Hot News: "Thung Marueang Ruangjai" blossom.
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"Thung Marueang Ruangjai" blossom.

Major General Narong Phanjitkook, 1st Corps commander of the 1st Corps (Gen. 1), revealed that Gen. 1 was awaiting the marigold planting project. "Tung Marueang Lueyapak" 450,000 of which yellow is.The reign of King Rama 9 in the planting of marigolds this time. With the government. Local administration Karnchanaburi And the alumni Maejo University, 63th edition, under the support ofZesi SRB Co., Ltd. and volunteer spirit of about 50,000 people.Archery The details from the birth of the royal family to the date of his death. Story details And the royal task. In memory The Thai people are divided.

The 9 arches are: 1. Arched statue in the heart 2. The king of the King 3. The King of the developer 4. Cool because of the Buddha's care 5. Ask a servant to all the country. 6. The artist. 7. Phra Mahathat.8. Lecture to the 9th.

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