Hot News: The New Wave of Covid Hits The High-So-Artist-Businessman.
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The New Wave of Covid Hits The High-So-Artist-Businessman.

Coming soon ... strong ... many waves of disasters, COVID collapse across the country. Especially entertainment sources Luxury clubs

The new wave of COVID is rampant in almost all circles, including nobility, politicians, artists, doctors, medical personnel, civil servants, workers and ordinary people. Being hit by many professions at once.

As a result, many private hospitals and the government have massively flocked to check for COVID. Some private hospitals Must hurry to announce the closure of the examination Because the test solution is not enough.

The government announced the establishment of a field hospital. Both in Bangkok And risky provinces To support COVID patients.

It can be seen that the COVID disaster is quite rampant. Because it is a disease that spreads rapidly And adjust yourself at any time Develop into new species.

Due to the many strains of COVID Can be resurrected and rampant continuously. Despite the fact that a vaccine that prevents COVID has been released But it is still only temporary relief Not a sustainable defense ...

So we don't panic. Be sure to wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, keep a social distance.

Important to exercise regularly Get enough rest Stay healthy To fight new disasters and new pathogens To come out on another rampage