Hot News: Tasting, Shopping, Who Get Who Lose It?
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Tasting, Shopping, Who Get Who Lose It?

At the end of the year The government plans large-scale marketing campaigns, shopping, using the first and second phases. That will follow closely

This campaign, the state hopes to encourage Thai people. Start using the Digital Internet App Wallet to seriously enter the cashless society in the future.

For applying for this campaign, there is full, both filling in the details yourself. ID card, face after face scan to confirm identity before being eligible to send an email and must be received Confirmation by SMS. Shopping. Use 1,000 baht.

However, this campaign is limited to registering midnight onwards. And requires speed Active in each step Elderly lapses As for those who have applied, then there is a problem.Time to use because people flock to use the service a lot Especially retail stores Big shop Restricted branches used

As for hotels, if it's an internet location, there is a problem. Identity verification was not possible. Users therefore have to pay cash. Or use their own credit card to pay instead

But there are parts that can be used Most will be used to buy products. Food necessary for life Rarely travel As the government expected Numbers of people entering this campaign 10 Million people. Result, the government pays 1,000 million baht. People pay by themselves only 10 million baht.

Big stores are pleased. Because income is rising But the small stores and small stores didn't get any good results from this campaign. Rich people become richer. As for the middle and lower level people, until it falls ...

If the second shopping tasting campaign is used If not correcting the defect And have not really turned to solving the root cause of the bad economy It will become even more aggravated by those who spend the night.Rather than helping to stimulate the economy to improve Like rich and concentrated Moreover, it also distorts the consumer market mechanism. And fraudulent public spending behavior Disguise ... because there is no truly free item in the world. Everything has to be exchanged. In this campaign, the government obtained information from the villagers conveniently.

But if you are optimistic, if you take Big Data to further improve the living Both health And making a living Will help the villagers to live life and health better sustainably ...