Hot News: Yoshimoto Kogyo - I Fleix Invade the Asian market
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Yoshimoto Kogyo - I Fleix Invade the Asian market

Hideaki Shimizu, Vice President of Yoshimoto Kogyo, revealed that this investment in Asia is an important step in our strategy to penetrate the Asian market. Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Yoshimotoogyo) business group Japanese entertainment giant Announcement of IFLIX, the leading entertainment service provider in Southeast Asia To create growth in Asia for future plans Which is the first foreign investment of Yoshimoto Kogyo in cooperation with Both companies have established joint ventures in Singapore. In order to manage the popular content of the Yoshimoto Group to watch iflix members in the Middle East and North Africa region. In contrast, iflix content will be published in Japan, including a project to introduce Yoshimoto's entry format Come to produce in the local language To further extend the original content iflix, iflix members will be viewed as popular Japanese content, including animation, series, movies, shows. Rites, comedy, etc., which will have subtitles in local languages ??for Asian countries To develop original Japanese content, whether it be items and movies for the Asian market To grow even more

iflix as an industry leader with expertise in subtitles, voice overs and the availability of teams and tools in each country Thus helping to reduce barriers to different languages With unlimited opportunities for viewers in South East Asia to watch Yoshimoto's popular programs, including anime, drama, movies, variety shows and comedy programs. By this cooperation, iflix is ??committed to the success of developing and producing programs that penetrate each country in particular. For key members like Millennial and Generation Z in emerging and developing markets in Southeast Asia Which is consistent with Yoshimoto Kogyo's commitment to promote content and Japanese program formats to new audiences in the international market. During the past year, Yoshimoto Kogyo has continuously penetrated the Asian market. In 2014, MCIP Holdings was established in Indonesia. To be the base of the strategy in Asia and start the "Living in Asia Comedians" project, led by comedian Yoshimoto, with experience living and working in 7 Asian countries Later in April 2018, "Okinawa Asia Entertainment Platform" (Okinawa Asia Entertainment Platform) was established, which is a national platform for publishing various types of content on the internet.

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