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Hot News: 'Drinking Water' Hot Racing//Nestle invest 450 million baht New premium pure soluble coffee market
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'Drinking Water' Hot Racing

Drinking hot "Crystal" soared into the floating market leader. Expanding market in South East Asia and ASEAN 'Reveal' Vietnamese market has the potential to campaign "Drive Drinking Crystal" drive.Singha 'Krung' won the championship tonight, 'JAONAI' the singer aim new generation. 'Push' sales floating market Drinking

Mr. Lester Teck Chuan Tan, President of Sermsuk Public Co., Ltd., said to www.iclicknews.co the overseas expansion plan isLong-term plan 2025. The company aims to expand its market in South East Asia for the ASEAN market. We look at the market with images. Especially Vietnam is a high potential market.

We will continue to open factories abroad in accordance with parent company ThaiBev to invest in many countries.

CRYSTAL finally became the leader in Thailands drinking water market in 2017, with approximately 20% market share and 11% year-on-year growth. Compared to the market slowdown, which saw negative growth of -2%, CRYSTALs growth figure was the highest in the drinking water market, which is valued at 35 billion baht. This outstanding success is the result of the brands commitment to offering quality drinking water that is differentiated from other brands in the market. With its trustworthy and modern brand image, CRYSTAL is the Number 1 brand most purchased by customers, and has earned several accolades.

In 2018, CRYSTAL will continually create brand value through several initiatives, starting with a line-up of marketing and sales promotion activities that will highlight the product quality. Secondly, with a distribution system that covers all areas of the country, the company is offering CRYSTAL Everywhere with speedy service for customers who trust in its quality. Lastly, operations and supporting activities for social and environmental sustainability will encourage brand and drinking water market growth, while reinforcing CRYSTALs sustainable leadership.

Campaign to change your lifestyle for better health, while preserving the environment CRYSTALs marketing communications campaign for 2018 is based on the concept When You Order Drinking Water, Choose CRYSTAL to stress CRYSTALs very high quality and that it is different from other brands in the market. CRYSTAL will conduct a series of activities starting on 16 February to encourage consumers to take care of their health, using both on-ground and digital platforms. The activation will kick off with the launch of a new thematic TVC featuring hot star Nai Naphat, now in his third year as CRYSTAL endorser. He represents a healthy Thai who will build awareness of and strengthen the brand as the quality choice, so that consumers choose CRYSTAL when they think about drinking water. The TVC shows that every order of CRYSTAL will include a pleasant surprise from Nai Naphat.

To encourage Thai people to achieve good health, which starts by choosing quality drinking water and engaging in physical activity, CRYSTAL has partnered with Woody World to organize a Community Workout program to encourage Thais to change their habits for better health by exercising with Woody, Nai Naphat, Dome Pakorn, and Ice Apitsada, from February until April. Hot trainers from a well-known fitness center will join in the program to give advice on how to train properly for maximum fitness. The first workout will kick off on 20 February at Discovery Plaza, Siam Discovery, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Mr. Purit Phirompakdee, Executive Director of Boonrawd Brewery Co., Ltd., said that the group of drinking water. Singha drinks will grow 15% every year and top of mind of the brand is still good. But the market share is down 20%.With a market share of 25% in 2016 and a market share of 255% in 2015, therefore, since the beginning of 2018, Singha Drinking Water has adjusted its strategy. To focus on marketing to add Brand Preference.

Purchasing and Brand Engagement Access to consumer brands by pulling the 'boss' Jinjit Wattanasin as the new presenter.Leo also hands with LINE to develop a Loyalty Program in a Web Application that consumers do not have to download. It can accumulate points. To be number 1 in the floating market drink.

"We accept competitors as well. Over the past 3 years, we have been stuck. Our customers are 35 years old. We changed the new presenter, the boy is the 'JAONAI' to pull the generation. New to us. Target sales this year 200 billion, "said the executive.

In addition, there is a focus on personnel because people are the key to running a business. One team One Vision focuses on providing synergy to the right people.With the work and the higher performance. Along with that, we are open to new things. When we go out to do something will be strong, while the new generation to add to the team. Strategy and Last sale will result in sales. This year's target is 200 billion baht from last year's 1.8 billion.

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Nestle invest 450 million baht

New premium pure soluble coffee market

Mrs. Audrey Liow, Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer of Nestle Indochina, said, "NESCAF? GOLD CREMA is our first premium pure soluble coffee product that truly embraces Thailand. It was developed to meet the taste preferences of discerning Thai coffee lovers. NESCAF? GOLD CREMA is crafted here in Thailand, using premium quality coffee beans grown by Thai farmers, and made with Nestle's latest proprietary technology. We are investing 450 million baht in technology development at our Chachoengsao factory and a variety of marketing activities for new NESCAF? GOLD CREMA. We are making the NESCAF? GOLD superior coffee experience more accessible to an even greater number of Thai consumers."

Mr. Vladislav Andreev, Business Executive Officer Coffee and Creamer Business Unit, Nestle (Thai) Ltd., said, The integrated marketing campaign for new NESCAF? GOLD CREMA is based on the concept "NESCAF? GOLD CREMA, for those who spend quality time to appreciate the difference." The campaign includes TV commercials featuring brand ambassadors Saharat (Kong) Sangkapricha and Sririta (Rita) Jensen, who invite coffee lovers to appreciate the difference of new NESCAF? GOLD CREMA, supported by a nationwide sampling of over two million cups for consumers and a digital campaign to engage discerning coffee drinkers.

The launch of the NESCAF? GOLD brand last year was a success and firmly established NESCAF? GOLD as a true icon for premium coffee in Thailand with its No. 1 market position. Additional indicators of its success include an increase in NESCAF? GOLD brand awareness to 93%. New NESCAF? GOLD CREMA comes in a new Signature jar with an innovative design that is being launched in Thailand at the same time as in Western Europe. The new jar features a brushed gold lid and a tall, sleek shape to appeal to the new generation of consumers.

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