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Talk of The Town, Call Out Stars!

Celebrities, singers, celebrities in the entertainment industry have called out on social media to call on the government to provide an effective vaccine. to inject to people who have not been vaccinated amid the ongoing and severe COVID crisis situation.

The expressions of celebrities, singers, and celebrities express their opinions on facts. Without infringing on other people, it can be done, except that some people may express opinions. With insulting, rude words towards other people, you must be careful here.

Keep an eye out, most of the people who call out are young people, non-conformist workers. to set off fireworks for the government turn to look at the real people and accelerate the resolution of such problems quickly and seriously

In this kind of crisis Thailand has rampant numbers of infected with the Indian Delta strain of the COVID-19 virus. This strain is asymptomatic. But the disease can spread quickly and severely, including children, adolescents, working people, and the elderly, spreading among families. work and public.

resulting in Thailand More than 10,000 people are infected with the Delta strain of COVID every day for weeks. More than 100 New High deaths a day, ICU rooms are full, not enough beds, in the dark red area. in Bangkok, Samut Sakhon, Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi, Chonburi, Songkhla, Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat, etc.

If the government does not hurry to adjust the strategy Administering effective vaccines against Delta strains of COVID-19 will increase the number of deaths every day. especially at risk groups Elderly people with serious illnesses and pregnant women, etc.

And most importantly, the COVID virus is mutating all the time. faster and more severe, therefore, system management, organizations, relevant agencies medical personnel medical equipment Vaccines that can protect against new strains of viruses, Thai herbs or alternative herbs. complete digital system that can allow doctors, nurses, robots to educate people since taking care of yourself self defense Preventing contact with people around you need to adjust quickly to the situation as well

followed by public remedies Both those who are infected with the COVID virus and those who are not infected which some people are depressed Or depression, both unemployment, no food, no medicine, no future, all sectors, both government and private. must cooperate

At this time, the morale and encouragement of each other It is important for Thai people in the whole country. Thai society used to be a supportive society. support each other If we truly work together, we can solve the problem.politics Working primarily for the people not relatives

In conclusion, in the case of Call Out of celebrities and singers, these groups are public figures, Public, have fan clubs, have staff members, and have families to take care of. They have to save lives for many more people want to communicate information, facts that most people want and wait for... to the government, the country's administrators Health Management Team Vaccine Management Team and all sectors recognized and realized that The state is still hope....is the main mechanism. to solve these problems Let Thai people go through the COVID crisis and the bad economy... go for it.