Hot News: Catch Up! Invest gold during the Chinese New Year
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Catch Up! Invest gold during the Chinese New Year

Open the golden years The world is getting hotter. Because US leaders Trump announce Iran Resulting in a global warming than before Many are scared of the occurrence of World War 3.

Later, when the situation of both countries Began to unwind The anxiety of the people of the world Began to decrease as well

Right now, like going into the Chinese New Year festival. Or Chinese New Year And Thai people of Chinese descent

Resulting in the price of gold Gold jewelry skyrocketed Because there is more spending than before Some people buy it to collect. Some people buy to give offs, children, followers.

Gold shop in Yaowarat area Various department stores There are people buying and selling gold, selling gold, although the overall picture is not as busy as last year.

In addition, current gold trading There are more online purchases than in the past. Because the new generation Gold trading hits online

But be careful Ordering gold from reputed stores Or doesn't have a storefront at all Must be very careful of being deceived

Catch Up! Should the gold and gold jewelry business increase sales or not? In the Year of the Golden Rat, we have to look closely ...