Hot News: Catch Up! New Gen. Unemployed?
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Catch Up! New Gen. Unemployed?

At the end of this year. It's the entry into the high season of many types of businesses. Both Tourist, Department store, High end, products Organizing events

Although Thailand is spending more at the end of the year, it is a very cautious spending this year. The overall Thai economy is slowing. Especially the villagers.

Because many private companies. The organization has been reduced staffing, especially media business.

Therefore, graduates who have graduated in social, communication during this time will be less likely to work. But there is no chance. Because most out-of-age people are elderly. When the personnel out, it must get new staff to replace.

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) figures show that the number of people unemployed in July was 476,000. The unemployment rate was 1.2%. The unemployment rate rose to 85,000. Last year, 253,000 people graduated from the total number of unemployed.

But with the following observations, new generations tend to own more of their own business. Both online sales of coffee shops, bakeries, clothing stores, shoes or other.

These new generations. Many people turn themselves into Start Up, doing their own business, focusing on innovation and small businesses. Meet the market people buy behavior change to buy a living style.More self

So the number of unemployed new graduates is in fact a new generation turning to private business. Own more business. According to the lifestyle of the people of the Millennium. Who do not like to work regularly In a private or government organization, I prefer to do my own thing more.