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LISA, LALISA Power's Brand!!


The music thumpedthe melody, the music, the lyrics, the dancingand the dance. with dress Jewelry, light, sound, spectacular scene, many famous brand sponsors, great bang in the first music video, MV girl artist LALISA SOLO SINGLE ALBLUM, one of the girl groups BLACKPINK BLACKPINK who created a global phenomenon. Soaring to the world's number one on social media, SOCIA MEDIA, breaking records on all platforms including YOUTUBE, TWITTER, FACBOOK, etc.

Within 24 hours, Lisa has 10 million views on YOUTUBE, TWITTER, FACBOOK, IG as well. Currently, YOUTUBE has near 200 million views global followers, IG has over 59 million persons followers worldwide, 800,000 pre-order sales. The highest album in the KPOP industry.

Not only Blink, people all over the world who have seen Lisa's MV will be amazed at the talent of this 24-year-old wonder woman, the representative of GEN Z people who have been chasing their dreams since childhood. Korean KPOP is her dream destination. "Believe in yourself" That's how she revealed her feelings for the new generation on WOODY SHOW. to the golden throne in the future

Behind the scenes of the 3.2-minute MV LALISA, which took four days to shoot, there are spectacular scenes. that represents Thainess Lisa's birthplace is Prasat Hin Phanom Rung Historical Park. that is unique in Buriram Province historical attraction Followed by Thai modern dress Lamphun silk with emperor pattern. Raised gold...decorated with Swarovski crystals, creating a single-shoulder shirt, a long cape, maintaining the identity of a traditional Thai dress, made by ASAVA pig or Polpat Asavaprapha, a high-ranking lady's siraporn. or head ornaments top tiara flower gardenia Indicates stability and growth, craftsmanship of designer Praphakat Angsu Singh and beautiful jewelry, The Flowers of Lisa by Saran brand SARRAN and others Sangwan bracelets, bracelets.

There is also a fast food restaurant scene. write in Thai Indicates the street food restaurant of Thailand STREET FOOD, as well as the bright scene... Decorated with Thai fruit trees in Lisa's house, including papaya, coconut and bougainvillea.

And the most highlight is the magnificent scene of Phanom Rung Hin Phanom Rung. Old architecture in the reign of Jayavarman II, every year a natural phenomenon occurs. The sun shines through the 15 gates of the stone castle. Every April and September 8-10, in this scene Lisa leads the team. Thai dance and Isaan style Mix it up with a fun KPOP style dance in the style of a rap girl. As a result, Thai language, Thai food, art and culture historical attraction and Thai way of life It was released all over the world with LALISA's awesome MV.

"My Life" is the concept of LALISA's first MV that she told the director and YG ENTERTAINMENT staff. Make your dreams come true....

Today's Wonder Woman Lisa LALISA has endured a dream...stepping through various obstacles. Both the different lifestyles, the language used, the society to live in, and the fierce competition in the land of Kimchi. She stepped onto the golden throne of Blinks around the world, both young and old. The new generation and working people become Super Star, the world's most influential woman.

Not only the fame that Lisa globally recognized Revenue from the share of sales of albums, photobooks, etc., revenue sharing, labels 30%, artists 70%, revenue from events, labels 40%, artists 60%, and international events, labels 50%, artists 50%, data from Praew. Indicates that the income of the artist's solo work, such as a 2-hour event, the artist receives an income of about 5 million baht or more, a presenter of about 20 million baht or more for Lisa, a brand ambassador, a presenter For famous brands such as CELINE, BVLGARE,LOUIS VTONG, MAC, TENSEN, S7 VEVO, DOWNEY, AIS, KBANK, MOON SHOP, DENTISTE, etc.

As a result, the income of Lisa and the BLACKPINK members jumped into the shadows. According to Koreaboo's assessment, the income of the four girl group BLACKPINK is estimated at $6-8 million each, or about 197-263 million baht.

In addition, Lisa's reputation creates a trend of 'Lisa Fever', Thai products, jewelry, Sampeng area, Yaowarat, costume shops, Ornaments Sukhothai, Phanom Rung Stone Castle ,meatballs stand to eat Chili Paste Recipe meatball factory resurrected again Create cash flow for the Thai economy all classes at once.

The next step of LALISA Power's Brand will soar to hit the hearts of all generations around the world, including music, rap, dance, lifestyle, clothes, hair, accessories, and more with her own brand What's My name? What's My name? LALISA Super's Brand.