Hot News: Mr 'Won' private discount electric train
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Mr 'Won' private discount electric train

Gen Prayut Chanocha, Prime Minister and Head of the National Peace Corps (NCC), said that the next day, the country would have to deploy infrastructure nationwide. By providing guidelines that must be created.Single track monorail (monorail) in traffic jams By using modern technology. To distribute passengers through traffic jams. The guidelines of the Ministry of Transport and related agencies.See how it connects to the travel system. Both rail transport or regular transport must be connected. Government tries to complete High-speed trains also need to be done. To connect with

The world community can travel to China, India, Europe, etc. And let's cooperate with the private sector as well. The little profit lowered the price of some people for the country.People have both high income and low income. Think of him Especially low income people. How to make him have the opportunity to train. And to build a career for him to earn enough to take the train.

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