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Chaichada introduces new brand, Chada Extract

Chaichada Company a leading herbal company in dried, powdered, and beverage herbs, dietary supplements, and aromatic essential oils, Chaichada Company proudly presents CHADA EXTRACT a convenient and quick-to-use powdered herbal extract with a delightful fragrance. Available for both retail and wholesale, our products maintain the genuine aroma and taste of herbs.

These herbal extracts are designed for brewing beverages, preparing food, and baking. Extracted from natural herbs without synthesis, coloring, or added scents, our innovative formula ensures the completeness of essential nutrients from authentic herbs. We control the entire production process, from seed selection and cultivation to clean and safe manufacturing, meeting FDA and GHP standards. This results in herbal extracts that are easy to brew, dissolve effortlessly, save time, and offer a delicious taste and aroma.

Our herbal extracts contribute to a variety of dishes and benefit consumer health. Chada Extracts herbal powders are flavorful, convenient, clean, and easily soluble in water. They are free from lumps, sugar, and rich in essential nutrients beneficial for everyone in the family. Ideal for cooking and beverages for vegetarians and health-conscious individuals, as they are made from 100% natural herbs. Available for both retail and wholesale, with quantities ranging from 10g to 1kg, you can purchase them on Lazada: https://s.lazada.co.th/s.PG88K

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