Hot News: 'Reiterate', farmers can develop new rice varieties
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'Reiterate', farmers can develop new rice varieties

Lt. Gen. Weerachon Sukhonthapatipack, Deputy Prime Minister of the Office of the Prime Minister revealed that the Prime Minister expressed concern about the misunderstanding and the presentation of distorted news about the draft of the Rice Act. . Although this law will be a mechanism to control the production and distribution of paddy fairly, the headline is like the farmer sobbing the farmer if the Dok Act Page effect If any farmer has rice seeds in possession, he will be guilty. And is also a law that facilitates capitalism Is not true at all Therefore, the media should be careful about this.

There is also information that is shared from multiple pages. Which specifies the penalty of a farmer who violates the law must be imprisoned for 5 years or fined 500,000 baht that is not correct, therefore asking people to use their judgment in the news And those who post or forward distorted information May enter the wrongdoing according to Computer Act The Prime Minister emphasized that Farmers can develop their own rice without fault. But if being sold, must go to register with the Department of Rice Like food and beverage products that have to be registered with FDA to certify the quality, the Rice Act will help protect farmers in the long run, not to be exploited by the mill. And also makes rice varieties different Have been registered for certification Preventing the sale of seeds from unscrupulous merchants. However, the government has compiled useful comments and comments to the commission that has considered this matter.

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