Hot News: Liver disease is silent but bad to life
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Liver disease is silent but bad to life

Dr. Saad Triphongkaruna, MD, Head of Surgery Rajavithi Hospital said that the liver is the largest organ in the body. Acts to remove toxins from the blood Build some immunity to fight infectious diseases. And get rid of germs from the blood Which the liver is very important to the body Therefore, liver disease causes an impact on the quality of life of people. Such as patients with cirrhosis There have been estimates that cirrhosis is the leading cause of death of 25,000 people worldwide every year. It is also the 8th leading cause of death from disease. Liver transplant surgery Therefore is the only survival of patients with cirrhosis, liver cancer and acute liver failure patients. Which, if not undergoing surgery to keep pace Will result in the death of the patient.The most important part in liver transplantation is Is to receive organ donations from those who died Which the agency that handles organ donation at the moment is the organ donation center, the Thai Red Cross Society which serves As an intermediary for organ donation by coordinating to various liver transplant centers throughout the country and arranging the queue for each organ Except for emergency cases with acute liver failure patients who meet the criteria set by the Red Cross Will set a special sequence as the first queue because such conditions are emergency situations that will make the patient die if not receiving timely liver transplantation.

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