Hot News: 'Random checks on state-run schools
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Random checks on state-run schools

Pol Lt Col Wannop Somjintanakul, deputy secretary-general of The Office of Public Sector AntiCorruption Commission (PACC) has ordered random checks on state-run schools after another 10 in the Northeast were found to have exaggerated their student enrolment numbers. The investigation was carried out after Rangsirot Palawat, the new director of the school, made the discovery.

This prompted the PACC to launch the nationwide checks to find out if any more schools under the Obec's jurisdiction were guilty of falsely reporting student numbers, he said.The PACC has yet to seek any coordination with the Obec regarding the findings. However, it has ordered all of its area offices to begin the random checks this week. The PACC aims to prove the irregularities in the schools' reports of their student numbers and delve deeper into their past budgetary spending, he said.

Obec secretary-general Boonrak Yodpetch said, Obec has ordered all schools in the Northeast that stand accused of exaggerating their student numbers to receive more subsidies from the government to avoid paying these "ghost students" until a probe by the Office of AntiCorruption in Public (OACP) is complete.

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