Hot News: 'Marigold Flower' Throughout Thailand, King Rama 9 to Paradise
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'Marigold Flower' Throughout Thailand, King Rama 9 to Paradise

Yellow Marigold ... Throughout Thailand all October and throughout the year ...

Yellow symbol The color of the king of the great. We are blessed in our hearts.

Now both public and private. Public Have bowed devotion. By planting yellow marigolds at home, office, department store, shop and government offices.

When we leave home You will experience the scenery on both sides of the main road, both in Bangkok. And provinces Yellow marigold flowers. The rain is beautiful. .... Thai people. And foreign tourists. Have a great experience in this period.

That is only part of the bow to the mournful of Thai people of all ages and occupations to the royal father of the reign of the 9th.

But the most important thing is to live the life of the great king. He has many tasks. For your people

Sufficiency, modesty, integrity, virtue, good work, generous. Sharing the underprivileged is what we should follow.

Philosophy of Life Even we Thai people will follow only a fraction of life. It will result in mental happiness. Do not get lost in the power of currency and power, which is not something.