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Mr. Suphaman Makara, Deputy Managing Director of TTF International Co., Ltd., said, "BUS & TRUCK '18 has received a good response. In the showcase of more than 100 exhibitors showcasing innovations and technologies that will drive the transportation and logistics industry to the next level in the digital age. It can also be used to meet business needs in transportation. In this year's audience, there is a voice of appreciation for innovation. There is a choice to make further business decisions. "

Mr. Jirasak Yaorasakul, President of Transport Company Limited, said: "The BUS & TRUCK '18 is beneficial for both operators, manufacturers and technology developers. The quality of the show in the same area. "The BUS & TRUCK '18 has grown to become the Logosphere 4.0. Both trucks and buses are more technologically advanced. With a wide selection of spare parts. The show is truly a showcase for land transport.

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Porsche E-Performance

Porsche's new Porsche E-Performance.

The new Cayenne E-Hybrid Driving Experience 2018

The premium SUV of the era is equipped with power. E-performance

Equipped with the latest equipment.

Sporty style V6 engine, cylinder capacity 3.0 liters

(340 hp / 250 kW) Powered by a propulsion system.

Electric motors (136 hp / 100 kW) provide maximum power.

Total over 462 horsepower (340 kW), maximum torque of up to 700 Nm

Fuel consumption is 29.4 km / liter. Power consumption 20.6

KWh per 100 km distance starting price 6.3 million baht

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