Hot News: Intense 'Insurance' Raises International Standards
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Intense 'Insurance' Raises International Standards

Our home insurance business Both life insurance business That insurance Expansion every year.

At the same time, many companies Began to have mergers between local companies and Inter for strength Both financial Management And bringing new innovations Come to develop the organization

OIC or OIC, the insurance business supervisor Has begun to take care of more insurance companies Both in cooperation with policy Supervision of quality standards of insurance companies and agents Various insurance products

The main goal is to strengthen the strength and stability of insurance in the long term. As well as creating confidence for people who use various companies

Today, insurance in Thailand continues to grow. Including life insurance, health, investment insurance for ships, cars, motorcycles, airplanes and others.

Therefore, if the public and private sectors Holding hands in the same way For the maximum benefit of consumers Will make the insurance business grow sustainably

Although the competition is more intense Both the life insurance business insurance, but if the insurance company has standards and ethics Will make the insurance business continue to grow Both in Thailand and ASEAN.