Hot News: The State of Taxation e-business Anyone Who Receive or Lost?
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The State of Taxation e-business Anyone Who Receive or Lost?

At the end of this year. The government has changed many taxation processes for many businesses, new business

This type of business both Thai and foreign trade. Transactions increase every year. Chinese people are world class merchants. Have invaded the online market every day. Online Trading Estimates 100,000 Baht

The government, especially the Revenue Department Accelerated tax collection. To bring revenue to the country. The law has been amended 3 areas as follows: 1. Amendments to the Revenue Code.Increasing international trade 3. Pay 15% withholding tax at online payment.

Many parties expect that the law will come into force next year. It is expected that this taxation. Will increase revenue to the IRS over the past. But fix it. Should announce to the relevant person. Anticipate The online merchant is the buyer, so be prepared to log in correctly.

Information dissemination to the public. It is essential to affect most people. Need to expedite the knowledge. Both good and bad. The public will receive from each modification.

Used to trade e-business and other businesses. The most important thing is that those involved in the system must be transparent, honestly, otherwise it becomes even greater. Thecomplexity of the business process. Double taxation As a result, the business is not fast and not growth.