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Hot News: Department of Employment 'Reveal' Thai workers to Taiwan most 12,608 people
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Department of Employment 'Reveal' Thai workers to Taiwan most 12,608 people

Mr. Anurak Tossarat, Director-General of Department of Employment, revealed that the Department of Employment has the mission to send Thai workers to work abroad. Thai workers are encouraged to work abroad with dignity and good quality of life. It aims to promote the delivery of Thai workers to work in potential countries. Opportunity to develop skills. To be re-used in the country, especially in the fields that are necessary for the development of the potential of the country, such as Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Israel, etc. The right to work abroad are five ways: 1. Employment companies. transport 2. The Department of Employment (delivery state) 3. The employer brought the employee to work abroad. 4. Employers send employees to study abroad. 5. Job seekers traveling to work abroad themselves. In 2018, 40,000 people were sent to work in more than 10 countries. Overall, during the 7 months of 2018 (January - July 2018), Thai workers were sent to work abroad. 39,926 people, or 99.81%, were sent to work in Taiwan, 12,608, followed by Sweden, Japan, Korea, Israel, respectively, construction workers and general workers.

Going to work abroad is subject to legal requirements. And must travel to work legally. The terms of the employment contract must be carefully examined. The contract must be certified by the Thai Labor Office or the Thai embassy / consulate in that country. If anyone deceives another person to find a job or send it to a foreign country. Offense is punishable by imprisonment of 3-10 years or a fine of 60,000-200,000 baht or both. If job seekers have any doubts about going to work abroad. Please contact the Provincial Employment Office. Bangkok Employment Office, Area 1-10, or Hotline, Ministry of Labor Tel. 1506 press 2 Department of Employment

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