Hot News: Melon, a plant, a profitable alternative to beauty Grown throughout the year
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Melon, a plant, a profitable alternative to beauty Grown throughout the year

General Polchet Tancho, Deputy Secretary-General of the Office of Agricultural Economics (SorBorEor.) Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives revealed that alternative crops are interesting Can generate income for farmers in the area of ??Kanchanaburi is "Melon" is a crop that is most popular for farmers in the district of Kanchanaburi. Since it is a plant that is easily cultivated Grown throughout the year Can be grown both in greenhouses and outdoors. Use of agricultural tools and little water Including not much planting space But the return to the high ground and is needed by the market Which the important markets are department stores Gift shop And sold online from the site of the Office of Agricultural Economics 10, Ratchaburi Province (Sor. Sor. 10) by interviewing Mr. Athit Niyomwong, president of the group Melon growers. Suan Kittiya Farm, Lat Ya Subdistrict, Mueang Kanchanaburi District Which has 7 members, planting area of ??37 rai, found that farmers prefer to grow Melon varieties Green Net, Orange and Golden Queen The average production cost is 18,000 baht / cycle / house. Fruit starts at about 35-40 days of harvest, 75-80 days, with an average yield of 1-1.5 tons / cycle / house. Average return (profit) 35,000 baht / cycle / house Selling prices are divided by grade of the product. Grade A is priced at 60-85 baht / kg. Grade B sales price is 40 baht / kg, while grade C price is 25 baht / kg. Farmers will grow in 5x40 meter houses with 55 houses and are expanding by 5 more to 60 houses. Can grow 800 plants of melon / house with a yield of 5,000 - 8,000 kilograms per week. The advantage of growing in a house is that it can be grown throughout the year.

Can reduce the risk of diseases and insects It can reduce the cost of using chemicals and other production factors, as well as reduce the risk of environmental conditions such as dew, heavy rain and sunlight. Melon is a plant that grows in almost all soil types, but the soil suitable for cultivation. The most planted was sandy loam, and the optimum climate was warm, with sufficient sunlight and low relative humidity. Information heat The fruits ripen faster in the winter. When the fruit is the same size as the egg, the fruit will begin to wrap. After wrapping for about 1 month, the fruit can be harvested. Cutting melon In addition to cutting the pole, it must also be cut to attach the branches. By attaching in a T shape after harvesting, can preserve the produce for about 15 - 20 days. In addition, if wanting the melon to be more sweet Should stop irrigation about 5 days before harvesting.

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