Hot News: Telemedical 'Innovation' to Strengthen Health
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Telemedical 'Innovation' to Strengthen Health

When the Thai people adjust to the new lifestyle, New Normal when leaving the house. Must wear a mask Or a cloth mask with gel to wash hands and have to wash hands often.

Or some people have to travel by public transport. BTS, MRT, bus, boat or taxi for more confidence may use Social Distancing.

It can be seen that the lives of Thai people today Must be burdened with accessories To protect yourself from the dense infection of Covid-19

Because humans are social animals. Must communicate both business and personal finance, so when returning to a new way of life Must adjust itself

At the same time, if being a worker Must adjust more than before The children don't seem worried. There is still a group to exercise, kick football, ride a bicycle, with some people not wearing a mask. May be because of being uncomfortable

The elderly need to protect themselves a little. Because congenital disease began to increase Sometimes need to see a doctor To check the health

Therefore, the hospital insurance has begun to join hands to bring innovative Telemedical technology to serve customers. More people

New innovations like helping Thai people. More comfortable Including medical consultation, examination, distance surgery, or others

Keep an eye on! New normal way of life causes Thai people and people around the world to adjust to everything in life. And their own way of life Family and community ...