Hot News: Harley-Davidson Reveal the first electric motorcycle specification
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Harley-Davidson Reveal the first electric motorcycle specification

Mr. Matt Lawatich, Chief Executive Officer Harley-Davidson reveals that innovation that drives both body and soul is the heart of the Harley-Davidson brand, and this new chapter travels in our history. Is to create products and opportunities Both for today's motorcycle riders and new riders at all ages and every way of life Exciting acceleration: LiveWire can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds. With the H-D Revelation ? power transmission system, it delivers 100% torque at the instant of the throttle. And maintain full torque every time you want Easy driving style Twist-and-go: Because the electrical system does not require clutch and gear changes Makes LifeWire a motorcycle that is easy to drive for newbies Comes with automatic charging system when the brake driver to create energy for recycling Which will charge the battery Therefore suitable for driving in large cities that have to stop and leave frequently Connect with HD Connect: LiveWire installs HD Connect, which connects riders to motorcycles via a telematics control unit on the LTE-enabled Telematics Control Unit (LTE). Connect and cloud services with the latest version of Harley-Davidson. With this HD Connect system, driving data will be collected and forwarded to the application.

To present the data set on the smartphone Which covers various information including: Motorcycle status: The H-D Connect system will indicate the battery status and distance traveled from the location if the phone signal is accessed. Which allows the rider to check the charging status Both the charging level and the time for full charging Riders can also search for charging stations from the search function. Which is installed to be available in the HD App application. Signal interference and vehicle location notification: The HD Connect system identifies LiveWire's parking location and can send alarms to the smart home. Phone if the car is disturbed or moved There is also a tracking function for theft via the GPS satellite network. To provide peace of mind to be able to track the location of the motorcycle at any time (This function is only available in some countries that have legal support.) Reminders and notifications: The application has a service notification that is approaching. Including notification of other maintenance schedules. There is also a reminder about automatic service schedules.

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