Hot News: FOMM One 'Penetration' Chiang Mai Smart City
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FOMM One 'Penetration' Chiang Mai Smart City

Mr. Thananan Kanchanakha, General Manager of FMM (Asia) Co., Ltd. revealed that on 4 - 10 March this year, the company organized an activity to introduce FOMM One vehicles in Chiang Mai at

Central Festival Department Store, in which the event will provide knowledge and understanding of modern automotive technology, namely 100% battery train that is equipped with the latest technology.

Can connect to the Internet of Things system to support the change of communication technology that will be connected to the car command system in the future. This technology, I believe that will

Responding to a large city like Chiang Mai that is being developed to be Smart City, which currently, Chiang Mai, in addition to experiencing severe traffic congestion, does not lose Bangkok, Chiang Mai is

Is another province that has a very high risk of air pollution, especially PM2.5 dust, which is partly caused by toxic fumes from cars. Therefore, the BTS is considered a significant alternative.

Important for solving long-term air pollution problems

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