Hot News: Cacth Up! New investment invests in the market.
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Cacth Up! New investment invests in the market.

In the digital world, investment, trade, finance, everything is using innovation. And new styles. Not the same ...

ICO X in Thailand and in the world. There are many companies. Use the new investment model. To attract investors.

Last Start Up on Robot creation ICO X is one of the most innovative and innovative models in the world.

Along with the road show overseas to motivate new and old investors to invest in this market.

The launch of J Mart and Start Up Tech in the Thai market. It shows that Thai investors. Interested in innovation and new investment styles. Different from the original investment.

I have to admit that I'm not the only one. Take control measures. Not too risky for investors. At the beginning of the investment.

New Investment Trends The next will happen. Thai investors must study carefully. And invest all the money. What is the profit? The risk is high as well.