Hot News: The UDD set a target for the next 155 seats.
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The UDD set a target for the next 155 seats.

Mr. Alongkorn Ponlabut, deputy leader of the Democrat Party, revealed that the online and offline world has led to strategic planning. Propulsion And the mechanics There will be a warrior built in Working for the citizens of each party, each district is a district avengers team to work with MPs. Former MP with 350 working hours in 4 months. Today, the party must unite as 1 Aiming to the same goal, namely the people and the nation. Only faith that results from work will be the most sustainable. Changes in the digital age require us to adapt. But the party ideology.

Must not change Work must change the concept. Must do for the people, not for themselves Space is not for campaigning. But is a call for faith to the party to return as great as in the past.

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