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Hot News: Thai Glico launches Almond Koka set on health beverages market
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Thai Glico launches Almond Koka set on health beverages market

Chalermpong Darongsuwan, Managing Director of Thai Glico Co., Ltd., said, This is our first full foray into the health and wellness food category after been known for our confectionery and ice cream businesses. Glico just turned 101 this year and Thai Glico itself has been in the market for 52 years, in recent years, we have grown our innovations in the health and wellness category in Japan in line with our aspiration to deliver healthier food options to consumers and contribute to their overall wellbeing. We hope to bring more of these to Thailand and the Southeast Asia region. Given our deeply rooted Japanese heritage and passion for food quality, we are confident of capturing the palettes and hearts of the Thai people with the delicious taste and goodness of Almond Koka.

The launch of Almond Koka in Thailand, comes after the release of Pocky Wholesome, a premium Pocky product with a whole wheat mixed biscuit stick, and Sunao, Glicos zero sucrose ice cream, it is Thai Glicos first product in the health and wellness category. Thailand is the first Southeast Asian country in where Glico has launched Almond Koka. The confectionery and ice cream products under the Glico brand, have been well-loved by consumers of all ages and genders for a long time in Thailand. Thai Glico revealed that it has observed a health trend where people are turning to plant-based milk such as almond milk and that the market for plant-based milk in Thailand has been growing (Source: Nielsen, Kantar). Its own commissioned study suggests that the current plant-based milk market or cereal milk market (excluding soy milk) which in 2022 alone is worth over 960 million baht and is projected to reach 3,000 million baht in 2026 (Source: Nielsen, Euromonitor).

At the event, Glico will be introducing the 3 flavors of Almond Koka Original, Unsweetened, and Chocolate- which come in 180 ML packs. The 1-liter size will be available within 2023. Almond Koka has been available on Thai Glicos online site since December 2022. The company will now be expanding its distribution channels to top retailers nationwide. To promote the benefits of Almond Koka to consumers, the company has also engaged Mai, Davika Hoorne as a new celebrity presenter. It aims to gain a foothold in the health beverage market within its first year. It will also be launching a 30-day challenge program for those who are keen to experience the benefits of Almond Koka firsthand.

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