Hot News: Goodyear takes lucky winners on a Driving Experience
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Goodyear takes lucky winners on a Driving Experience

Goodyear Thailand, in partnership with Mercedes-Benz TTC, recently initiated the Driving Experience activity which provides an opportunity for a select few to experience advanced safety driving, participating in performance tests of Goodyears premium tires for sports cars and high-performance tires. This activity coincides with the introduction of Goodyear tires key features, Goodyears Run on Flat safety technology as well as safety systems and automobile driving performance. The activity took place at Motor Sport Park Suvarnabhumi.The winners were given an opportunity to take part in performance testing of tires and vehicles on several types of proving grounds including the Slalom Driving Test, Braking Performance Test, and Cornering Performance Test. High-performance tires that Goodyear brought along for the testing included:

The EfficientGrip Performance SUV which launched in Thailand and also for the first time in Asia in August of this year, and comes fully equipped with advanced technologies such as QuietTred Technology, which provides a superior quiet performance, FlexContact Technology, which offers greater comfort and a smoother drive as well as fitted new innovative polymers with a high performance cap compound for increased grip in wet road conditions.The new Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 is the latest premium sports tire in the family of the Eagle F1 Asymmetric tires that delivers strong grip, improved handling and helps drivers perform proper vehicle control responses, delivering a shorter braking distance at 2.6 meters on wet conditions. The new Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 also features improved tread wear and offers up to 11,500 km of extra mileage.The Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 features unique Active Braking technology that comes with three key functions including innovative 3-D block design in the tread that increases the contact surface and grip, effectively delivering braking efficiency; a unique dual-layer asymmetric tread design that helps maximize braking efficiency and delivers shorter braking distances on wet conditions for the ultimate in safety and confidence; and a high-surface silica tread compound commonly known among international car racing to reduce heat generation when traveling at high speeds on both dry and wet conditions.

Goodyear, as a leader of tire innovation in the global tire industry, commits to manufacturing and developing a series of high-performance and premium quality tires equipped with advanced technologies that deliver a more pleasant and fun driving experience, and improved grip and handling efficiency in all road conditions. Furthermore, Goodyear has continuously initiated a wide range of activities that offers drivers an unprecedented driving experience and an opportunity to fully take part in performance testing of Goodyears tires.

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