Hot News: Catch Up on 'product-insurance' health is hot.
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Catch Up on 'product-insurance' health is hot.

Global trends, more popular health care, both in Europe, the United States and Asia, etc.

Therefore, health-related products both dietary supplements exercise equipment medical equipment and health insurance has increased sales.

Since people of all genders and ages are starting to care more about their health than before, in terms of teenagers, they turn to exercise during online classes such as surfing skating. because it is exercise that can be played alone which can maintain social distance Social Distancing as well.

teenagers and some working people There was a gathering for skating. to keep the body healthy and greatly relieve stress during this period

Current Celebs People in the entertainment industry and the general public, both teenagers and adults. Turn to exercise by skating more.

Therefore, the insurance business sees a channel. Create products to prevent accidents from skating surfing. Penetrate the target market.

Both large and medium camps flock to launch insurance. from skating.

There is also a wide selection of health-related products, preventing COVID-19, allergies, and vaccinating COVID-19.

But you have to choose the one that suits your wallet. and checking how much insurance is covered Is the after-sales service good? Because in this era, money is scarce. Be careful when shopping.