Hot News: Catch Up! 'Politics Is Not Stable' Effecting The Economic Slowdown.
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Catch Up! 'Politics Is Not Stable' Effecting The Economic Slowdown.

Although Thailand has a new prime minister, 'Lung Tu', but it is an old liquor in a new bottle, is the same prime minister who inherited administrative power from the past 5 years

At this time, Thai politics are still unstable. Because each party wants to manage outstanding A grade ministries to expect to follow policies that campaign Or for their own benefit.

But if the cake is not divided properly Or get a ministry that is not as expected The administration of the government is not flexible.

The current problem that has been affected by the political unstable is that the Thai economy is slowing down. Trade, export, wholesale, retail, agricultural sector numbers continue to decrease. To help people seriously.

Would be able to recover the situation for the Thai economy to continue Although not as impressive as in the past The slowdown in the positive economy is that the private sector will have to explore themselves both strengths, weaknesses, to adjust the organization to be more efficient and more flexible.

Turning the crisis into an opportunity Is also the hope of investors SMEs owners and start ups that adjust themselves all the time Combining old and new management Mix together

And what to look at at this time is the business control between foreign giants and the company in order to strengthen both financial management and Technology and Technology That will drive the organization to grow sustainably ...