Hot News: Accelerate "heal farmers"
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Accelerate "heal farmers"

Mr. Anan Suwannarat, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, revealed that the committee considered the appeal for the remedy of the farmers, leaving only 10,284 remedys.From the list of 192,512 appealed farmers to inspect the duplication of measures on June 29, 2020, it was found. There are 189,663 farmers who have been filtered according to the above requirements, which can be classified into different groups, including 73,975 appeals group that meets the criteria for receiving farmers' remunerations. Farmers who do not meet the criteria for payment of remedies under the program, 108,391 cases, 7,297 appeals groups that have to wait for the results of the screening, 10,284 cases.

Farmers who want to know about remedies can check the eligibility of farmers through the www. . Remedy farmers com. 24 hours or check through the BAAC A-Mobile application or via SMS Alert service (SMS alerts can be applied at the branch).

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