Hot News: NBTC launches working guidelines for 'media', cancel live reports
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NBTC launches working guidelines for 'media', cancel live reports

Mr.Thakon Tanthasit, Secretary-General of the Broadcasting Commission Television business And the National Telecommunications Commission (Secretary-General of the NBTC) revealed that in the case of some media reports. Live the event in which the criminal assists Including the action plan report of the officers while operating the criminal arrests in Nakhon Ratchasima. The Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission is aware of the damage caused by the information presented at the station.Television in the above manner When studying the information presented through various media And social media about the presentation of similar information from mass media abroad such as the United States of America case

Strafe Various shocking events And the principle of presenting this kind of news to the mass media that the World Health Organization has provided Many countries have stopped offering pictures of criminals in the media. Undo live event reporting Canceled the presentation of various shocking events because in foreign countries there are psychological and criminal experts

Wittaya issued a warning about the presentation of this information that led to imitation behavior. In which many studies have found that the assumptions observed by psychological experts And those criminology out to warn that it's true.

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