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Hot News: Marigold flowers in Thailand bowed to his father.
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Marigold flowers in Thailand bowed to his father.

Mr. Suthi Sukosol, Director-General of the Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Labor said that the project. "Grow Mother's Day MarigoldFather's Day ". And the Skill Development Office across the country. Marigold flower growing area.Office building on Mother's Day on August 12th to bless the bloom during the royal ceremony.Rama 9 to bow in memory of the grace. Father of the Thai Engineering Standards The government announced the rite.His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej - October 25, 2017

The marigolds are planted at each unit. Yellow flowers bloom throughout the area.office building And will bloom until October 31, 2017 by inviting people. Establishment of joint flower planting.Yellow or yellow flowers, so that the royal ritual offerings to the royal funeral is yellow with the cover.

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