Hot News: 'Andrew Biggs' launches ABC
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'Andrew Biggs' launches ABC

Andrew Biggs, Australian author, writer and founder of English language school Andrew Biggs Academy, today announced the launch of ABC, a website dedicated to English language learning for Thais.ABC is a one-stop shop for English language learning in Thailand for anyone, aged between 0 and 85 years, who would like to get proficient at English. For an annual fee of just THB 3999, or THB 11 a day, subscribers get access to over 1000 videos and a diverse array of resources designed to improve their English.The main two resources are Video On Demand and Live Online Learning.

Video on Demand includes the largest collection of learning English video clips in Thailand. This is for self- study and students can access any of the videos as a course or a one-off brush-up. There are courses for babies, students, teens, adults and the elderly. Courses are both general and for specific needs. Some of these videos include English for beginners; English for general conversation; grammar and exam prep lesson for GAT-PAT, IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC; Business English; and English for professionals in hospitality, restaurants and other industries. New videos will be added every day. Live online learning is one-on-one teaching by qualified English language teachers for kids, teens and adults. Classes are divided into 25 minutes block and students can select their favorite teacher, time and course per their convenience. According to the Global Digital Report 2019, there are 57 million internet users in Thailand. The country's average daily time spent on the internet via any device is 9.11 hours, with 3.44 hours watching TV which includes video-on-demand.

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