Hot News: Prayut solve the power plant problem.
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Prayut solve the power plant problem.

Gen Prayut Chunyacha, Prime Minister and Head of the National Security Council (KBC), said that the conflict in the construction of the coal plant in the list of "King's science to develop. Sustainable "that today is a hot issue. Energy to proceed to a settlement without conflict. There are still problems. In the past, the former Minister of Energy has not been scheduled. Whether to create or not to create. Because in the process. But maybe the media does not know. People do not know. Or maybe not Do you really want to do it? But when do not self government.Have to go to review that if it is better to do it? Will it be controversial? So people have to listen. I do not want to be dragged to the two parties.

The cost of construction. Area in construction And the power of electricity. Many people say that the electricity bill is expensive. It can not be reduced if the production. Centralized or in other sectors. Then sent to remote areas.The cost of the transmission line is also included. The technique of building a factory is more expensive. More expensive woodworking tools. This time, it is assumed that the construction in remote areas will be reduced in this section. Otherwise, electricity will fall.What to do? Buying from abroad. Today can buy But if the next day he sold less. Or higher price. How do we do it? I want to consider every dimension. These are the total cost of electricity. If theseToo high, anything that should save is not economical. New technologies are no longer used or used. This is a problem in the future. If you do not want the problem to spread out, then everyone must.Maintaining law enforcement officers Citizens must respect the law.

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