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Hot News: Recruit Thai men 'work' textile in Taiwan
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Recruit Thai men 'work' textile in Taiwan

Mrs. Petcharat Sinuen, Director-General of the Department of Employment, revealed that the Department of Employment has opened recruiting staff to produce textile products. To work in Taiwan with Kingwhale Corporation, which Conducting business on textile and bleaching and dyeing in the amount of 15 rates and increasing the reserve account in the amount of 15, salary of 23,100 Taiwan dollars (TWD) or approximately 23,900 baht (exchange rate Change as of January 16, 2018: 1TWD = 1.0372 baht) Qualifications Male, age 20-45 years Education qualification from junior high school (m.3) up from the military service The eye is in the level of 0.8 - 1.5 and is not colorblind. The condition is completely healthy. Employment period of 3 years, working 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week. Job seekers are responsible for food and accommodation expenses per month.2,500 Taiwan dollars Health insurance premiums and labor insurance premiums The company is responsible for expenses, making matters into Taiwan.

When working for 30 days and returning to Thailand When working in accordance with the contract While providing free snacks during the overtime period Interested applicants can apply on their own, along with proof of application. Copy of identification card, copy of bookTravel (if any), copy of educational qualification Proof of freeing the burden of military service, 2-inch color photographs filed at the provincial employment office in every province. Bangkok Employment Office Area1-10 or Thai Labor Administration Division to go abroad Department of Employment Bangkok Social Security Office Building, Area 3, 10th Floor, Mitmaitri Road, Din Daeng District, Bangkok From now until February 13, 2019.

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