Hot News: Japanese investors 'parade' EEC investment
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Japanese investors 'parade' EEC investment

Mr. Kanis Sangsuphan, Secretary General of the Policy Office of the Eastern Special Development Region (SCO), said that by attending the Eastern WorkshopEconomic Corridor (EEC) to Japanese investors interested in investing in EEC. There are no investors in the Thai government, but there is a lot of ambiguity.There are some doubts. Japanese investors have asked about 30 questions. The most inquiring Japanese investors is the role of the company.The Board of Investment (BOI) is different. It has been clarified that the agency will look at the overall picture and send it to the BOI.Consider the benefits of investing. Especially the area development. Basic structure Grant of work (Smart Visa) forwarded to BOI. And the delivery area.Optional extra space as well.

Renting a building We will work on a bigger picture than BOI. It is considered an integrated collaborative work. The same investor. Ask for opportunities to get investment privileges in non-industrialized areas in the ECEC such as Toyota Motorbike.The case has suggested that the establishment of an industrial estate. It will be eligible for GEC's area of ??benefits.

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