Hot News: Labor 'return home' supports agriculture
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Labor 'return home' supports agriculture

Mr Raphiphat Chantarasrivong, Secretary-General of the Office of Agricultural Economics (SorBorSor.) Revealed that due to the outbreak of the virus, Covid-19 Have a broad impact Both to the global economy, to living as well as confidence in consumer products The Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives (Dr. Chalermchai Sri-on) has instructed all departments under the Ministry of Agriculture. Closely monitor the situation of agricultural product production and management As well as increasing channels for bringing agricultural products to the online market and preparing to support labor migration to agriculture (Labor migration), which most recently, the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives (Mr. Alongkorn Ponlabut) made a statement to the media to Ensuring that Will not cause a shortage of products in the country According to the supply chain forecasts for the agricultural production situation of the Office of Agricultural Economics, it is found that the important agricultural products in 2020 are rice, fishery products, livestock products, palm oil, cassava, coconut and sugarcane. Will have sufficient production capacity There is no shortage of products, especially chicken eggs, which Thailand can produce 41 million eggs a day, while domestic consumption has no more than 40 million eggs, therefore there is certainly enough for domestic consumption. And can also be exported if there is a demand

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