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'Focus' tracking solution in space

Mr. Vinarojj Sapsermsuk, Secretary General of the Office of Agricultural Economics, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Disclosed as Secretary of the Board of Directors, Policy Driving and Remedies.Agricultural problems The conference will be held on 13 February at the Royal Irrigation Department, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.The Cooperative is chaired to explain and rehearse to senior management. Ministry of Agriculture Director of the Planning Division from government agencies. Be aware of the management of agricultural products in the area. DriveThai Sustainable Projects and Policies of the Ministry of Agriculture To comply with government policy and Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives in 2018, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. Paid attentionDriving the development of agriculture in the area. The focus. Integration of economic development foundations based on the state. And solve problems in diverse areas. The meeting was held.Consider linking the driving forces of the Ministry of Agriculture.

There are three major issues to be addressed: 1. Guidelines for the implementation of the Integrated Agricultural Product Management Action PlanMinistry of Agriculture Appointed senior executives to guide, monitor and coordinate operations with the subcommittee on the development of the province. Policy Steering CommitteeThe Chief of Operation and the Task Force for Policy and Problem-Solving in Agriculture (Operation Team).Complete Agricultural Products Management It focuses on managing the potential of the province. Great Agricultural Products And products are expected to have problems in each province. The market for agricultural products and Relieve problems and complaints from farmers. This will link the work to solve the problem in the central and regional areas.

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