Hot News: REV Editionopen new store in the heart of Bangkok.
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REV Editionopen new store in the heart of Bangkok.

Regarding the brands marketing strategy in 2023 and the sports footwear market in Thailand, Mr. Pornsak Chinawongwatana, Chief Executive Officer of REV Edition Co., Ltd., Sauconys distributor in Thailand, said Thailands sports footwear market in 2023 is highly competitive with many fascinating products. At the same time, the situation is returning to normal: people can resume their outdoor activities, go shopping, travel domestically and abroad, exercise, or attend competitions. Focusing solely on online strategies is no longer sufficient.

The marketing and branding direction of Saucony this year focuses on brand communication that goes side by side with the 125th anniversary of the brand. The keyword Take Courage serves as the slogan, campaign name, and core message in all communications, such as product launches, contents and stories that inspire everyone to go beyond their limits. Success, big or small setting a better record, crossing the finish line, or even tying the shoelaces before going for your first run takes courage. Take Courage will be the centerpiece of Sauconys communications and marketing activities throughout 2023.

Take Courage aims to reach more runners who are the main target group, and expand to new targets, such as young people who are interested in physical fitness, fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts, and tourists. To make the brand accessible to all target groups, in late 2022 Saucony opened the Saucony Official Store on the ground floor of Siam Center, and the Saucony Pop-Up Space on the first floor of Siam Discovery. In addition, REV Edition Co., Ltd. has started expanding the market to neighboring countries by opening a Saucony Flagship Store at Pavilion KL, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on December 24, 2022.

Saucony Official Store Siam Center will organize promotional campaigns throughout the year. In February, the Run Into 2023 campaign offers up to 40% discount from January 12 to February 5, 2023. With purchases of 6,000, 3,500, and 1,500 baht, receive an additional discount of 1,200, 500, and 300 baht. From February 9 to March 2, 2023, Energize Your Steps also offers up to 40% discount. With a purchase of 3,000 baht (instead of 5,000 baht outside promotion time), customers may apply for membership and receive an instant discount of 10%. Do not forget to keep an eye out for the Valentines Day campaign at the Saucony Thailand Facebook fan page and the Saucony Official Store, Siam Center. Meanwhile, Saucony Pop-Up Space at Siam Discovery has been preparing continuous promotional campaigns with the department store all year round.

Apart from the annual strategies, Saucony has never stopped striving for its ultimate goal: building the brand and market by delivering the best running experience through the best products to the target groups. The brand aims to sit among the top five running shoes brands chosen by runners, as well as to grow its fitness apparel and lifestyle footwear under Saucony Originals.

Consumers who are health conscious and interested in physical fitness are growing in number. Running is the most accessible activity since all they need is running shoes. Sauconys challenge is to deliver the best running experience through the best products. This year, in addition to Endorphin Pro 3, Endorphin Speed 3, and Endorphin Shift 3, Saucony is preparing to launch new running shoes Endorphin Elite and Kinvara 14, and lifestyle products with unique stories from Saucony Originals, such as TOMBOGO? X SAUCONY Butterfly, Saucony x Maybe Tomorrow, and Trailian Pack. These products are designed for our loyal customers as well as sneakerheads who are passionate about lifestyle footwear.

Open the door to a new lifestyle together this Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at the activity space (staircase zone), 3rd floor, Siam Discovery.

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