Hot News: 'Set up' the national government is hot
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'Set up' the national government is hot

Mr. Somsak Thepsutin, Chairman of the Election Campaign Committee The Prachatai Party states that if we observe that people think of the national government Is the person in the group or the party with an unstable vote of less than 250? So try to invite to the national government. But the situation would not reach that end. And there will be a regular government establishment People involved in the drafting of the constitution have come to clarify. There are guidelines and calculation methods that make the SEC to adhere to the guidelines. Can be a solution for all matters Therefore, the subject of violence may not be If there would be a weather, summer storm, some people might say that it is a matter of horoscopes. But this is normal for the season.

The national government said that there is no Because in the end, the existing political parties can adapt No one wants to fall back into conflict. Everyone is ready to work for the country. When asked about the past political experience The water spirits saw that the Prachatai Party would be difficult to set up a government. Mr. Somsak said that those who wrote the constitution before had already had Sen. Helps to make the atmosphere mild If the constitution does not mention 250 senators today, politics may be a fire. Is the intelligence of the body That makes the equation come out and go on Prepared for use The writer looked lacking

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