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Hot News: JD Sports Open Flag Ship in Thailand
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JD Sports Open
Flag Ship in Thailand

JD Sports Launches the First Flag Ship Store in Thailand, Aim the Footwear Market with World-Class, sport clothes, fashion Shoes at ICON SIAM.

Mr.Andre Loong, Chief Operating Officer of JED Sports said We launch the first JD Flag Ship Store in Thailand at the luxury ICONSIAM, JED Sports. for women, men and children.

JD's products include street shoes. To the goods for fitness. Brand names such as adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, New Balance, Converse,Lacoste, Fila, Supply & Demand and Pink Soda. The product is covered by men, women and children.

"Exclusive Products Only labeled at JD. Available at JD Shop only and have a different design from other stores. Both types of products, colors, patterns and materials, "said Mr.Andre.

There is also a checkout booth and a selection of in-store items. To enhance the consumer shopping experience. Allows customers to access the information of all products quickly. And you can easily buy products.

Mr.Andre said that fashion and casual wear from the brand. Limited Edition and exclusive branded products. Both brands of fashion, casual clothing. For customers of all ages. Including specialty brands such as Supply & Demand, Pink Soda, Mckenzie, Nany State and more.

The name JD comes from John and David who is the founder. The company was founded in 1981 or about 37 years ago, starting in Manchester, England.

It operates around 800 stores worldwide and is headquartered in Bury. United Kingdom JD opened its first branch in Thailand, becoming the 4th branch in Asia.In England and Europe, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Belgium, but has started to expand to Asia three years ago in Malaysia.

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'IMPACT' plan to increase revenue

Mr. Jessada Kreesuradach, Manager of Group Restaurant, IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd., said "IMPACT started the restaurant business with the debut of "Manorah" Thai restaurant in 2009. The restaurant offers a wide array of authentic dishes from the four regions of Thailand with some dishes hardly found elsewhere and it constantly receives positive feedback from customers attending events at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center. In mid-2016, IMPACT launched "IMPACT Speed Park, a world-class go kart circuit, at IMPACT Lakefront along with international restaurants. Among those restaurants is "Isan Jim Joom", the second northeasters Thai restaurant operated by IMPACT. Customers can enjoy the authentic Northeastern style hot pot or Jim Joom with fresh, quality ingredients, as well as traditional Northeastern Thai dishes with a fusion twist and seafood options in a relaxing atmosphere complemented by beautiful lake view. Private karaoke rooms are also available."

With their constant popularity and strategic locations, the three restaurants have greatly contributed to the revenue growth of IMPACT's restaurant business. If you are looking for a place to enjoy a nice meal during a visit to IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Muang Thong Thani, look no further than "Manorah" Thai restaurant on the 2nd floor of IMPACT Challenger 3, where you can enjoy exquisite dishes from the four regions of Thailand, or "Isan @Arena" on the 2nd floor of The Portal Lifestyle Complex that offers authentic northeastern Thai cuisine with a fusion twist, or "Isan Jim Joom" at IMPACT Lakefront where you can relax by the lake. The three restaurants are overseen by skilful chefs who have extensive experience working with 4-5 star hotels and can also accommodate all types of events.

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