Hot News: Songkran, Thai New Year, in Summer 2019
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Beware! Summer forest fire ...

Today our world is heating up every day. The weather changes rapidly, confusing seasons, cold, rain, change ...

We noticed that many forest fires occurred in the province. Especially in the north, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lampang and air pollution The consequences are that tourists are declining.

In large cities or communities Often fire Both by accident Or human negligence.

The latest fire incident at Central World Causing many deaths and injuries.

So during this summer Everyone must be fully careful. Do not underestimate. Because of the fire Causing great damage in many communities in many cities.

Both wildfire and fire in the city Everything can be prevented. If we use caution at all times.

If all parties join together Serious protection All the fire will fade. We will live in a world without fear. The danger caused by human clutches and natural disasters.