Hot News: Makham Petch Non Thai Hardy fruit Drought-resistant, high-saline soil
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Makham Petch Non Thai Hardy fruit Drought-resistant, high-saline soil

Mr. Somma Yingyad, Director of the Office of Agricultural Economics 5, Nakhon Ratchasima Province (SorBorTor. 5) Office of Agricultural Economics (SorBorSor.) Revealed that Nakhon Ratchasima has an area to grow rice.(Agricultural Information Center as of August 2019), a total of 3,449,117 rai, divided into areas that are very suitable (S1) and moderate (S2) for total rice production2,626,684 rai of land that is less suitable (S3) and unsuitable (N) for rice cultivation, a total of 822,433 rai. If considering in the area of ??Non Thai District, it has 177,417 rai of rice cultivation area.Divided into S1 / S2 area of ??133,155 rai (75 percent of the area) and S3 / N area of ??44,262 rai (25 percent of the area). The S3 / N area is a plateau. Sandy loam And has salted soil, therefore not suitable for rice cultivation Most of the farmers are farmers (cassava, maize), whose production depends on weather conditions.During the past 3 years (2016 - 2018), it was found that Non Thai district produces rice rice with an average yield of 328 kilograms per rai, with an average yield of 334 per rai.Kilograms / rai, while the average yield of Nakhon Ratchasima province for 2018 is 362 kilograms / rai. Therefore, farmers in Non Thai District Therefore need to look for economic crops that are suitable for the condition

The area is drought resistant and saline. As an alternative plant, it is found that tamarind is a suitable fruit. Farmers like to grow non Thai diamonds. With the production cost of 24,395 baht / rai (1 rai plantedApproximately 25 trees), tamarind tree will begin to produce at the age of 8 months or more, the yield per area of ??700 kg / rai of harvest will be released to the market during the months of December - March. The average selling price is 50 baht / kilogram, helping farmers to have a net income of 25,605 baht / rai.

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