Hot News: 'Wake up' Thai People, Save the world, Save The Environment
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'Wake up' Thai People, Save the world, Save The Environment

It's almost rainy season. Thunderstorms all over Thailand cause flooding and landslides causing widespread damage to houses, boats, gardens, farms and rice fields.

Some families who have just recovered from Long Covid are facing another natural disaster. Many families were completely exhausted.

It can be seen that natural disasters are becoming more and more severe every day. Due to human invasion of nature, forests, hills, lands, lands, shifting cultivation, tourism, resulting in the deterioration of nature.

The ecosystem of the forest, flora, fauna, and wildlife must adapt to a new way of life. Living with human beings in today's world Some wildlife species are not adaptable. went extinct More and more news of wild animals attacking villages for food.

At the same time, our global environment It changes rapidly, including the soil, water, wind, fire, and air surrounding humanity.

Therefore, man must learn to live with nature. Preserve and create a livable environment including seriously conserving rivers, forests, mountains, rivers and canals

Otherwise, humans will face more severe natural disasters every year. including disasters from earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, landslides, avalanches, and forest fires, etc.

It's not too late for us Thai people. will campaign to help save the environment help plant trees Do not destroy nature, wildlife, wild plants, because both forests, animals and humans It's like a chain of lives that depend on each other forever ...