Hot News: CPF - Alliance 'Underpin' Puppy Chicken for Lunch, Year 18
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CPF - Alliance 'Underpin'
Puppy Chicken for Lunch, Year 18

Mr. Charnchai Harnmuntith, CPF Senior Executive Vice President, said that the project aims to reduce youth malnutrition in remote areas. Students will learn how to properly hog the hen from the staff.CPF to produce quality chicken eggs for lunch. They also practice the management of the work. The school has managed the project effectively.Integration of activities into teaching. Many schools have been able to extend their success to other activities and projects such as fish farming. And grow vegetables safe from toxic substances. Which is food production Additional days of student work. The project also benefited the community in consuming fresh eggs at reasonable prices. While broiler chickens are becoming a viable alternative for students,Reduce expenses and add extra income to the family. Egg hatching for middle school students. The JCC-B model provides support for school construction with equipment.Breeding hens, eggs, food and medicine in the first breeding. Ministry of Education Listed schools to participate in the project. Rural Development Foundation Project Management and Budget Selection

The school will carry out the project. Make a plan of action. Follow up and report the results by having CPF perform the knowledge transfer. Technical and Management Techniques And take care to advise teachers and students who care.Project to maximize production efficiency.

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