Hot News: Accelerates Business Recovery After Half of The Crisis
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Accelerates Business Recovery After Half of The Crisis

When humans around the world are grappling with the catastrophic Covid-19, it has resulted in a dramatic change in the economy, society, and politics both at home and abroad.

External and domestic factors Affecting the way of life of mankind Become a society that must maintain a social distance.

Many companies have to shut down, reduce people to survive. But some businesses have grown in times of crisis, such as health, food, E-Commerce, delivery service, Lalamove food, Line Man, Line Man, Food Panda, etc.

Nowadays Thai people themselves Began to adapt some time after the first wave of Covid passes. But when entering the rainy season Must be ready to deal with the second round of Covid fight again At the same time, Thailand began to introduce measures to drive the economy Starting from promoting tourist attractions in the country To support the travel around Thailand by Thai people.

Ready to build confidence, clean, safe, including shopping malls, hotels, attractions In order to make Thai tourists more confident.

The international market Has a forecast that will open Phuket Which is a popular tourist destination for foreigners Support foreign tourists at the end of the year

During the final curve at the end of this year Every business starts to move forward. To go through the monsoon crisis Sluggish economy And politics that are still somber ...

People who make a living. Start Up, Smes can only pray for Thailand. Overcoming monsoons, disease, natural disasters, extreme different ideas. If all parties turn to travel in the middle That is a little tightened, the elderly are open to the new generation Comment Improve the country Reduce the corruption The younger generation must seize the middle path, don't be impatient, everything takes time. And must be very patriotic, Thai culture, humility Is what makes the new generation of Thai bloodline To prominently on the world stage Both academic, sports, entertainment and many other circles.

Rome was not finished in a day. Making improvements will also take time. If the government and all parties Both the old and the new generation Think of most Thai people who are quiet energy. Tired of conflict Thailand will be strong We will be able to go through various crises together sustainably ...