Hot News: Vaccines against COVID 'support' economic recovery
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Vaccines against COVID 'support' economic recovery

The status of COVID-19 continues to rampage around the world, never stop But the people of the world can still feel that The COVID vaccine is here.

And many countries are already starting to have vaccinations Both UK, US and Asian countries

In Thailand, 70 million doses of vaccination goals are free, starting the first lot of vaccination 200,000 doses, injuring 100,000 people this February, another 800,000 doses of 400,000 people this March and 1 million doses of five hundred thousand. 26 million people this April, 13 million people this May

There is also a vaccine. Where to order more from Astra Senaga And produced in Thailand itself again To prepare fully to fight COVID

You can see that the light has begun to appear. When Thai people have been fully vaccinated Will have the power to fight the COVID crisis sustainably

When humans are healthy Can work fully The world economy and in Thailand Can move forward strongly

Even though it takes a while Than everything will be the same But this year many parties are confident that The Thai economy will slow only at the beginning of the year, as the second and third quarters overall businesses should move forward.

The team asks Thai people to be strong. Go through the COVID crisis together, but during this time, don't forget to wear a mask, wash your hands often, eat hot, spoon yourself and keep your social distance. SOCIAL DISTANCING We will break through the obstacles in the year of the cow to get through ....