Hot News: 'CPF' prototype for foreign workers
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'CPF' prototype for foreign workers

Mr.Hun Manee, a member of the Cambodian National Council, said he was pleased to see Cambodians working with CPF in Thailand being treated well. All Cambodians are happy. Thank you for the CPA.Equal treatment for Cambodian workers and Thai workers Human Rights The Cambodian government supports the implementation of the Thai foreign workers policy. To help the workersCambodia is legally registered in Thailand. For the benefit of the people of both countries. Visiting and meeting Cambodians working in Thailand. It is a government mission to monitor. Quality of life of Cambodian people working abroad To ensure that all Cambodian workers are properly treated by law and human rights.

Cambodia attaches great importance to labor recruitment. And there is serious cooperation to ensure that Cambodian workers are legally employed. In addition, Cambodia has set up a working group. To push All Cambodian workers working in Thailand are fully registered with government agencies. We are confident that everyone is working in a safe and secure environment.

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