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Thailand Motor Festival 2019

Thailand Motor Festival 2019 (Thailand Motor Festival 2019) 4th Thailand International Car and Motorcycle Expo, organized by national car event organizers, Corno and Nash Company Limited and Yontaya Square Group Co., Ltd. Continuous organizing machine Northeastern Region, Udon Thani Province, on 25 June - 3 July. After the success of the Central Region, Nonthaburi and lucky winners won the grand prize. The Honda Super Cub motorcycle is dominated by those who book cars from the Subaru camp. With free unlimited gold worth 5,000 baht every day !!! This event is done at the promotion ground, 1st floor, Central Plaza, Westgate, Nonthaburi. The atmosphere is very lively. Throughout the 7 days, the most highlighted event is to go with the car. motorcycle Leading in Thailand, led by Suzuki, Toyota, Mitsubishi, BRG Group, Subaru, Mini, Yamaha, Ducati, Royal Enfield, etc., all pumped in promotions. This special event Complete entertainment Both close to celebrities, actors, artists, famous players including Ejirakorn, Namwai Phurita, SCG player Muang Thong, Best and Boat Kham Sing etc., playing social games And give away prizes every day !!!

Don't miss it !!! Thailand Motor Festival 2019 next scheduled at Northeastern Region, Udonthani Province, from 25 June - 3 July 2019, at the Promotion Ground, 1st Floor, Central Plaza Udonthani Center, New Cars, Cool Campaign, Rewarding as always Follow more details on Facebook and IG: thailandmotorfestival

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New Honda CB 150 R

Honda Lancer New Honda CB 150 R

Cool sporty motorcycle style .....

Dirital Meter Power, The Fusion of Sport

Spirit PGM-FI, the first model in Thailand

150 cc level, 4-cylinder DOHC engine

Save fuel Suitable for driving in the city or

Long distance in the provinces, casual

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