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Divana Asias #1
Spa Business

Divana to break through 500 million in sales revenue by the end of this fiscal year along with the execution of CICE strategy, aim to be Asias No.1, 2020.

Mr.Pattanapong Ranuraksa, Co-Founder and Managing Director at D V N International Company Limited, shared industrys insights, The gross value of spa industry in Thailand is tremendously circulated with continuous growth annually. On our side, we have reached 150% growth with approximately 120 million baht in sales revenue in the first quarter in which we are expecting to break 500 million in total by the end of the fiscal year. Divana is recognized as Thailands number 1 premium spa which has continuously received great feedbacks in the past 16 years from over 1.3 million customers worldwide with 75% of the customers from Asian nations such as Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan and approximately 25% from Europe and 5% from Thailand. In order to support the target expansion, we plan to open new branches at Soi Somkid, Chidlom along with at least 4 more branches in major tourist cities across the country within 2019.

In celebration of the brands 17th anniversary, Divana has joined hand with prominent Thai luxury fashion brand POEM to host Divana : ENCHANT? PAR LE POEM featuring products with 4 all-time-favorite signature scents including Raya Vedic Rose, Mango Mantra, White Orchid Holistic and Queen of the Night reuniting the science of aromatherapy and lucky energies of gemstones including Rose quartz, Tigers eye, Cave pearl, and Amethyst as well as 99.99% gold leaves to answer to customers with interest in the holistic approach to restore the energy of life. The exclusive campaign also offers a special complimentary with any signature product purchase over 13,000 THB being the limited-edition luxury scarf by POEM (12,500 THB) which is exclusively designed for the campaign with only 500 scarves available worldwide and are not for sale. The sophisticated luxury scarves are collectibles created to express our gratitude toward the customers who play important parts in Divanas continuous growth in the past 16 years. concluded, Mr.Pattanapong

Regarding the major goal in being Asias number, Divana focuses on delivering to the catered demands of the brands target groups by providing diverse and complete services and products with surpassing quality to stay ahead of the competitors as well as for Divana spa and spa products to cater to wider group of customers with major expansion toward trendy modern generations elevating the existing wellness products to lifestyle ones that can be incorporated into the customers daily lifestyle.

Taneth Jiraswakedelok, Co-Founder and Managing Director at D V N International Company Limited, added to the statements, In order to step up to Asias number 1 in 2020 and become leader in complete services for wellness, the company has planned the advances in both domestic and international market with a sustainable core strategy in moving forward being CICE

1. Collaboration in which we reinforce and ally with brands and organizations with similar target groups and mutual support from both public and private sectors, with the main mission being complete penetration in all activities of every lifestyle. As fashion is also one of the essential lifestyle that fulfils the 4.0 consumers, Divana has also allied with Thailands top luxury fashion brand POEM in a collaboration to exchange insights and push innovations to the market.

2. Innovation which means we incorporate innovative technologies and science into the creation and development of new products with high quality to satisfy the wider needs of different lifestyles focusing on premium locally grown organic ingredients with international standards that instill the brands aromatherapy signature and sensory experiences via sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, soul and imagination along with expansion toward small giftset lines as souvenir in answer to foreign tourists from Asian nations.

3. CSV will help develop communities and resources sustainably by providing appropriate knowledge for growing and preparing the ingredients at an internationally accepted standard which in turn will create more income for farmers and equip the locals with the ability to produce high quality ingredients that are on par with the global competitors. This will also help stimulate more modern generations to return to work in their hometown and help sustainable develop the society along with reinforcing the business with the ability to complete in the global industry.

4. Experience Penetration Through Superior Service will develop our strength in services in a modern direction by incorporating all 3 core values of the brand including spa, fragrances, and the latest Divana Signature Caf? to create ultimate customer experience via a one stop service destination in which we are the first successful business in the industry to satisfy the buzzing lifestyle of urbanists with limited time availability. The decor focuses on harmonious designs of the complete service availability down to compositions of spa products along with the exclusive massage spa instore.

In the future, we plan to expand onto international market with our recent approach in the European market being Divana London (UK) following the success from collaborated marketing campaign with Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to promote our spa items as Thailands signature products which received great feedback from customers around the world. shared, Mr.Taneth

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