Hot News: Keep an eye on! High-speed train 'Thai-Chinese'
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Keep an eye on! High-speed train 'Thai-Chinese'

One Belt One Road ' Both in ASEAN, Asia, Europe and Middle East etc.

Thailand itself in the government. One Belt One Road with one of Hispeed Train's two Thai-Chinese high speed trains, namely Nong Khai - Korat - Kaeng Khoi - Map Ta Phut and 731 km. And Kaeng Khoi - Bangkok, a total distance of 133 kilometers, totaling 867 kilometers. 400,000-500,000 million

At the same time, the Thai-Japanese high speed rail project has been approved by the Thai government. Can be started immediately. The Japanese side is responsible for the investment.

While the 'Thai-China' high speed rail project is not yet finalized, the Chinese side must move ahead with the project. There is another negotiation with the Thai government. Due to the problem of examinations of architects and engineers based on the license. Thai law

It's important that this government. It must be realized that the negotiation must be based on the nation, so every negotiation must be as thorough as possible.

If the government uses M.44, it must negotiate the transfer of rail technology from China. In order to continue, Thai people will have the opportunity to develop. Transportation Management System Rail System Two-way land administration. It should be Thai.Or joint venture with Thai companies

Thailand is a small country in the eyes of foreigners. But we should show it to foreigners. Our country is a small country. But it has the potential to be a center of transportation, tourism, food trade, aviation. And health, etc., link in a sustainable ASEAN ...