Hot News: Herbs - Straw mushrooms - safe vegetables, 'alternative crops, generate income
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Herbs - Straw mushrooms - safe vegetables, 'alternative crops, generate income

Mr. Chantanon Wankharakorn, Deputy Secretary-General of the Office of Agricultural Economics (Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives), Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives revealed that the major agricultural products with the highest economic value of Chachoengsao Province (TOP 4) include rice, mango, Nam Dok Mai White and black shrimp and snapper, which found that the farmers received a net return (profit) from the production of major rice in the area is very suitable (S1) and moderate (S2), averaging 1,822 baht / rai. S3) and not appropriate (N). The farmers get an average net return of 1,444 baht / rai. Nam Dok Mai mango Giving a net return of 13,738 baht / rai of white shrimp With a net return of 17,711 baht / rai and sea bass with a net return of 63,519 baht / rai. White shrimp, vanamy and sea bass are not separated into suitable areas. From comparing the net return of production in the appropriate area (S1 / S2) and the inappropriate area (S3 / N) for rice cultivation To be analyzed as a policy guide and measures to support the management of agricultural products according to the management guidelines of the area according to the agricultural map for proactive management (Agri-Map) in Chachoengsao Province, found that the area is appropriate (S1 / S2 ) For rice cultivation, there are 1,169,706 rai and unsuitable areas (S3 / N) for rice cultivation in the amount of 130,056 rai for alternative products to change rice fields in the area. Inappropriate (S3 / N), farmers can grow other plants.

To supplement household income Is a plant that uses less water And there is definitely a market to support Which has medicinal plants / spices such as production cost 11,949 baht / rai, return 46,278 baht / rai, representing a net return of 34,329 baht / rai. Takhrai production cost 9,281 baht / rai, returns 20,868 baht / rai, representing a net return 11,586 baht / rai, which is consistently preferred by the market, especially in the spice seasoning industry. Or the consumer market in the provinces and outside the province There will be merchants to buy in the production source. Thus reducing transportation costs as well.

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