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Hot News: 'Foreign workers' suggest that 3 foreign nationals (Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar) must comply with the law.
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'Foreign workers' suggest that 3 foreign nationals
(Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar) must comply with the law.

Mr. Varanon Peetiwan, Director General, Department of Employment. The Ministry of Labor stated that the employment of foreign workers, 3 nationalities, the government currently has no policy to open the register of illegal migrant workers. Therefore, employers / enterprises wishing to employ 3 foreign nationals (Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar) Imports of legal work in accordance with the MOU system can only be implemented in two cases: 1. The employer is a black person. Nin himself 2. Employers authorize the licensee to carry out. By employers who want to hire foreign workers to work, but no foreign workers. This can be done by applying for quotas and applications for importing foreign workers at the provincial employment offices of all provinces. Or Bangkok Job Bureau, area 1-10 in the area where the establishment is located. The case of migrant workers already employed and want to correct. Asks employers to check documents of foreign workers there. 1. Identity of the person not registered in Thailand. (Pink card) on the back is a work permit and has not expired. Or 2. Have a passport / document instead of a non-Immigrant L-A visa stamp? Or 3. Are there any blue work permits that have not expired? If any documents are found, the employer may apply for a work permit or change the employer, as the case may be. Employers with foreign workers already work without a work permit issued by the Department of Employment. Constitutes illegal employment of foreign workers. Can not hire them

In 2016, there were 351,833 registered importers, up from 2558 with 227,129 registered employers or 54.90%. In April 2017, the number of foreign workers permitted The 403,124 MOUs in the MOU category of the three most authorized businesses are: 1. 87,836 services; 2. 71,648 construction businesses; The farm of 55 272 people at the inquiry. Provincial Employment Office in Bangkok Employment Office in Bangkok 1-10 Department of Employment website. www.doe.go.th or call. Call the Department of Employment in 1694.

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