Hot News: Tasting and shopping using Phase 3 to stimulate the economy ??
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Tasting and shopping using Phase 3 to stimulate the economy ??
The government of Launc, Shopping Shop Tasting Campaign Phase 1-2, as well as preparing 3 stores and 100 campaigns to travel all over Thailand In order to stimulate the Thai economy again At the end of the year

Such marketing campaigns Aims to Thai people to spend money in the second half of the year As the overall economy continues to slow down

Although there are various conditions And have to wait to solve each step But a new generation and a part of working people Have already used the Shopping Tasting Campaign, using Phase 1 and Phase 2.

And many people are preparing to win a shopping experience using Phase 3, expecting to have to study more conditions and details

The optimistic impact is the big department stores participating in the campaign. Received part of the income from all shoppers.

Just some sub-stores Didn't benefit from that campaign at all Since some Thai people turn to use the service of shopping, using the government

Resulting in revolving funds But in a large, medium-sized business, the tiny one becomes even more critical.

Regardless of which campaign It will have good results and bad results. But using marketing campaigns to manage the country Will only stimulate the economy in the short term Does not bring long-term benefits

The best way is to push and encourage knowledge. Open opportunities and create job opportunities. Generate income for the new generation. And general Thai people Develop knowledge and apply it to your career And sustainable start-up businesses and SMEs ...