Hot News: Axalta announces the popular Sea Glass color
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Axalta announces the popular Sea Glass color

Mr Dan Benton, marketing manager - Axalta, revealed that Sea Glass sea water is ready to go on the market. " For a wide range of colors mentioned above are available in our water color technology. And we are ready to serve customers for the color that is becoming a trend. "Axalta's colors consist of leading brands Such as Cromax? Brand, Standox? And Spies Hecker? Which are ready to be used by car painters? Convenient work Easy for the next project Axalta is a leader in automotive paint systems, water systems that are easy to use. For outstanding work With shine level, fast drying and good flexibility While also being environmentally friendly

Lockhart said Axalta employees are committed to keeping the water clean. Saving energy and reducing water consumption. "During the 2020 color report, Axalta aims to eliminate more than 1,000 pounds of waste in the ocean, with environmental goals around the world. It operates under the Bright Future project. Axalta will save more than 13,000 acres of wetland in partnership with partners, Ducks Unlimited in North America and Mexico. Grow over 30,000 trees in Mongolia and Hebei Province in China. Under the China River Protection Project in collaboration with the China Youth Development Association Collaboration with the association SM Segal in India built a 30 million-liter water well in the Bhooriya Baas village in Alwar district and continued environmental cooperation in other public projects throughout. world.

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