Hot News: 'Stoke' the government cancel toxic chemicals
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'Stoke' the government cancel toxic chemicals

Dr. Ampol Chindawattana revealed that he urged the government to make a unified decision to cancel the use of parachutes, chlorophyll, pyrifos and Krai Setet for many years. From data to It is clear that these 3 chemicals are not just residues in the environment in agricultural products and food. But also entering the fetus in the womb, adversely affecting the people of the next generationCommittee on Propelling the Problems of Protective Chemicals to Limit High-Risk Pest Which has both the Ministry of Public Health Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry of industry And the Ministry of ResourcesNature and environment Had proposed to cancel since April 2017, but until today, over two years, still allowing to continue to use At the beginning of September In the past, asked the post of Gen. Prayut.

Mr.Chan Ocha, Prime Minister on measures to solve the problem of pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits. The inspection found a lot. By the Pesticide Warning Network (Thai Pan) "

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