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Catch Up! Over Advertising Movie

The End of the Year, This is the holiday season. And vegetarian festivals The owner of the product must fight the campaign to meet the consumer. Tutor School, Tourism And shopping malls. Lalin Event Welcome children and teens.

In addition, snacks, supplements, beverages and water also promoted the vegetarian festival as well.

Celebrities and artists I was drawn as a product presenter. Both celebrities, celebrities, singers, both Thai and foreign, such as Pop - Bella 'A Little' Theeradej BNK49 and the band.The Korean is a magnet to attract customers.

When an artist is a presenter or brand, an ambassador generates more fan fashions. Being a fan, celebrity artist, singer, the band resulted in the emergence.Browse for those artists and use the items or buy the ones that are the presenter. Make money for the owner.

Current events Advertising and PR must be integrated into the original media, especially new media, social media.

So when consumers target the audience with Social Media, they will find campaigns that star artists are presenter.

In addition to branding, Consumers It may turn to the product. With brand presenter If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.