Hot News: The Hi Brand is Based in Thailand.
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The Hi Brand is Based in Thailand.

The last quarter of this year. Department stores, wholesalers, retailers, hotels, restaurants. In stock And launch new products.New Year's Eve.

Especially the luxury in our home, OFF LINE, ONLINE and DIGITAL

In addition, these world-class brands. Opened the store in Thailand at a bustling ICON SIAM luxury.

Apple's global brand, H & M, GUCCI, JD Sports, clothing leaders. Sports shoes And many brands. Followed by many open.

That indicates that the upper middle-income market. In Thailand, there is a buying power. The rich market. High end brand aiming

Although the overall economy has slowed down, the luxury market has continued to grow.

Not only rich people in Thailand. The rich neighbors CIMV also parade. Brand Shop Both Thai and international brands. Increase every year

Today's Premium Brands Marketing and Product Marketing The world's most famous brand, Greyhound, the line break out the mind.New generation and tourists every year.