Hot News: 'DONI Thailand' spends a billion, pins Thai, the production base for Asia
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'DONI Thailand' spends a billion, pins Thai, the production base for Asia

Mr. Pravit Techawichit, Managing Director (CEO), Ni (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of leading lips from Sweden, revealed that the food industry or the Horeca (Hotels Restaurants & Catering) in Thailand is very large, based on National Statistical Office Found that the number of 24,400 hotels nationwide In this amount is a four -star hotel about 3,660 places, or 15%. In addition, the interest in the restaurant and Restaurant (Restaurant) that TTB Analytics reported up to 32,300 places, which is a central market penetration shop. And upper level While the catering business has information from Kasikorn Research Center And company assessment Expected to have a market value of 850 million baht as well. Resulting in a view of expanding the market and investing in Thailand more weight Considering the potential of the Horeca market in Thailand with high domestic consumption, suitable for use as a business base. It is also the center of the region, convenient to export. Thailand has the FTA Free Trade Agreement treaty with many countries, resulting in an advantage in the taxes of buyers who want to import. In addition, the labor in Thailand is of high quality and costs that are not yet high. With the reason for investment decisions to develop the factory area this year Comes from seeing the business opportunities that expand a lot Especially in emerging markets of the middle class in each country that has a way of life and culture in eating more meticulous food. And from the product needs The increased premium results in the Horeca market. Overall grow 8-10% in the past. As for the investment plan in Thailand, Duni Thailand (Duni Thailand) has initially invested in 2016, worth 720 million baht and preparing to expand the area. And the production capacity of 300 million baht, divided into 2 phases in the first phase operation in 2023, the value of 190 million baht and the second phase in 2024, another 110 million baht, totaling over 1,000 million baht.

"From the expansion of the said production capacity, the company can produce a variety of products. In line with the future market demand As well as increasing production capacity from 4,000 tons per year and increased to 6,000-8,000 tons in 2024-2015 respectively. The selection of Thailand is the production and distribution base for both Thailand and countries in Asia. According to the Business Model that has been successful in Europe, "said Pravit.

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