Hot News: Back To School 2018
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Back To School 2018

Back To School 2018 War, Trade, Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Books and School Supplies.

This year, Big Department Store, Modern Trade stores began to compete Promotion.

BIG C announces discounts on products ranging from 10-30%, followed by Tesco Lotus, Makro and others as well as stores. I compete with the dump.

There are also strategies to reduce the exchange to give incentives for customers to shop at the department store or modern trade or their own.

This year, parents will need to use credit cards, pawnshops, outlaw loans. To turn the money into shopping for children to buy.

This year some schools some educational institutions. The price of the other value up again with the promotion of digital learning equipment to fight the fight between the international and fierce.

We hope currency Money more than 10,000 baht in Thailand for Back To School 2018