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Hot News: Cigna Insurance - Samaritan Association 'pushes' suicide reduction event
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Cigna Insurance - Samaritan Association 'pushes' suicide reduction event

Mr. Teerawut Suthana Sereporn, Chief Executive Officer of Cigna Insurance Public Company Limited, revealed that apart from focusing on physical health problems, I personally view mental problems as a rapidly growing problem in Thai society as well Which from the above problem Cigna saw the importance and wanted to help address the problem in order to reduce the suicide risk. And reduce depression in risk groups such as children, adolescents, working age, the elderly and chronic patients So we organized this proactive activity.

To be the first line of public awareness Understanding and seeing the importance of taking part in promoting the health of oneself and others. In order to further enhance the suicide surveillance of those around Me and all Cigna employees It is a pleasure to help promote the work of the Samaritan Society. And also praised all the volunteers who came to do this with their true heart. "

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