Hot News: Go ahead, 'chain' of agricultural goods.
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Go ahead, 'chain' of agricultural goods.

Mr. Vinaroj Sapsongsook, Secretary General of the Office of Agricultural Economics (EGAT), Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, revealed that the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.Agricultural cooperation under the framework of the "Bay of Bengal Initiative for Bay of Bengal Initiative Muiti-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation: BIMSTEC has organized a meeting of BIMSTEC exporters on "Value Chain Management of Agricultural Products".July 30-31 in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Participants included representatives from BIMSTEC export countries.Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and Thailand, as well as representatives from the public and private sectors involved in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. To create cooperation between the government and the sector.

Dr. Thanda Kyi, Director of Planning, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, chairs the meeting.Thai representatives from the EPA participated in this. The meeting discussed various issues. Each country offers: 1) Integrating plans driven under the parent plan.The development of logistics and agricultural supply chains in the years 2017 - 2021, and the development and promotion of the agricultural system of Thailand in 2017. 2)

The agricultural value chain of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Under the National Action Plan for Agriculture 2016/2017 - 2220/64 with emphasis on development.Product quality is based on the principle of Myanmar GAP, which is in line with ASEAN GAP, and there is also cooperation with the private sector in the agricultural sector.It covers the whole area of ??7,772 rai, most of which are rice seed production. 3) The cooperation between the government and the private sector focuses on four types of Sri Lanka:Develop value chain Innovation and Technology Transfer Infrastructure development 4) The importance of the development of the value chain.India needs to create an innovative eco-system. To enable new entrepreneurs to produce innovative solutions to the market. Growing business And encourage 5) The agricultural policy of Bangladesh in 2018 focuses on the creation of sustainable supply chains, from producers to consumers, and 6)The private sector of Myanmar has commented that the government should have laws or regulations regulating the parties to the Covenant Agriculture. And should cooperate more closely to develop value chain in member countries.

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