Hot News: Against chair of the Ministry of Grade A
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Against chair of the Ministry of Grade A

Progress of the Pracharat Public Party (Prapacharoen) As for the Democrat Party, which confirmed the first deal that had been discussed, the Minister of Commerce, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperative and Minister of Social Development and Human Security But the Pracharat Power Party Want the Commerce Minister's chair And the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives that night The PPP has filed a bargaining agreement. By introducing the Education Minister And added the Minister of Justice Or Foreign Minister plus 1 assistant minister In exchange for the Commerce Minister Which, if the Prachathiphat Party agreed There is a possibility that Mr Jung Rin Laksan Wisit, the leader of the Democratic Party Will be Deputy Prime Minister Merging the Education Minister If choosing to add to the Ministry of Justice, it maybe Mr. Peerapunsaleh, the state governor.

Justice, because he had been a former Minister of Justice before, and Mr. Thaworn Senium will be the Minister of the Interior. Previously, Sammitr Group Try to return to you Somsak Thepsutin is likely to give to the Democrat Party. Which has reported that Mr. Somsak Yoi has already retired and will sit for other ministers instead. Which if this is followed With the name of Mr. Chalermchai Srichang Secretary of the Democratic Party Take a position The Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, however, still has to wait for the decision of the Democrat Party again.

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