiated the"Helmets for Kids" Safety Helmet Campaignsince 2013, in response toAIG'scorporate social responsibility philosophyunder the concept"Make the world a safer place"in the communities AIG operates.

Meanwhile, AIG Thailand"Helmets for Kids" Helmet Safety Campaignalso collaborates with Mind your Head Club under Don't Drive Drunk Foundation, to raise social awareness for wearing helmets among students, teachers and parents. The campaign also features persons with life-long disabilities directly caused by road accidents as the ambassadorsof "Helmets for Kids" Helmet Safety Campaign, aiming to convey the consequences of not following road safety measures. Over the past 7 years of the campaign, more than 35,000 helmets have been donated in 25 provinces nationwide.With the determination and commitment to create a safe travel society for children and youths, AIG has received the Prime Minister Road Safety Award 2017 in the Road Safety Organization category from the Road Safety Thailand Center. AIG is the only private company to receive this award.

"This year, we continue to pursue"Helmets for Kids" Helmet Safety Campaignfor Thai youths, targeting to reduce the number of deaths and injuries from motorcycle accidents. Based on the latest data from the World Health Organization (WHO), Thailand's fatality rate caused by road accidents has dropped from No. 2 in the world to No.9 in 2018, which shows a promising prospect for this year's campaign to give 10,000 safety helmets to students all over the country to celebrate the centennial anniversary of AIG Headquarters in the United States. The selection will be based on the local schools in provinces that have the highest accidents and death tolls from motorcycles. AIG Thailand has gradually delivered helmets to a number of schools as the Company has recently partnered with NakhonRatchasima Municipality in delivering helmets to children and youths in NakhonRatchasima province," revealedMr. Isorasak.

Mr. Isorasakfurther added that "it is pleasingthat "Helmets for Kids" Helmet Safety Campaign has enabled students and the communities to see the importance of wearing safety helmets. However, AIG will continue to pursue this campaign, knowing that it takes time to raise social awareness and understanding of the dangers from road accidents. Besides, italso takes time to change the behavior of the youths as well as their teachers and parents because even though they own asafety helmet, the more challenging task is to encourage them to wear the helmet frequently."

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