Hot News: Yamaha pops 9 stops, service fee 999 baht / month
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Yamaha pops 9 stops, service fee 999 baht / month

Yamaha executives revealed that the company has opened 9 service stops, service charge 999 baht / month, supports motorcycles, sales of 2 million cars, plus minus makes it dense Both on the road And parking at various locations Motorcycles are becoming more diverse. Including big bike groups That has increased in popularity over the years. However, the use of this car group It is mainly used during special times such as traveling or going out with friends or for a trip with friends or clubs. Trying to encourage more use in everyday life While many car owners would like to use it as well To avoid traffic problems But there are many obstacles One of them is Inconvenient parking places, and many car owners fear that their car will cost hundreds of millions of baht, both accidentally and unintentionally, such as scratches. Or was it stolen

Thai Yamaha Motor sees that providing a place to park for customers Will bring many benefits Both creating increased satisfaction Or pushing the market to expand Although it is not a free service It is the source of the launch of YAMAHA PREMIUM PARKING, serving 9 parking spots in the heart of Bangkok, including office buildings, shopping centers and BTS stations, including Bangkok City Tower, GPF Building, Interchange Building, Ramaland Building 21, Holiday Inn Hotel Express, Shama Lakeview Hotel, Samrong BTS Station, Krung Thon Buri BTS Station and The Market Bangkok

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