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AUTO "Honda LPGA Thailand 2021"

Noriyuki Takakura, President and CEO of Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, Even in the situation that is different from every year. Honda continues to target the Honda LPGA Thailand as an important platform to enhance the country's golf competition standards. As well as inspire and love golf among Thai youths. Including general people interested in golf Even in the past year There will be situations that make it impossible to hold a competition. But Honda still believes Everyone, including golf enthusiasts, is still interested and looking forward to the return of this world-class tournament, which this year will be attended by world-class women golfers to brighten up the tournament. Like the past Honda is ready to support professional and youth golf players in Thailand.

To step onto the world-class stage proudly, Honda LPGA Thailand 2021 this year, there are pro golfers accepting to join the competition in unison, such as Korean pro golf, Amy Yang, the latest champion of the Honda show. LPGA Thailand 2019 and Jinyoung Ko, the world's number one female golfer and owner of the 2019 Golf Player of the Year award from the Rolex Player of The Year award, as well as two popular Thai golfer "Promotion" Moriya Jutanugarn and "Pro Mae "Eriya Jutanugarn, along with top players from Asia, the US and Europe," Pro Proud "Chanetiwan Saen, a young Thai golfer, winner of the Honda LPGA Thailand National Qualifiers 2021, will also take part Swing in this world tournament too.

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