Hot News: The "Economy" Slow Down - Dangerous "COVID-19"
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The "Economy" Slow Down - Dangerous "COVID-19"

Although around the world and in Thailand Will be a difficult period in human life Because once again faced with the ultimate test of life: the economic downturn and the spread of the new strain of COVID-19.

Virus of this species Fierce and more serious than the SARS virus Because the disease can be transmitted quickly and severely from humans to humans, especially children, workers and elderly people with chronic illnesses. Will be very affected To the point of death

Currently, the United States, Spain and Italy giants have tens of thousands of people infected. Thousands have died As for Asia, maybe less. But other impacts may come from economics, mental health, and people's lifestyles.

In Thailand itself The bad virus continues to spread. Spread throughout the country more than 50 provinces have already been infected with COVID-19, both from the boxing audience. At the Lumpini Boxing Stadium Group of religious travelers in Malaysia Groups of people traveling from foreign countries Foreigners and Thais from foreign countries Travel to Thailand etc.

Despite being a harsh period for many families But let us not despair ... or panic .... The weakness of the virus is the fear of healthy people. If we take care of ourselves, eat hot, medium spoon and wash hands frequently. Do not go to risky areas Avoid contacting people in a crowded area. Or have a business need, must wear a mask Hurry and go home. Work at home instead during the epidemic.

The government itself Issued measures to help unemployed people Both from daily work, regular job or self-employed By going to register for PromptPay Krung Thai Bank, GSB and BAAC will receive a grant of 5,000 baht per month for a period of 3 months.

Business sector Both large, medium and small businesses, SMEs, Start Up Bank reduced the interest on loans, saving reduced to 0.10-0.25%, Bank of Thailand reduced the interest rates to 0.1-0.35% to help with financial liquidity.

During this period, only Thai people should be patient. Take care of yourself and your family, work at home, WORK FROM HOME. If any department can't stop at home Ask to take care of yourself From traveling away from home to work Mass public transportation including buses, subway, MRT, BTS, airplanes and ships have adjusted measures. Let Thai people stand and wait Or take a car at a distance of 2 meters to prevent virus infection

Fight, fight! Thai people and Thailand, we are going through the economic crisis. And the COVID-19 catastrophe.