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Hot News: "Mundipharma" Aim advantage of antiseptic// 'Est Play' Moves Aggressively to Shake Up the CSD Market
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"Mundipharma" Aim advantage of antiseptic

Mrs. Warawan Chantarasomboon, Associate Director, Consumer Business Unit, Mundipharma (Thailand), the manufacturer and distributor of Betadine, commented on the business overview of the market for throat and oral care products that this market has a high economic value in almost every country. In Thailand, this market is growing continuously every year. Currently, the total business value is 352 million baht with the accumulated growth of 17% in the last 3 years. To seize this expanding opportunity, the company recently launched BETADINE THROAT SPRAY for oral and throat inflammation, and BETADINE GARGLE, for gargling and mouthwash with the anti-microbial property that can cure sore throat as its main selling point.

"Key factors that help Mundipharma become a player in the throat and oral care market are the strong brand of "Betadine" which is well-known among Thai people for over 30 years as the brand of holistic treatment products, stringent researches, and the successful launch in June of "Betadine Natural Defense," a liquid soap for everyone in the family. We keep expanding the market base of "Batadine?" into other healthcare-related markets. Recently, we have introduced two oral care products, BETADINE THROAT SPRAY and BETADINE GARGLE. The highlight of both products is the main active ingredient of the formula, "Povidine Iodine," which is specifically developed for proving healing in the oral and throat with its antimicrobial property that the cause of sore throat and infection. The products can be used by adults and children over 6 years old."

To create brand awareness and ensure effective communication in every channel, Mundipharma (Thailand) allocates 70 baht for the marketing budget, which will be spent on above the line and below the line platforms, whether via TV channel or digital media. In addition, the company will provide knowledge on sore throats and treatment approaches to pharmacists and pharmacist assistants working in pharmacies so that they have a guideline for introducing throat care products to patients who seek consultation.

The sugar-free BETADINE THROAT SPRAY and the sugar-free BETADINE GARGLE are differentiated by the main active ingredient "Povidone Iodine." This antiseptic with anti-microbial property will relieve inflammation in the oral cavity and throat, prevent and heal infection of oral wounds and gingivitis, and stop bad breath. BETADINE THROAT SPRAY comes in 2 sizes: 15 ml. for 155 baht and 25 ml. for 285 baht. BETADINE GARGLE has only one size, which is 30 ml. for 160 baht. Both are available at hospitals and leading pharmacies.

"The company expects that Betadine Throat Spray and Betadine Gargle, with the curative effect for throat and oral inflammation will achieve 20% market share in 2018," added Mrs. Warawan.

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'Est Play' Moves Aggressively to Shake Up the CSD Market

Ms. Jesdakorn Ghosh, Senior Vice President of Thai Drinks Co., Ltd., said, Over the past few years, est Play has engaged more new-generation fans while bringing cola drinkers over to the flavored CSD market, currently worth 15 billion baht, through our concept 'Mischievous Fun' communications message. est Play is Thailand's first brand to offer the market a uniquely innovative fizzy soft drink that combines two harmonious fruit flavors. est Play has a proven track record of increasing its popularity every year, notably with 'est Play Grapeberry,' est Play's best-seller with the strongest 2-digit sales growth in the Flavored CSD market. This defies the market trend, which actually showed negative growth of -8.9%. The success of 'est Play Grapeberry' significantly helped to drive 11.6% sales growth of est Play.

Building on this success, est Play is implementing four marketing strategies that are expected to drive the overall Flavored CSD market while strengthening the est Play brand to ensure its position as the teens' favorite from now through 2018. These strategies include:

1) Refreshing the est brand image by adjusting the logo design to differentiate it from est cola, and making the package more attractive to reflect the fun character of youth based on the "Serious Play" concept.

2) An innovative "drinking bingsu" to further differentiate the segment and follow the trend of Korean shaved ice desserts, which are a hit among Thai teens. They can enjoy two mellow, fizzy, and refreshing flavors est Play Melon Bingsu and est Play Mango Bingsu.

3) Introducing the first est Play presenters, Ten and Taeyoung of NCT, a boy group with fun and playful characters from S.M. Entertainment. NCT is very popular among Thai youth, with a large fan base of enthusiastic followers. Ten and Taeyoung will help to build brand image and awareness for est Play, along with the two new flavors. Their introduction is supported by the launch of a limited-edition 515 ml. package featuring Ten and Taeyhoung's images on the full wrapper, which will be available until early 2018.

4) Allocating a 100% increase for its online marketing communications budget to drive online conversation through a Bingsu Freeze Magic activity, and offering the fizziest and coolest experience with est Play Bingsu through a unique activity set to launch in December.

"We believe these four strategies, plus our 150-million-baht investment in supporting media and 360-degree marketing activities, will drive the overall Flavored CSD market and strengthen the est Play brand to maintain our position as a highly popular soft drink among teens. This will help us to achieve 2-digit sales growth by 2018," concluded Ms. Jesdakorn.

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