Hot News: Axalta says color factor affects 88% of car buying decisions
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Axalta says color factor affects 88% of car buying decisions

Nancy Lockhart, global automotive paint manager from Axalta, said that according to psychology Color has a huge impact on car buying decisions. Often the color reflects the individual personality of the car owner. Interestingly, elegance, durability and optimism were the characteristics of the paint colors that were sought after by the participants in the survey. Axalta designs automotive paints to meet the needs of customers around the world. A study of the changes in the favorite colors of each country and each car's characteristics. To help analyze future trends or color trends. Constantly developing specifics and introducing new colors will make it possible to meet the needs of our customers. We will understand market trends. We will know which colors stand out and which are pleasing to the eye. Red and blue are more popular colors. We'll be seeing more on the streets soon.

Axalta (NYSE: AXTA), the world's No. The 2021 Automotive Color Preference Survey reveals that it conducts research with consumers to analyze the relationship between car paint and car purchase decisions. from more than 4,000 respondents aged 25-60 in the four largest automakers markets, namely China, Germany, Mexico and the United States. It was found that car paint influences 88% of car buying decisions. This survey analyzes customer car paint needs. for understanding future color trends while the customer wants a variety of colors Each person has different needs from country to country.

The survey also asked for favorite primary colors and effect colors. Glossy paint is preferred by most, except in China, the survey also showed a proportion between 48% of preference for glossy paint and 52% for matte finish. Solid color is a favorite color in the US and China. while the Germans like mother of pearl And Mexico also likes effect and pearl primaries. For more than 68 years, Axalta has surveyed and published its annual automotive paint popularity report. From customers OEM automotive cable manufacturers demonstrate Axalta's expertise and global leadership in automotive refinishing. In presenting fresh, cutting-edge, in-depth information from automotive customers about the color that must move forward together.

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