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Catch Up! 500 TukTuks Fund

In the fast changing world Economic sector International Trade, Investment.

New business has launched many. High Tech Services, Innovations, Food Tech Health Tech, and Tech.

500 TukTuks Fund is a strong fund. Fundraising to Start Up with New Ideas And can make huge revenue quickly.

500 TukTuks Phase Two Raises Big Business in Thailand Some businesses are involved in the venture, such as Central TCP, Sahapat Inter, and Watcharapol.

The goal of these groups is to break the trend of new investment and support Start Up with new ideas. To grow fast and strong.

Fund Strengths 500 TukTuks is a global affiliate fund. Terra Acclerator, SOSV, Chinaccelerator, MOX and more.

So, the big business of Thailand. The strategy is to invest in such funds. It's to grow your business. And create a new business. Give the opportunity to the company and the new generation. Continue to be sustainable. In the digital age Rapid and intense changes in the twinkling of an eye.