Hot News: Kaset Rungrueang Fair, Year 2019
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Kaset Rungrueang Fair, Year 2019

Mrs. Anchana Tracho, Deputy Secretary-General, Office of Agricultural Economics (Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives), Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Revealed that this July Phitsanulok Province Scheduled for the event "Agriculture prosperityFair and good city of Phitsanulok "year 2019 at the field in front of Phitsanulok City Hall Between 12 - 21 July 2019 to publicize the agricultural activities of Province to be known Including promoting learning about new agricultural technologies and innovations To increase the potential for farmers to produce at Promote marketing Create a network and send Enhance career between farmers groups Entrepreneurs together This event There are agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. Has been integrated with relevant agencies in both the government and the region Private members participated in exhibitions, organized activities to educate farmers. And the general public Create a network of links between manufacturers, sellers and consumers to be able to contact and trade without going through merchants.

The middleman is helping to develop the agricultural career. To achieve sustainable security As well as promoting tourism within the province There are exhibitions from various agencies.Office of Agricultural Economics, Office of Agricultural Economics, 2nd Phitsanulok Province (FPO 2) participated in the event By issuing a public relations booth to publish "Farm D" applications toFarmers and colleagues who are interested in the development of such applications To allow farmers to design their own farms Able to analyze the production plan of suitable agricultural products Or adjust to produce products that offer higher returns Which can analyze 3 production plans in order to compare the production plan of the best agricultural products for themselves. Interested in the application "Farm D" can study details. And access via the website of the Agricultural Economics Office By downloading applications via the Android system or canUse On Website via Mobile Phone With internet signal and general computer via which visitors come to visit the prosperous agriculture and good city Song Khwae, who came to visit the booth of the Office of the Higher Education Commission, will have staff to give advice on how to use the application throughout the period of the prosperous agriculture and good events of Song Khwai city.Between 12 - 21 July 2019 at 07.00 - 22.00 hrs. At the field in front of Phitsanulok City Hall And don't forget to visit the ERA booth to get to know the application"Farm D" application that every Thai farmer must have at this time too. Which the staff of the Office of the Prime Minister 2 are happy to give advice to farmers and visitors.

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