Hot News: Recapture! 'King of the land' adheres to a self-sufficient lifestyle
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Recapture! 'King of the land' adheres to a self-sufficient lifestyle

Entering the final arc at the end of the year December is a month of consecutive holidays. And there are many important days in Thailand together.

Starting from the 5th of December of every year, the reign of King Rama IX, the King of the land Thai people embrace the royal duties That is beneficial to the nation, more than 1,000 projects and are carried on in the present era.

And most importantly, it is the philosophy of Sufficiency Living. We can adapt to use in our daily life. Or small, medium, large, start-ups, SMEs, etc.

If we Thais adhere to the principle of living sufficiently, having enough to eat enough, will be able to overcome many crises in the long run. Without having to wait for hope for others to help all the time.

Even though this world will have to face the terrible COVID-19 natural disaster, human disaster. Economic stagnation Many other dangers

If humans do not crowd each other, do not abuse each other, do not take advantage Don't think in extreme ways Regardless of other people A leader who runs the country honestly, not just using his family and relatives, the country will be able to move forward.

Any age world Not only adheres to politics Everything must go hand in hand, both politics, economy and society, Asian way of life, Thai style, if we reduce the conflicts of thinking .... that are different Do not think that your own side is the only one. Quiet power is still a large part of the country. If all parties come to an agreement Hold on the middle line We can live together peacefully ...

When the nation is at peace, trade and livelihood will continue sustainably. Despite the global economic slowdown If we have an idea Living a positive life We will continue walking steadily.